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*** UPDATE: This car has now been sold for £15,500 all inclusive ***

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There’s not much to say about the E-Type that hasn’t already been written, so I’m not even going to attempt it.

However, I will comment on the current market position on arguably one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

Series 1 models have always been considered by die-hard E-Type enthusiasts as ‘the one to own’, true they are the purest incarnation of the car and I’m not even going to go into things like ‘flat floor’ and bonnet strap models.

However, for most of us ‘normal enthusiasts’ the Series 2 isn’t really that different, and I’ve always been amazed at the price difference considering the body and engine are both largely unchanged. A few styling tweaks here and there with the obvious covered in headlights on the Series 1, together with the not so aesthetically pleasing rear lights on the Series 2. But seriously, are these things enough to warrant such a price difference? Well over the last couple of years more people have started to think like me, as the gap has been closing slightly, this is because values of the Series 1 has moved further and further away from peoples’ reach and has pushed the price of the Series 2 up.

And what’s the best Series 2 to have, well that again is a matter of personal preference as I own a Series 2 FHC and think the lines of the car are definitely the most pleasing. However, the market thinks otherwise, and prices the Series 2 roadster way above the FHC.



Paul is a friend of us here at Trade Classics and there’s not much he doesn’t know about E-Types, as he’s collected them in the past and now moving a few on. We are delighted to consign a car from Paul and really excited to move this example on to a new owner, to bring her back to life.

So a bit about the car, well as you can see from the pictures it’s in original condition and needs total and full restoration. There’s no beating about the bush on this car, it’s rusty, there are holes everywhere and it needs a brave person that knows what they are doing to take it on. Remember, fortune favours the brave.

This is a left hand drive model that was originally exported to Canada then brought back to the UK last year.

So what’s good about this particular car?

Well, once it had a V8 engine fitted but now has an authentic E-Type engine correctly mounted at the front and supported across the frame at the rear since the gearbox is missing.  The engine is of course non-matching numbers but period correct spec 9:1 ratio 4.2 E-Type engine (7E prefix) and intake system. Paul confirms the engine turns freely and can’t see any reason why it can’t be made to start. Paul has also inspected the front frame and said it’s actually in solid condition with the chassis number stamped in, there is some denting (see pictures) but no signs of any serious rot. The car has all the original gauges and clocks and external chrome / bright work.

Duty has been paid and has documentation allowing V5 registration when the car is back on the road. The car is not running, not driving and needs a gearbox. Paul does know of one for sale and can help you buy it as it’s in the U.S. A V8 engine was previously fitted and the good news is the installation has not affected the under bonnet frames at all, there is just a very small affected area to the top of the transmission tunnel only (see pictures).

The seats are non factory bucket seats but otherwise the car is a complete & authentic E-Type convertible.

The body of the car is significantly rusty and a full rebuild should be anticipated, this is a rare opportunity to purchase an ideal restoration project in the UK at an affordable price!



The bodywork of the car will need major restoration in all areas, the lower areas of the body are particularly in poor condition throughout, this is not a case of ‘a bit of welding and a few plates’!

Wheels & Tyres
Wire wheels are fitted, including the spare, and need refurbishment and new tyres.

All panels have some level of rust with most panels needing significant attention. The floors are particularly rusty with large holes. The doors have not been opened in quite a long time.

The paint was originally Willow Green and repainted to blue at some stage during its life. The paint is of course very bad and needs to be totally refinished as part of the restoration.

Glass and Trim
The front screen is cracked, however, the two door windows do look ok, although the driver’s side is lowered so we can’t see it at all.



Similar to the exterior description, full and total restoration is required.

Seats and Carpets
The seats are non factory bucket type and in need of total restoration or replacement.

Dashboard and Trim
All original clocks and gauges are fitted and need refurbishment. The centre console is included in the sale, however, it’s not shown in the images. Also the gearbox cover is not of the correct type.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Non-original steering wheel is fitted and of course there is no gear stick.



As mentioned and just to be clear, this is a non-running vehicle for complete restoration. The engine turns and the car can be pushed freely, i.e. the brakes are not stuck on.

Engine and Gearbox
At some point a V8 engine was fitted, so the car’s matching engine and gearbox were both lost. However, the good news is the car is now fitted with a replacement and genuine 9:1 compression E-Type 4.2 engine with the serial number 7E53909-9, which dates it to 1968/9. The 7E series engines were never fitted to other models. Paul told us that he believes the engine was reputedly rebuilt not that long ago, this is not documented, however the engine turns freely.

There is currently no gearbox, one of the correct specification has been sourced and can be made available by negotiation at a sensible price later in the year. All ancillaries are present with the exception of the water pump and air cleaner canister. An alternator is present, however, it’s not the correct type.

Suspension and Brakes
All require full restoration. The brake master cylinder and servo is not Jaguar made or specification.

The Drive
Not applicable – car requires full restoration.

Electrics and Other
All require full restoration.



As mentioned, the car was originally exported to Canada then brought back to the UK last year.

There is no service history with the car.



Want to see this car like you’d see it in real life, in eye popping 3D 4K virtual reality?

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There are two ways to watch:

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This is a Jaguar E-Type Roadster, the one to own in the Series 2 market. Good examples of this car are now fetching well over £100,000 and I have no doubt they will continue to rise over the years.

I think there are 3 potential types of buyers of there for this car:

1. Home Mechanic / Retired – is this you? Are you looking for a project car to take a few years over, not interested in counting your time and have enough money for parts and specialist work to bring this old girl back to life. If you are then this could be the car for you.

2. Restoration / Bodyshop Owner – do you own a professional outfit and have people with the skills that won’t be put off and daunted by a project of this nature? Then this could be the one for you and make a tidy profit at the end.

3. Investor / Storage Owner – do you have a spare garage to hide this away for a few years? If you do then you could make more money from this sub £20k investment than potentially anything on the financial market right now.

This really is your opportunity to buy a slice of proper car heritage, grab the cheapest E-Type Roadster in the UK. Sure it may be the rustiest E-Type I’ve ever seen, however, you can tell everyone that you do actually own an E-Type Roadster and put your key fob on the bar, it won’t be a lie!

One thing is for sure, it will be restored and will look eye-popping one day wearing its original Willow Green paint and yes, worth eye-watering money too.

On a final note, I live only 3 miles away from the car’s location and happy to organise and join you in a viewing.



This auction listing was written by Adam from information gained from Paul (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Paul will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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Adam Purrier - Trade Classics
6 years ago

Auction is now live – Paul is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Gary Turner
Gary Turner
6 years ago

This has to be a decent project for someone. It’ll go at a decent low price in my view – so enough in it to make a nice example. Lots of work – but recoverable in my view.