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2006 Audi RS 4 Cabriolet (B7)

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  • Mileage~94,824
  • TransmissionManual
  • Engine4.2L
  • LocationNorth London


2006 Audi RS 4 Cabriolet (B7)

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Darren Rungasamy
Automotive Editor, Photographer and Consigner

The B7 RS4 is an extremely rapid car, with its high-revving naturally aspirated V8 producing some 414BHP.

When launched in 2006, the idea of a 400BHP AWD sports-focused mid-sized car was still a novelty. Audi had originally created the ‘RennSport’ line in the late ‘90s but the arrival of the B7 now included a full range of body shapes, including the cabriolet. Distinguished visually by the wider arches, Lamborghini calipers and steering wheel, it was the use of the same engine plan 4.2-litre V8 from the R8 Supercar that created a legend in the brand's performance car portfolio.

Thought to be one of only ~600 B7 cabriolets produced (and ~200 still registered on the road), this well maintained full-service history car has seen some useful modifications that enhance the reliability of the car rather than a series of useless frivolous bolt-ons. It comes with a file of paperwork, and presented with recently detailed paintwork and refurbished alloy wheels. The subtle but handsome styling combined with the granite-like grey hue is a perfect foil to disguise one of the greatest engines ever made. Still looking for an M3? Take a look at the RS4, there’s far more to it than its brash rival.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Darren Rungasamy after meeting Alastair the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

The V8’s throttle feedback is swift. Self-control is a skill I have developed with this car...

Alastair is a passionate car fan and has a good eye and appreciation for the connoisseurs motor. He bought the Audi in 2015, as a replacement for his TVR. Drawn in by the visceral experience, but disappointed by the build quality, so the Audi was a logical choice for him.

Since he's based in London, he doesn't need to use the car on a regular basis, so it's mainly used as a weekend car or to drive to Norfolk. He has lined up a replacement for the Audi, another drivers car in the shape of a Porsche 997, hence the reason for sale of the car.

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Finished in Daytona Grey, it's a subtle colour with only the flared wheel arches and silver trim giving away what lies beneath.

Wheels and Tyres

The UK spec 19" alloy wheels and factory approved Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres are in excellent condition, with the alloys being subject to a recent refurbishment and the tyres being fitted in the last two years. As a result, the tread depth is very good.


Featuring flared wheel arches to accommodate the wider track and wheels, the RS4 is a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing. The panel fit is excellent, flush fitting panels and even panel gaps throughout.

There are no significant signs of damage observed on the car, with just a handful of minor blemishes; a tiny dent can be seen on the front edge of the near-side wing. The roof is in very good condition, with no fraying or damage observed both inside and out.


The car has been garaged in the current owner's possession, keeping it protected from the elements. The paint coverage is very good having seen a full detail in 2019. It reveals a good lustre, with even finishing throughout the car.

There are no significant scratches that stand out, just the occasional age-related small scuff observed. There are a few small stone chips on the bonnet and front edge of the car, but the damage seems to be mostly confined to the lacquer. The passenger door edges show minor signs of chips.

Glass and Trim

The glass is in good condition, with no issues with the laminate. The rear glass is in good condition. The glass rubber is in good order, with no perishing or splits observed. The trim is correct for the RS4 which includes the two large frontal side air intakes and HID swivel headlamps. Each successive owner has maintained its originality.


The beautifully built interior has resisted the rigours of age well, the EU spec RS coming with all the good bits.

Seats and Carpets

Fitted with the Recaro seats, an option only available to the EU spec cars, they have the RS 4 logo in the leather back across all 4 seats. The seats show the wear typical of a car of this age and mileage, but the stitching and presentation are good.

There is the usual wear to the bolster and lumbar sections but all of the seats are in rip-free condition. The carpets and mats are in very good condition, including the boot item.


The dashboard has a combination of hard-wearing plastic and carbon fibre and are without significant scuffs, just a few minor marks noted on the glovebox.

The facia is crack-free with any damage. All of the switchgear, controls and instruments are in good condition, with some signs of age evident on a couple of switches and all are said to function. The car comes with its original BOSE ten-speaker sound system. The door cards are good and are scuff free.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

The Lamborghini sourced flat bottomed steering wheel with sport mode button is in very good condition, with the S5 gear knob in decent condition. The car will also come with the original RS4 item.


The 4.2 FSI V8 engine is the cars crowning glory, free-revving to 8,000RPM.

Engine and Gearbox

On start-up, the V8 fired up immediately, with the cold start revealing the expected condensation briefly making its presence known. Once the car was on the move, the car comes up to temperature with no drama.

It is said not to leak fluids and ticks over with no noises or knocks coming from the engine. The engine is standard with the exception of a useful Forge oil cooler and air ducting scoop, a useful upgrade as the original oil coolers are known to corrode due to their position.

