By Tom Brett
7th January 2020

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We are passionate about the classic car industry we work in, and we are always publishing articles that we hope other classic car enthusiasts will find informative, interesting and sometimes even amusing.

We write weekly articles on anything to do with classic cars e.g. manufacturers, models the industry and owner stories – shown below are all the articles we’ve written over the past few years.

If there’s a topic you want us to cover then why not drop me a line and I’ll see what we can do – contact us.

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Why do we drive classic cars in a modern world?

Follow Us Looking through the adverts on Trade Classics for classic cars, it is common to read about a comfortable and spacious interior.  Sounds good, but how comfortable and spacious are classic cars compared to the interiors of modern cars? Of course classic cars cover a multitude of eras and models, but for now we”ll just […]

Classic Car Rescue on Channel 5 | New TV Series

Follow Us I can”t tell you how much I am looking forward to watching the first episode of Classic Car Rescue on Channel 5 on Monday 24th September at 8pm. This new Channel 5 programme will see 6 hour-long episodes in which two classic car experts will restore great classics which have seen better days. […]

Is Skoda a Classic Car Maker?

Follow Us It”s fair to say that Skoda cars have not always been considered ‘desirable’, never mind classic cars. When I was a child, there were jokes which went along the lines of: “What do you call a skip on wheels…..a Skoda!” and the classic one: ‘Why do Skodas have heated back windscreens… you can […]

Why do we love the classic VW campervan?

Follow Us Yes it”s true, we all love the VW campervan. It is a real classic – but why? Some of them are not in particularly good condition, yet they still manage to look cool. So is it the vehicle, or is it the image?  Probably a bit of both I think. The history of […]

What are the Tax Rules for Classic Cars?

Follow Us Let”s face it, when you starting thinking about buying a classic car, car tax rules are the last things on your mind. You’re probably thinking make, model, vintage, colour, and probably dreaming about weekend driving on the open road, not a midweek trip to the Post Office! Well I am sorry to say […]

What are the MOT changes for cars 30 years old and over?

Follow Us For me, the MOT is right up there with an appointment at the bank.  Something that I have to do, but would rather not do if I am really honest. So when the government announced their plan to abolish MOTs on vehicles over 30 years old from November 2012, I was generally in […]