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SOLD for £29,415

A lovely MKII with all the right ingredients - ready for summer shows.

SOLD for £7,200

A lovely example of the Mini Cooper, imported from Japan and well cared for since

SOLD for £13,886

A cracking little Mini that has a big investment potential upside.

SOLD for £15,900

A lot of fun for the money - a proper drivers' car.

SOLD for £25,440

An investment quality 380 SL that ticks all the boxes.

SOLD for £13,568

The perky hot hatch which nods to Ford’s rally and motorsport heritage.

SOLD for £9,434

A lovely Beetle coming from long ownership.

SOLD for £55,650

A super rare Italian car from long ownership and in excellent condition

SOLD for £10,600

A usable little TR6 to be improved over time.

SOLD for £125,080

Ferrari have used all their knowledge gained in the heat of Grand Prix battles to craft the incredible F430 Spider.

SOLD for £8,480

A sorted Beetle that's looking for a new home.

SOLD for £19,610

A beautifully kept and maintained low mileage example of the 2nd generation Boxster

SOLD for £8,163

A superb and well looked after Golf GTi that's ready for summer.

SOLD for £56,000

One of the best modern Aston Martins, the DBS is a force to be reckoned with

SOLD for £31,800

Sharp Italian styling crossed with Brawny American V8 power, the built-to-order Jensen Interceptor offers you ultimate power and luxury.

SOLD for £14,840

Offering the perfect blend of luxury and performance, the Mark X is incredibly serene while being one of the fastest saloons of its time

SOLD for £33,231

An air-cooled giant at entry level money - the awesome 3.2 Cab.