By Mike Atwal
3rd January 2020

Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II

Integrale – a petrolheads’s car!

As a team we talk cars non-stop, and we have always collectively thought the Evo II is up there as a savvy investment, on multiple levels.

So when we received a note from Bruce, proud owner of an Evo II looking for a new home, the Trade Classics team couldn’t wait to hit the road to go and meet Bruce
and the mighty Delta.

Bruce and his Giallo Ginestra Evo 2

We had a lovely day with Bruce and the Evo II, documenting the car meticulously for a potential buyer to see, he took us on a drive whilst getting to know more about him and the love he has for these very special vehicles. The highlights of getting up close and personal with both can be viewed on the auction listing.

As a side note, has anyone else spent hours driving a pixelated Delta around a forest with square trees on Sega Rally in the 90s?

Ready to tear up the corners!

Speaking of Sega Rally, this car was born to win rally stages exactly like the ones I used to tear around on my old Sega. All before electronic trickery in the name of grip, launch control and body control existed. This Delta made an entrance with performance that has proven to be age-defying. Savvy investment reason one.

With the genes of mechanical grip, race engineer derived power and styling spawned from practicality needed for rallying, this wide arched, turbocharged, four wheel driven Italian thoroughbred oozes motorsport heritage from every possible angle. Savvy investment reiteration two then.

Putting it simply you can go anywhere with this car – South of France, Central London, M4 motorway, a posh hotel, “Run what you brung” track days. No matter where you go the reaction will always be “Wow, look at that”. Surely that’s savvy investment clue number three.

Rowan Atkinson is a huge admirer of both 8v and 16v models of the Integrale. “One of the most surprising aspects of the car, in both new and old guises, is its sophistication. When I ordered my original eight-valve, I was expecting the car to be cruise, but effective: just what you might expect of a 5000-off homologation special – a sort of four-wheel-drive Renault 5GT Turbo. What you actually get, in both normal and multi-valve versions, is a machine of considerable solidity and quietness, which, mechanically, feel as though it has been carved from a single ingot.”

Atkinson’s orignal article back in 1989 about the Integrale Evo 1 & 2

Ultimately, the Delta Evo II’s limited edition range is the celebration of the rallying success they had winning back to back World Championships during the late 80s and early 90s. The Evo II would never race after Lancia won their sixth and final World Rallying Championship with the Delta – 15 in total with other cars. Lancia paid homage to the love of the car everyone wanted by releasing these limited editions, with some being sold in selected markets, and to some selected groups in certain instances, this made the Delta Evo II that much more desirable. Savvy investment clue number ‘you get the idea’.

Now we are in 2020, over 30 years since the Delta’s first rally win, you see some going for £150k for the rarest of examples, if not more. These prices are going to keep rising in the foreseeable future and it is hard to argue against that when you see the heritage this car has, a true testament to manufacturing, driving and taste.

It is not the first time we have had the pleasure of finding an Evo II a new place to turbo-charge. Earlier in the year Dominic trusted us to find his “Bleu Lord” example a new home. It didn’t take us long to find one. We will always give these cars the respect and service they deserve when finding a new home and Bruce’s is no different.

We sold Dominic’s Integrale in 2019 – see price, images and videos here.

Integrale Clubs and Resources

We absolutely love talking about the Lancia Delta and the history they possess, we know you do too! There are some great clubs and groups out there who are always creating discussions about them.

Lancia Delta Integrale Owners UK. A healthy 1,783 enthusiasts for you to post lots of Evo 2 memes and photos.

Lancia Motor Club (FaceBook) and their website. With over 5,000 members we are sure that you will be able to find out what you are looking for.

If you are looking for some parts for your Evo 2 then take a look at this page of just under 600 members.

With almost 2,000 followers, instagram page will keep on giving you some great shots of the machine we love so much.

Lancia Enthusiasts UK , around 2,000 members also.

Alternatively, #LanciaDelta is a great way to find new people on instagram that love this car as much as you do.

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