By Tom Brett
7th January 2020

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Latest Classic Car Articles

We are passionate about the classic car industry we work in, and we are always publishing articles that we hope other classic car enthusiasts will find informative, interesting and sometimes even amusing.

We write weekly articles on anything to do with classic cars e.g. manufacturers, models the industry and owner stories – shown below are all the articles we’ve written over the past few years.

If there’s a topic you want us to cover then why not drop me a line and I’ll see what we can do – contact us.

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Low or High Mileage Classic Cars?

Tom discusses the issues with low mileage cars, they may not be the best option.

Can You Cut the Running Cost Your Car in Half?

Mike talks about how he is running his 6 series BMW at half the cost!

Barn Finds and Project Cars

Everyone loves a barn find with what they can bring to the table

Fancy the Perfect Car for a Weekend Getaway?

The Jaguar MKII is a stunning car, here's why...

Does a Car Always Need a Facelift?

Mike talks about the topic of facelifts on cars and how sometimes they may not always be welcome.

Is the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II the Hottest Hatchback Ever?

Mike talks about the various reasons the Integrale HF Evo 2 is the hottest hatchback ever made.

Photos of the Year 2019

We have handpicked some of our most emotive photos of 2019, get ready to be amazed and inspired!

Fall in Love With Your Classic Car Again in 2020

Tom talks about measures that can be taken to ensure you get the best experiences out of driving your classic car in 2020.

Is a Communist 4×4 the Best Ever Made?

Mike talks about the 4x4 overlooked by the west for decades...

Affordable Classic Cars in 2020

Tom talks about the new generation of classic car owners and what they should be looking out for in 2020

Exhausts. What do they say about you?

Mike discusses how different exhausts say a lot about someone and how they may not be around for much longer...

You have just passed your test, can you buy a classic?

Mike talks about what first time drivers should buy as their first classic car..

What’s the best Christmas present for a petrolhead?

Driving gloves, life-sized model E-types, and a sleeve for your pride and joy!

Does the Lotus Esprit have the BEST pop-up headlights?

Tom talks about his love for the Lotus Esprit and it pop-up headlights.

The Ultimate Impreza

Mike talks about the limited edition Impreza enhanced by Cosworth and how it may become a future classic

Rewrite Your Owners Handbook

Mike talks about how the quirks of a classic car might encourage you to rewrite the handbook for the new owner

Alloys and coffee tables…

Mike talks about his passion for alloy wheels and how they are just as fashionably desirable as the shoes we wear

The Timeless Appeal of Estate Cars

Mike tells us why estate cars have a timeless appeal, and some of the performance variants that will be future classics.

Shortcuts all lead to the garage!

Taking shortcuts in maintenance on your classic will lead to bad outcomes!

Do cars really need all the bells and whistles?

An insight to Mike’s likes and dislikes of modern technology in cars.