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1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa

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  • Mileage~73,425 indicated
  • TransmissionManual
  • Engine3.2L
  • LocationLondon


1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa

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Kulraj Singh Salh

The Carrera's 3.2-litre engine was no slouch in its time.

Considered the ultimate development of the original 911, the 3.2 Carrera has crafted a solid reputation for itself since its launch in 1984. Its previously upwardly mobile image with carefree decadence and wealth are now redeemed, and its become something of a masterclass in engineering durability, but it is its character and ability that are the main reasons why these beautifully styled cars are still sought after.

All 3.2 Carreras featured galvanised bodies from new, which combined with their first-class build quality and subsequent specialists attention, the 911 is easier to maintain than one would expect. One of the major selling points of the 911 is the consistent updates Porsche carried out on the car throughout the '80s and its key feature was the boxer 3.2-litre engine, which addressed many of the previous generation cars shortcomings. Combined with the G50 gearbox, the 3.2 Carrera established itself as one of the best 911's to drive. It also approached the performance of the original 1974 Turbo version, in a much more manageable yet still striking package.

However, the majority of cars no longer need to prove its worth around the M25 and many are in the hands of occasional drivers, enthusiasts and those who lusted over the 911 as youths. Finished in a very appealing Metallic Marine Blue hue, David has owned this 3.2 Carrera Targa since 2003. He has kept on top of the maintenance demands himself, and it has passed most of its MOT's without a hint of an advisory. With the very best cars approaching serious money, well looked after enthusiast-owned 911's with solid bodies are next in line. This could be the very car to scratch that 911 itch.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Kulraj after meeting David the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

It's time for someone else to enjoy it!

David has owned the car for the best part of two decades and admires the compact purposeful styling. He hasn't really had the opportunity to use it as much as he would like to in recent years and under a little pressure from his better half has been told 'Its time for someone else to enjoy it'.

In his ownership, he's had some major works completed like the clutch being replaced, and when it came to regular maintenance he informs us that a regular oil and filter change is something he's actioned himself regardless of miles completed.

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The Carrera Targa, after all these years, still offers a positive image of integrity and design balance.

Wheels and Tyres

Finished in colour matched Fuchs alloys, they are in good condition, with some level of age-related wear and signs of very minor curbing scrapes. Certainly not significant and could be easily remedied by a specialist.

The Nexen tyres are all over 10 years old but all show legal tread depth, the car being fitted with 205/45ZR16 on the front and 245/45/ZR16 on the rears.


The first pass review shows no rust on the bodywork at all. There are no significant dings or dents and sits very nicely on the road.

The shut lines are generally true but both doors look like they could benefit with adjustment to pull in tighter. An underside, luggage area and engine review present no significant structural issues.


The paint finish is very presentable, having been painted in a lovely shade of Marine Blue. There is a crack in the paint on the leading edge of the boot which was caused by a mechanic. There are also some cracks on the lower nearside rear valance as the result of a careless car parker.

Glass and Trim

The glass is in line with a car of this age, with no major flaws. There are no fogging patches, cracks or chips. The trim, including the door and glass rubber, is good, with no significant splits or damage. The Targa roof is in very good condition and is not creased. It does its job perfectly without any evidence of water leaks.


A more usable everyday car than the average sports car, the 911 still has that classic feel.

Seats and Carpets

The interior is in line of a car almost reaching 35 years old, with the seats in presentable condition, no significant tears or rips - just an expected level of wear to the bolsters. The back seats are very good. All carpets are in good condition and appears to be damp free, the driver's mat is a little frayed. The door cards are in good order in matching blue leather and carpet.


The general condition of the dashboard is in good condition, with minimal wear age-related damage. No splits or cracks to be seen on the top of the facia. The car also comes with a recently fitted MP3 Stereo.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

The aftermarket Momo steering wheel is in good condition, with minor signs of ageing. The gear knob, an aftermarket addition, is slightly worn but is in generally decent condition.


The beating heart of the 911, the 3.2-litre engine, is yet another ace in the Porsche deck.

Engine and Gearbox

The engined fired up with no problems after a particularly cold morning, hunting a little, it settled down nicely with no blue smoke and no signs of leaks. The engine is said to pull strong. The aftermarket double exhaust is in good condition, with no blowing and leaks, and helps the car to sound really impressive.

