Is the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II the Hottest Hatchback Ever?

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Mike talks about the various reasons the Integrale HF Evo 2 is the hottest hatchback ever made.

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How to choose the right engine oil for your classic car.

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TOP 10 rules to maintain your classic car’s electrical system

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Top 10 Rules to keep your classic car electrical system in top condition. I have mentioned before that classic car maintenance is like a religion and the fixes and checks we perform are the rituals for practicing this religion. Occasionally one needs the aid of a priest. And once in a while we must turn […]

Mike’s tips on how to maintain your classic car.

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Follow Us Mike talks about how to maintain your classic car to keep it running smooth and in tip top condition. Just like regular pets, our mechanical pets need more and more attention paid to their health as they age. Equally just like a new born pup, a new car requires frequent checks until it […]

Should I upgrade my dynamo with a negative earth alternator kit?

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Follow Us In this blog I’m going to talk about the merits of upgrading from an older positive earth dynamo system to a negative earth alternator… So in the ongoing quest to maintain power, some hold this demeanor with their interactions with others, some strive for this under the bonnet of their beloved motor car. […]

Maintaining your classic car… AKA mechanical pet!

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Follow Us An underlying thought deep in the mind of every motorist eats away at them when they park up their beloved car and walk away from it… Some of us fear the car will not start when they come back, others it will be broken into or hit by a passing car and their […]