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1987 Citroen 2CV6 Bamboo

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  • Mileage~101,381
  • TransmissionManual
  • Engine0.6L
  • LocationHigh Wycombe


1987 Citroen 2CV6 Bamboo

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Darren Rungasamy
Automotive Editor, Photographer and Consigner

This is a super example of an honest and well-maintained 2CV, one owner from new!

The 2CV is a worthy contender and one that is completely justified when it appears on lists of cars you must drive before you die. Its post-war roots and specifications were incrementally enhanced throughout the course of its 42-year manufacturing run, but it never strayed from its original identity. With an unmistakable character, ride and unique but always entertaining driving style, the 2CV has firmly planted itself into the history of the automobile. The Bamboo was a 1987 limited edition UK only model, which can be distinguished by its unique 'Vert Bambou' colouring. Fitted with several useful aftermarket additions, such as an interior light, rear seat belts, a rear fog lamp and stainless steel exhaust this car boasts just one owner since new and comes with a wealth of paperwork, including its original sales invoice.

Because this well-loved 2CV6 has been a part of its owners' family's lives, it has received a lot of love and care to ensure its well-being. With annual servicing, and what can be amounted to a light renovation, this garaged example also has the benefit of regular use, which at the end of the day is the best thing one can offer a car. It also comes with spares and the benefit of being maintained by a 2CV6 specialist all of its life.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Darren Rungasamy after meeting Janet the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

My car has appeared on a TV advert and on an episode of the Two Ronnies!

Janet took on the Bamboo to replace her red 1983 2CV6 Special, and the car has been consistently admired by friends, family and strangers alike. It's been on a lot of adventures throughout its lengthy existence, including dozens of long-distance journeys and several TV appearances, but owing to its warm garage, it always has time to recover.

Janet hasn't given much thought to the amount of money that has been invested in the car over the years, but it is evident that every penny has been wisely spent; a brief scan at the invoices and documents will reassure any potential buyer that this 2CV6 has been well cared for. However, a gradual slowdown in the use of the car, combined with the relocation of her trusted mechanic has resulted in the decision to now find it a new owner. Janet will be more than happy to answer any questions in the comments section below.

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The distinctive and unmistakable body shape suits the brilliant green hue.

Wheels and Tyres

The steel wheels are in good condition with no damage, the tyres have plenty of life in them with a healthy amount of tread. The paint on the wheels looks in good condition, just a couple of spots on the rears where some discolouration is present, but overall a tidy example.


Structure wise, the car is in good shape, with much of the corrosion removed and treated with new metal. This means the floor pan is good, with no issues other than minor blemishes noted underneath the car in-front of the rear wheels. The inside of the boot and rear of the car is excellent, the front wings have been recently renewed, with a new old stock roof also fitted. The front bulkhead is good with minor dabs of corrosion - it really wouldn't take much to get this car pristine. All of the doors open and close with ease. The car has been regularly treated with a coating of oil to protect the chassis.


The Vert Bambou first appeared on the 2CV6 in the '70s and made a welcome return just for the Bamboo model. The car has seen periodic panel resprays, with the rear section and front wings being the most recent candidates. The lower section of the car and doors are a little flat but still retain a good shine. All could be brought up to a decent gloss with some effort. The bonnet has seen dabs of touch up paint but typical of a car of this age and usage.

Glass and Trim

The glass is good throughout - no cracks, chips or damage, with the front passenger door hinges operating well. The glass rubber is very good, with no evidence of water ingress. The door rubbers are in a similar condition. The chrome is generally good, with minor pitting noted on the headlamps but not to a stage where it becomes unsightly. The bumpers are in great shape.


Utilitarian in its nature, the interior has resisted the years well.

Seats and Carpets

The seats were covered with aftermarket covers until recently, which have done a good job in helping to retain their condition. As a result, they have no sun-bleach damage, rips or significant wear. The car's rubber mats are in good condition with minor suggestions of age but nothing serious. The door cards are good, with the odd blemishes in places.


The dashboard is typical for a 2CV6 of this vintage, the car has been used, so one should expect a little wear. The top section has a minor crack, but overall the presentation is good. The dials, switches and controls are all functional.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

The steering wheel is good, with no significant damage noted. The blue gear knob has been added as a souvenir of the 2CVGB 2005 meet in the Scottish Borders, but the original item also comes with the car.


The car has covered over 100,000 on its original engine, its heart still pounding soundly.

Engine and Gearbox

The engine has not needed significant work over the years, with just a few of the electrical and mechanical bolt-on parts needing renewing, all suggesting that the owner subscribes to the periodic preventative maintenance theory.

The car started up with no trouble, the flat-two engine humming away as its life depended on it. There were no leaks, backfiring or the smell of excess fuel observed. No clicking, clacking or rattles neither. The exhaust is in good condition and asides from a little condensation on start up, verifies the good health of the engine. The owner has admitted that the car can be a bit of a hesitant starter in the cold and the fuel delivery is occasionally reluctant when the car is parked on a slight incline, perhaps an electrical rather than fuel issue. The gearbox oil has been changed several times over the years.

