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7th January 2020

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We are passionate about the classic car industry we work in, and we are always publishing articles that we hope other classic car enthusiasts will find informative, interesting and sometimes even amusing.

We write weekly articles on anything to do with classic cars e.g. manufacturers, models the industry and owner stories – shown below are all the articles we’ve written over the past few years.

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What could you put under the tree for your classic car enthusiast this Christmas?

Follow Us Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, but for many of us, there”s still a lot of Christmas shopping to do before the big day! If you”re looking for classic car Christmas gift ideas, then we have a few thoughts to share with you.  We have had a look around and found some Christmas gift ideas […]

An old fashioned romance between the National Trust and classic cars

Follow Us Beautiful British estates used as an place for classic car exhibitions – who”d have thought it! In fact, attracting visitors via classic car exhibitions has become quite an important sideline for our National Trust parks and estates. National Trust properties are known for beautiful buildings, large outdoor areas, scenic views and impressive driveways. […]

Classic cars banned from Paris streets!

Follow Us Some things go together: like wine and cheese; bœuf and bourguignon and Paris and classic cars. But not for much longer, perhaps… The mayor of Paris, Bertand Delanoë plans to ban cars aged 17 years or over from the Parisian streets. The reason for these proposals is to rid the city of vehicles […]

The 50 year history of the Ford Cortina classic car in the UK

Follow Us Yes folks, it has really been 50 years since the first Ford Cortina was made! Production of the Ford Cortina dated between 1962 and 1982, so in the same way we are also celebrating 30 years since the last Ford Cortina was made. In 1962, the debut Mark 1 model came of production […]

History of Audi Racing Team at Le Mans 24 Heures

Follow Us Recently the Trade Classic”s blog has brought you features on some fantastic cars, which can be viewed at VW Group Heritage.  So not wanting to disappoint, check out this amazing Audi R8 Le Mans. Audi don”t just boast about 30 years of Vorsprung Durch Technik for nothing.  During its history, Audi has had an […]

SKODA Touring Car Racing

Follow Us The 2012 British Touring Car Championship season has come and gone, and as expected this year was an interesting one! Interesting for host of reasons, including the introduction of some significant changes which aimed to make the tour more open and therefore more exciting than ever. This year saw the introduction of a […]

Jaguar Land Rover taking over China!

Follow Us How interesting to read in the news this week that things are going rather well for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). The company confirmed to the world that China has become the principal marketplace for its classic cars.  In fact, following a successful year of sales, China has overtaken the UK in order to […]

Tips For Storing Your Classic Car

Follow Us Although you may love driving your classic car 365 days a year, there may be times when classic car storage will be necessary.   Most people wouldn”t put much thought into something like this, that is until they unpack their car after a winter in the garage and realise that it won’t start and there […]

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Follow Us Did you know that the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run is the oldest and longest running motor race in the world? The first race took place on 14th November in 1896, and it was held in order to celebrate the passing of the Locomotives on Highways Act . The significance of the […]

TV Programme on Classic Motorbikes Anyone?

Follow Us A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the new Channel 5 programme called Classic Car Rescue. I was delighted to tell you about a fresh new motoring show coming to the small screen, especially given that Classic Car Rescue was bringing us some new classic car material to our tele-box. But […]

SEAT Touring Car Racing and Tom Boardman

Follow Us If you”re a fan of British Touring Car Championship racing, then you might recognise this car ? It is Tom Boardman”s SEAT Leon TFSI from 2011. With this car he finished 11th at the end of the season, and won the Knockhill race in September 2011. It”s a mighty car.  Having been sponsored […]

The Best Golf Mk2 in the Country?

Follow Us Take a good look at this black VW Golf MK2 1.8L classic car with rainbow interior – quiz time : How old is this car?  How many miles do you think that it has covered? The answers are…to be found at the end of this article! Without giving away too many clues, this […]

Shipping an Imported Classic Car into the UK

Follow Us When you think about buying a classic car from abroad, you may find yourself concentrating on the red tape around the importation and registration processes.  But it is also important for you to put some detailed research into the shipping process and the available options. After all you wouldn”t just trust anybody to handle your […]

The Citroen DS – a French Classic Car Love Affair!

Follow Us Back in the 1950″s, the Citroën DS was a very impressive car indeed… It was unveiled in 1955 at the Paris Motor Show, and was a true symbol of post-war recovery and innovation.  It had the “wow-factor”, not only with its sleek and usual shape, but also with its technology.  These features made […]

The name's Martin, Aston Martin!

Follow Us …that”s the classic Aston Martin DB5 to be precise! Next week sees the release of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. I for one, cannot wait and will be there on opening night with all the other Bond fans. This film promises to be a celebration of the ultimate Bond car, as we […]

How can I make money from a classic car?

Follow Us You may have a number of reasons for wanting to make money from your classic car.  You might need the income to pay for the car itself, you may be looking for an additional source of income for your retirement, or you may be looking for some extra cash to add to your […]

Have You Thought About Hiring a Classic Car?

Follow Us We”ve all heard of hiring a classic car for a wedding and in fact finding the right wedding car is an essential part of wedding planning. However, in more recent years, some wedding parties have moved away from the traditional chauffeur driven wedding car and we have seen everything from VW Beetles to […]

How Do I Register an Imported Classic Car in the UK?

Follow Us You may recall that I mentioned a number of “if, buts and maybes” for the process of importing your classic car – well, unsurprisingly the theme continues here! It”s wisest to arrange your insurance as soon as possible, and in most cases this can be set up with your existing insurer, or you […]

MSA Euroclassics Classic Car Tour of Spain and France

Follow Us Over the years, when waiting to board a cross-channel ferry, I have enviously looked at a queue of classic cars en route to the open road of the continent, where they will be greeted by mile after mile (or should that be kilometre after kilometre) of jam-free roads, through historic towns and pretty […]

Is the Bottom About to Fall Out of the Classic Car Market?

Follow Us In recent tough economic times there has been some good financial news for classic car owners.   Recent findings by Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI) concluded that investments in some classic cars grew at 20% during the past year, thus out-performing other investment possibilities.  For example, the price of gold rose by just […]