05th Mar 2016

Porsche 911 – The Devil’s Own Sportscar – Birth of Water Cooled Part 6

It was time. Mrs Satan had protected Porsche for over thirty five years now. Along side being a Guardian Devil, she raised two twin boys, the future leaders of hell...

28th Feb 2016
Image courtesy of The Supercar Rooms

Porsche 911 – The Devil’s Own Sportscar – Part 5 the Porsche 993

The Porsche 993 – Last of the Air Cooled. Mrs Satan’s once upon a time little twin boys had behaved just enough at college to win a university place each....

28th Feb 2016
Porsche 964

Porsche 911 – The Devil’s Own Sportscar – Part 4 the Porsche 928 GTS & 964

  Porsche 964 and 928 GTS Mr and Mrs Satan had an understanding. He was to stay out of Porsche’s way, full stop. Project 911 was Mrs Satan’s personal baby....

17th Jan 2016
TVR Tuscan Side

The TVR Tuscan – an alien’s car with solid investment potential!

Patience. And not being able to control something completely. Two of my pet hates. Yes, hate. A powerful term, but I mean it. The human attribute dubbed patience was not...

03rd Dec 2015

The Aston Martin DB7 Vantage – simply a great investment

Aston Martin You are thinking of Mr Bond now. I know it. The 1975 V8 Vantage from the Living Daylights perhaps? No, wait, you are picturing the most famous car of all, the DB5...

26th Nov 2015
Nissan Figaro Side Shot

Yes I’ve written an article on the Nissan Figaro – have I gone mad, you decide!

Nissan. The people that gently sprinkled the Micra upon us and landed bombshells in the form of the Skyline GTR series…. and still found time to give us the Nissan Figaro! My...