Fitted with the 6 speed Getrag manual gearbox, the clutch was replaced last year in February, along with a major service and head "de-coke" too.

Suspension and Brakes

The RS4 also complements the "supercar" engine with a bespoke suspension and brake set up, with calipers sourced from Lamborghini and lightweight magnesium/aluminium alloy suspension components.

The front springs have been replaced by H&R items, which bring the front down by 20mm for sharper steering and are not so low that the car catches speed bumps etc, the original items also come with the car. All are in tip-top condition with no mechanical or wear issues evidence.

The Drive

The combination of a comparative light kerb weight and devastating performance gives elevates the RS4 into the hallowed performance car territory. However, it is still an Audi and therefore capable of dealing with the rigours of daily driving.

Electrics and Other

The electric roof operation, as confirmed in the video, is seamless. It has also seen an aftermarket roof control module that comes with a specific procedure to allow each operation. All other electrics are working correctly to Alastairs knowledge.

The car comes with the auto on/levelling Xenon lights, auto-wipers and auto dimming mirrors. It also has parking sensors front and rear, and has a useful upgrade in the form of Bluetooth streaming via the aux input.

History and Paperwork

Subject to a great deal of care, and presented in almost stock set-up, a rare cabriolet version of the B7 RS 4.

The car comes with a carefully organised file of paperwork, with evidence of considerable spending while the car has been owned by the current keeper. Recent work to the car includes a replacement clutch, the head has been de-coked which has allowed the engine to revs far more freely in the higher ranges. The front brake rotors have been replaced with new pads all-round. The wheels have been refurbished with recent tyres and the rear softbox has been replaced as the original has been damaged by the previous owner forcing the mechanism. The car has Audi service stamps for the first five years of its life, with specialist VAG stamps from 2014 onwards. The car has an MOT until June 2021.

We've actioned checks on; Seller ID, V5, HPi.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
26-06-2020 MOT 90,574
06-02-2020 Service 89,620
26-06-2019 MOT 85,591
30-06-2018 MOT 80,945
28-10-2017 Service 75,123
30-06-2017 MOT 73,668
05-05-2016 MOT 65,833
05-05-2015 Service 60,501
15-04-2015 MOT 59,689
16-04-2014 Service 47,308
16-04-2014 MOT 47,292
03-05-2013 MOT 40,254
04-05-2012 MOT 33,912
15-12-2010 Service 30,540
11-10-2010 MOT 29,027
29-09-2010 MOT 23,510
02-06-2009 Service 21,756
Key Details
  • ModelRS4 Cabriolet (B7)
  • TransmissionManual
  • Reg. Date2006
  • CC4,163
  • Mileage94,824
  • HistoryYes
  • ColourDaytona Grey
  • Interior ColourBlack
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #WUAZZZ8H07K800438
  • Engine #BNS006635
  • Last Service06-02-2020
  • MOT25-06-2021
  • MOT ExemptNo
  • Road Tax ExemptNo
  • Former Keepers6
  • Tyre BrandMichelin Pilot Sport 4
  • Tyre Age2017/2018
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned6 years
  • Key FeatureV8 4.2L engine

Vehicle Sold

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This vehicle has now been sold - click 'Register Similar' below to get notified when we consign a similar vehicle.

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£11,750 bid by rs4 14.04.2021 @ 19:00:46
£11,500 bid by rklymer 14.04.2021 @ 18:57:53
£11,250 bid by rs4 14.04.2021 @ 18:55:46
£11,000 bid by rklymer 14.04.2021 @ 18:53:26
£10,750 bid by rs4 14.04.2021 @ 10:51:24
£10,500 bid by steve 14.04.2021 @ 06:03:59
£10,000 bid by greg3227 12.04.2021 @ 19:23:05

Has the headlamp fault been sorted? Video showing it flagging up on the dashboard on start up?


It will be tomorrow! The fault is some LED DRL bulbs I installed a couple of years ago which confuses the CANBUS system (resistance too low and suspects a blown bulb) when they’re actually fine. I’m swapping them back to normal bulbs to correct the fault.

£9,500 bid by brammal 10.04.2021 @ 19:27:11
£8,200 bid by ecc123 08.04.2021 @ 21:55:39
£7,750 bid by ecc123 08.04.2021 @ 12:08:19
£7,500 bid by AdamTC 08.04.2021 @ 12:05:38
£7,250 bid by ecc123 07.04.2021 @ 17:41:31
£5,000 bid by ecc123 07.04.2021 @ 17:07:09

hello, does the car come with 2 or 3 keys (remote) and do you have the fuly stamped service book as no pics of the book or book pack shown. thanks JB


Hi I have two keys and yes the service book has all the stamps

Kulraj Salh

Hi Alastair, if you send us some pictures of the stamped pages, we’ll get them uploaded to the listing. Best, Kulraj – Trade Classics


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North London

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