Suspension and Brakes

The inboard brakes are in good condition, having been regularly checked by the specialist. The car stops without problems, with no squeals or juddering. The legendary suspension is said to be as good as one should expect - the owner has kept the car on the tarmac and not tested its historical egg legend.

The Drive

The engine motors along without hesitancy and is happy to scoot along all day. It is said not to run hot and has been reliable largely due to its fastidious maintenance. The steering operates well, with no knocking. The gearing all engaging without any issues, the clutch bites well.

Electrics and Other

Electrically the car is in good order, with no issues of note. The basic setup has been renewed over the years, with each issue dealt with by a specialist. All of the lights, including the lenses are in good condition and in full working order.

History and Paperwork

Coming to sale from the original owner, this 2CV6 has seen annual servicing since new, coming with around 140 invoices!

The car comes with a carefully and chronologically ordered set of invoices, which covers every aspect, repair and service the car has seen since new. Bought at the local Citroen dealer in 1987 (with the original invoice to prove it) the car was then maintained, serviced and repaired by Citroen specialist, Deux Chevaux et Charrette throughout Janet's ownership of the car.

It has seen extensive renovation and repairs over the years, with the welding to the floor pan, doors, seatbelt anchoring and much of the rear end being the major tasks. The car has also seen regular chassis lubrication, a stainless steel exhaust, starter motor, electric ignition, fuel pump, several windscreens and most recently seen the front wings resprayed, on top of the usual braking, kingpins, pipes and sundries items. The engine block itself has not needed too much work, no doubt due to the fastidious servicing and careful usage. In addition, it comes with spare OEM Bamboo decals, a full new roof (now fitted) and bumper kits, all obtained when the car was new upon the advice of her Citroen guy, who correctly assumed that these would become hard to find one day.

We've actioned checks on; Seller ID, V5C, HPi.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
31-10-2020 MOT 100,149
20-10-2020 Service 100,142
06-11-2019 MOT 99,567
12-11-2018 Service 97,456
09-11-2018 MOT 97,456
30-12-2017 MOT 96,579
11-11-2017 Service 96,574
12-11-2016 Service 95,266
08-11-2016 MOT 95,266
14-11-2015 Service 94,235
11-11-2015 MOT 94,235
08-11-2014 Service 93,222
04-11-2014 MOT 93,222
20-11-2013 Service 92,132
12-11-2013 MOT 92,132
10-11-2012 Service 91,151
09-11-2012 MOT 91,151
15-11-2011 Service 90,569
08-11-2011 MOT 90,569
10-11-2010 MOT 89,836
18-09-2009 MOT 88,496
09-09-2009 Service 88,496
09-09-2008 MOT 87,345
08-09-2008 Service 87,345
24-08-2007 MOT 86,202
24-08-2007 Service 86,202
21-08-2006 MOT 84,688
21-08-2006 Service 84,688
05-09-2005 MOT 82,418
05-09-2005 Service 82,418
04-08-2004 Service 80,000
15-09-2003 Service 77,910
03-09-2003 MOT 77,910
04-09-2002 Service 75,601
03-09-2002 MOT 75,601
21-08-2001 Service 71,688
21-08-2001 MOT 71,688
11-04-2001 Service 70,339
02-08-2000 Service 68,000
08-09-1999 Service 65,200
23-08-1999 MOT 65,188
28-01-1999 Service 63,331
02-09-1998 Service 61,652
02-09-1998 MOT 61,652
01-02-1998 Service 59,006
28-08-1997 MOT 57,181
17-06-1997 Service 56,446
04-12-1996 Service 54,318
30-08-1996 MOT 53,218
12-06-1996 Service 52,419
08-11-1995 Service 49,626
23-08-1995 MOT 48,539
19-05-1995 Service 47,738
23-08-1994 MOT 44,421
07-07-1994 Service 43,657
03-11-1993 Service 40,870
13-05-1993 Service 38,683
11-12-1992 Service 37,053
01-05-1992 Service 34,158
06-11-1991 Service 31,470
30-04-1991 Service 28,182
15-11-1990 Service 25,111
14-08-1990 MOT 23,145
15-05-1990 Service 21,590
02-11-1989 Service 17,749
25-04-1989 Service 13,701
12-10-1988 Service 9,544
22-04-1988 Service 5,180
Key Details
  • Model2CV6 Bamboo
  • TransmissionManual
  • Reg. Date1987
  • CC602
  • Mileage~101,381
  • HistoryYes
  • ColourGreen
  • Interior ColourGrey
  • Interior TrimCloth
  • Chassis #VF7AKA00KA288314
  • Engine #0907007981
  • Last Service20-10-2020
  • RestoredPartially
  • MOT08-11-2021
  • MOT ExemptNo
  • Road Tax ExemptNo
  • Former Keepers0 - one owner from new
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned34 Years
  • Key FeatureOne owner since new

Auction Closed

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marc wolfe

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High Hycombe

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