By Tom Brett
7th January 2020

Classic Car Articles and Blogs

Latest Classic Car Articles

We are passionate about the classic car industry we work in, and we are always publishing articles that we hope other classic car enthusiasts will find informative, interesting and sometimes even amusing.

We write weekly articles on anything to do with classic cars e.g. manufacturers, models the industry and owner stories – shown below are all the articles we’ve written over the past few years.

If there’s a topic you want us to cover then why not drop me a line and I’ll see what we can do – contact us.

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Embarrassing Cars On Their Birthday

Tom talks about some embarrassing car ads on their anniversary...

The Italian Job… Sort Of.

Tom talks about these two Italian beauties coming to auction.

The 996 Turbo is thirsty for some water!

Tom discusses why the 996 Turbo is not loved by the 911 purists!

This Porsche 911 Has Four Doors

William wanted a more practical car than he was usually used to...

The Aston Martin DB5 Continuation is Here and It’s Pointless.

Tom talks about the first Aston Martin DB5 made in 50 years, to Goldfinger spec too!

Win The Road Rat Magazine Issues 1-4

The Trade Classics Online Giveaway celebrates our new website launch with an amazing prize!

Paddy McGuiness Crashes £250k Lamborghini

Tom lets us know what Top Gear's Paddy Mcguiness unfortunately did...

A Brief History of the Grand Tourer Part 2

Tom discusses a few of the most iconic classic cars of the 60's

What if the Volkwagen Beetle was never made?

Tom discusses what may have happened if the people's car never came into production.

A Brief History of the Grand Tourer

Tom discusses how life started with these beautiful machines.

Where Will You Go After Lockdown?

Mike gives his thoughts on where we should all go after lockdown...

Our Top 5 ’70s Cars

Tom discusses the top 5 '70s cars we have sold through Trade Classics

What if the Mini was never made?

Tom discusses what the world would be like without the iconic Mini was never produced...

The Best Car Shows on Netflix UK

Tom has made a list of the best classic car and racing shows on Netflix for you to get into.

Top 5 60s Classic Cars

Tom discusses his best 60s classic cars that he would like to take for a spin one day

Top 5 Cars that are MOT Exempt

Tom discusses his favourite cars that have recently turned MOT exempt.

Checking your car during Covid-19

Tom gives you a simple guide that contains checks before you take a car to an MOT garage after the Covid-19 restrictions

Lee Scott Classic Cars Review

We talk to Lee Scott and how he works at his restoration houses