The car being an '86 model, is fitted with a G50 gearbox, and Dave had the clutch replaced in 2008.

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension is said to be in decent order, with no knocking or creaks reported. The brake discs and pads show plenty of life left. [Update - 10/01/21] Dave noticed in the video review that the rear drivers side anti-sway bar is broken, he is looking to get this fixed and will provide an update when done so.

The Drive

The driving experience of the 911 is a fascinating combination of its humble roots with state of the art engineering. The basic but effective torsion bar suspension is surprisingly well suited to the combination of smooth and damaged roads we often experience today.

Yes, it's rear-engined and yes, it has no power steering and the pedals need a certain knack to master, but that's where its appeal comes from. There are simply no other cars that compare to it. Drive a 911 and any driving enthusiast will understand what the fuss is all about.

Electrics and Other

There are some electrical niggles which will need addressing, with a non-functional mile counter being a major point. In addition, the seat switch is not working correctly on the driver's side, the heater blower is intermittent and the air-conditioning is disconnected (not surprising). The pipes from the unit have been removed but the compressor is still in place in the engine bay as you'll see.

History and Paperwork

A C16 UK supplied RHD Carrera 3.2, a car that ensured the Porsche 911 lineage has lived on to this day.

In Dave's 17 years of ownership, he's regularly serviced the car himself, the 3.2 flat 6 needing an annual oil and filter change most years. He's had larger jobs like a clutch replacement and wheel bearings actioned by professionals as can be seen in the invoices. In 2012, the cars old registration was involved in fraud, and so the car was issued with a new registration at that date.

Being a UK supplied C16 car finished in a lovely blue on blue colour combination, and a raspy double exhaust set-up to boot, this Targa ticks all the right boxes for that authentic air-cooled 911 experience.

We've actioned checks against the following; Seller ID, V5, HPi clear.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
23-02-2020 MOT 73,425
24-02-2019 MOT 73,425
22-02-2018 MOT 73,425
11-02-2017 MOT 73,425
13-02-2016 MOT 73,425
14-02-2015 MOT 73,425
22-02-2014 MOT 73,425
05-01-2013 MOT 73,425
15-01-2012 MOT 73,425
13-06-2008 Invoice 66,906
14-07-2007 Invoice 64,218
27-08-2005 MOT 57,273
31-08-2004 MOT 52,672
12-02-2004 Service -
12-09-2003 MOT 45,857
23-10-2001 Service 32,345
Key Details
  • Model911 Carrera 3.2 Targa
  • TransmissionManual
  • Reg. Date1986
  • CC3,164
  • Mileage~73,425 indicated
  • ColourMarine Blue
  • Interior ColourBlue
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #WPOZZZ91ZHS140396
  • Engine #63H01240
  • MOT23-02-2021
  • MOT ExemptNo
  • Road Tax ExemptNo
  • Former Keepers1
  • Tyre BrandNexen
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned17 years
  • Key Feature3.2L Flat 6

Vehicle Sold

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3 years ago

Hi Dave are you happy to sell to a overseas buyer?
I’m located in Australia

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
3 years ago

Morning Dave. Could I ask what your best guess is for the actual covered mileage please? Thanks

Robert Mizrahi
Robert Mizrahi
3 years ago

Hi Dave. I see last MOT runs out in February. Can you arrange for a new MOT prior to delivery? Thanks. Rob

John Moss
John Moss
3 years ago

Many thanks Dave

John Moss
John Moss
3 years ago

Hi Dave, quite a few questions I’m afraid – can you confirm the condition of the kidney bowls, does the Targa roof leak or suffer from wind noise, does the air con work, other than you who carried out work on the car, how did the o/s valance by the exhaust get damaged and do you know who fitted the exhaust, has the car had any accidents to your knowledge?


3 years ago

Hi Dave , have you got any idea what the mileage on the car would be ?

3 years ago

Hi Dave. Do you have any more records to tie up with the history of the car, incl the previous registration? Other service history etc not shown? What about engine or gearbox maintenance other than clutch, oil & filter changes? Do you have the original steering wheel & gear knob. Thanks

3 years ago

Hello Dave,
Could you also please advise:
A. is this the original paint & colour?
B. have you checked whether the numbers match for chassis/VIN number + engine no + gearbox no ex-factory?
Thanks again,
Michael Owen.


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