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Closed Audi Auctions

SOLD for £19,875

An exciting barn find that's ready for it's restoration.

SOLD for £29,750

Rarely seen in the UK market, this generation of Quattro improved on the original spec

SOLD for £30,210

Coming from a collection of boxed arch classics, this 80s Audi is one of the legends

SOLD for £32,065

A bid deal 80s car and looks fantastic in white.

SOLD for £50,000

A collector quality, limited edition version of Audi's everyday supercar

SOLD for £41,340

An exciting opportunity to bring a genuine Quattro back to life.

SOLD for £40,810

Arguably the car that started the super stationwagon trend, the RS2 Avant is iconic

SOLD for £38,160

A totally unique R8, Supercharged V8 power-plant with suspension and aero to match

SOLD for £12,720

Expect nothing less than an exceptional engine and handling from the Audi RS4 B7.

SOLD for £32,548

A bonafide everyday supercar, all the looks, cracking handling, and an amazing mid-engined soundtrack

SOLD for £15,635

This is a one-off car - rare and low miles time warp Quttro.

SOLD for £12,985

A well presented and subtly modified Q car.

SOLD for £59,000

A rare spec for the R8, the V10 power plant mated to the open gated 6 speed gearbox

SOLD for £32,765

One of the most dynamic road experiences on the road from a car over a decade old.