• SOLD for £36,600

    A cracking X3 that's ready to take on its next owner.

  • SOLD for Deposit Received

    A proper modern performance machine with an awesome soundtrack.

  • SOLD for £25,995

    This Firestone Orange F-Type coupe offers the driver a loud and proud sports car.

  • SOLD for £47,995

    An exceptional M4 - a weapon of a car!

  • SOLD for £29,468

    A lot of car for the money - the one to have V6 S.

  • SOLD for £111,300

    Beauty, elegance and a visceral driving experience

  • SOLD for £95,400

    A stunning grand tourer that's ready for it's maiden voyage down to the South of France.

  • SOLD for £35,500

    A superb value F-Type R-Dynamic with super low miles.

  • SOLD for £39,220

    With the sports suspension of the XKR-S, but still the luxurious cabin, this run-out edition of the XK is arguably the best incarnation.

  • SOLD for £27,295

    Packing a punch with its V6 and beautiful Jaguar styling, this low miles example is a catch.

  • SOLD for Sold

    A modern performance-focused take on the classic American Muscle car that was loved by the masses.

  • SOLD for £20,670

    The Caterham Super Seven is not for the faint-hearted, it offers a real thrilling ride with pure driver focus.

  • SOLD for £29,680

    This is the fastest ever sports saloon produced by Jaguar, a proper Q car.

  • SOLD for £59,500

    A V10 masterpiece from Audi, the R8 V10 Plus, 10 cylinders singing

  • SOLD for £32,014

    A stunning convertible that is sure to make heads turn for the new owner.

  • SOLD for £28,000

    One of the best saloon cars you can buy on the market today, faster than a Ferrari F430.

  • SOLD for £31,000

    A naturally aspirated machine that possesses supercar performance and modern technology