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    V12 Series 3
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    Navy Blue
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Auction Preview Sale – Sold post-auction for £27,500 all inclusive.

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The Jaguar E-type is on many classic car enthusiasts wishlist. This example is the last model (S3) in a lineage of cars that is somewhat one of the most iconic in history, merited by its sophisticated looks and exquisite attention to detail by the engineers that made them..

If you have any questions you’d like to ask David (the owner) then please click here to send him a message – David will get back to you asap.

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much, Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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David and his wife Gail, have owned this car since 2014 after taking a trip to Ireland to look at the car. They have loved the style for many years and thought the time was right to invest in one. As they live in Scotland, it is a great choice in having a classic due to all the beautiful drives you can embark on in the country. David mentions in the ‘Meet the Owner’ video how they have used it sparingly on the weekends and for trips around the beautiful landscape.

As they are moving house now, they have realised that they will not have enough space in their new property for such a lovely vehicle and believe the time is right to find the Jaguar a new environment to roam in. David has wanted one of these forever and has enjoyed it as any other E-type enthusiast would. He wants the new owner to take the reigns and give some of that extra TLC it truly deserves.



What more can be said about this iconic body shape, it has already been said on any site you visit. We at Trade Classics love them, hence one of our owners has one. The sleek design will long live in the memory of many people across the world, which can be accredited to Malcom Sayer, whos aerodynamic perspective allowed Jaguar to win Le Mans with the E-type’s predecessor, the D-type. Please see our “Exterior Review” video and all photos to review the condition of the car for yourself. There is corrosion in some areas which will need to be remedied by the new owner – please see the photos for more information.

Wheels & Tyres
The wired wheels look to be original and has the apparent rust from using the vehicle. The car comes with a full set of whitewall tyres that are in a fair condition.

There are some isolated areas of bubbling around the bodywork that can be remedied, most notably on the nearside section of the bonnet and fender. Please review the whole media file as Stuart points out defects in the video.

Finished in light blue, the paint is even across the car except for the offside rear panel near the door. Other minor issues can be seen in all photos and exterior video.

Glass and Trim
Glass and trim are in good condition. The interior video shows the trim to be loose at the bottom of the car where the offside door is and worn around the boot lid.



There will always be a sense of occasion when the new owner sits in that driver’s seat and starts the car for the first time and gazes out at that lengthy bonnet. Primarily finished in Navy Blue, the overall condition of the interior is what is expected to be considering the cars mileage and usage over the years. As you can see the full condition of the interior in the photos, it is worth noting the headlining should be reviewed.

Seats and Carpets
Both the seats and carpets are in the average condition of the car’s age. We see that the driver’s seat has some tearing that can be remedied by the new owner.

The dashboard is in very good condition upon our visit and looks to all be original.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
These parts of the interior are in good condition for the mileage of the car.



The E-type is a true drivers car. We have called it iconic up to this point, but it is fair to say the style and drive is legendary and will live on way beyond many of its rival models of the time. David drove us round his local area of Dundee and enjoyed a pleasant drive. We document this in our ‘On the Road’ video.

Engine and Gearbox
Wow. It sounds superb starting first go from cold, the hum you get from that V12 is quite something. As David drives us through Dundee you notice the gears changing as expected.

Suspension and Brakes
The brakes work as expected with no signs of unwanted noise. The suspension allows a smooth ride upon our visit, there is a slight rattle in the video which is apparent from this car.

The Drive
The drive overall was pleasurable and smooth. The traffic was quite busy so we could only ascend to third gear. In the ‘On the Road’ video the steering looks responsive as well as the brakes which produced no extra noise.

Electrics and Other
There are hardly any electrics on the car, however, as you can see in the photos and videos the lights work, as well as the choke mechanism.



This E-type has a limited history which is reflected in the guide price when going to auction. David acquired the vehicle in 2014 from Ireland and was under the ownership of the previous owner for 12 years.


25.04.2019 – 81,629 (MOT)
03.07.2017 – 81,500 (MOT)
28.09.2015 – 81,277 (MOT)
08.07.2014 – 80,904 (MOT)

HPi Check Results
– HPi clear – Available on request.



Ultimately, if you want an E-type that has a value truly reflected by its condition, this is the one for you. There is work that needs to be carried out by the new owner. Mechanically it is sound and shows no immediate work that needs to be seen to, however, cosmetically this car needs some extra TLC that the new owner can feel rewarded by doing and will be sure to increase the value once this has been completed.

We at Trade Classics love an E-type, Adam has one and adores it. This car has been valued very competitively and we are excited to find this example a new home, we would be delighted to see how it will look in the future – keep in touch!



This listing was written from information supplied by Stuart after meeting David the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. David will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
jhuth£20,000.0004-Feb-2020 19:58:38 
jhuth£15,000.0004-Feb-2020 19:57:54 
jhuth£14,000.0004-Feb-2020 19:57:02 
jhuth£12,000.0004-Feb-2020 17:16:12 
connolog£10,000.0001-Feb-2020 01:32:10 


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Digory Rogers
Digory Rogers

My absolute dream car of all time. I’m sorry I can’t afford to buy this from you and you may find this message a waste of your time but I think you’ve kept it looking so beautiful that I was compelled to write to you. I hope that your amazing E type goes to someone doesn’t see the financial value but the stunning car and loves it as much as I would. Good luck to you both with your house move.

Paul Lendvay
Paul Lendvay

How much would it cost to ship to Sydney Australia?


Hi Paul – we can help you deliver the car to any UK dock for £1.50 per mile from David / Gail’s home in Scotland. Then you’ll have the shipping costs and this will depend on what type of service you go for (RORO – Roll On / Roll Off, or you’re own container). We’d recommend RORL with good insurance. Here’s a link to a shipping company that gives you an idea on cost https://www.autoshippers.co.uk/car_shipping_uk_australia.htm

PS I’ll remove your email / phone number on this thread for privacy purposes.


I think £20 k is a fair bid looking at the photo condition
Lots of brown stuff appearing
I would take a chance at this price and no history

£20,000 bid by jhuth 04.02.2020 @ 19:58:38
£15,000 bid by jhuth 04.02.2020 @ 19:57:54
£14,000 bid by jhuth 04.02.2020 @ 19:57:02

Good evening, can you tell me what the advisories are on the previous mots ? If any. I would check for myself but I don’t have the registration number. Many thanks.

£12,000 bid by jhuth 04.02.2020 @ 17:16:12
Thanassis Andreou
Thanassis Andreou

Hello David,
I have enjoyed watching the car on youtube, it sounds great, and it might be of interest to me.
If it does not reach its reserve value, are you considering selling it privately?
If so, please email me with your expectation of what selling price you want to achieve, and I will give it my full consideration. I would want to get a bit more feedback on how the car sounds on a road that allows use of full gear (the Dundee rods were a bit limiting for the full throttle).
Many thanks, and good luck with the auction.

£10,000 bid by connolog 01.02.2020 @ 01:32:10