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7th January 2020

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We are passionate about the classic car industry we work in, and we are always publishing articles that we hope other classic car enthusiasts will find informative, interesting and sometimes even amusing.

We write weekly articles on anything to do with classic cars e.g. manufacturers, models the industry and owner stories – shown below are all the articles we’ve written over the past few years.

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Classic Car Shows and Events in October 2013

Follow Us Classic car shows and events in October around the UK and internationally. I know the summer is over, but classic car enthusiasts are a hardy bunch and keep the magic alive in these autumn days! So for your diary, the following are events in date order:   Friday 4th October     Dix Mille Tours […]

"I want that car" TV programme on ITV4

Follow Us “I want that car” is a new TV programme that will be broadcasted on ITV4 from October to our teleboxes, and personally I can”t wait as it”s amazing news for us used and classic car fans because it will feature real cars and their potential buyers – well done ITV. Now we all […]

Used and Classic Car Auction Results and Prices

Follow Us Earlier this week on the 19th September 2013 we had a day out and went to a car auction based in the UK – we were interested in potentially buying a Porsche 911 (997) from a selection that were being sold at auction on behalf of Porsche Finance, i.e. models that were taken […]

How to Restore Yellow Oxidised, Scratched and Misty Plastic Car Headlight Lenses – Safely

Follow Us Do your head lights look misty, scratched or chipped with yellow oxidisation? If they do then I”ve got some help and advice that will get them looking like new again! So more and more car manufacturers these days are fitting plastic headlights to their cars and vans.  This is due to a variety […]

Persol Sunglasses Model / Size / Lens Number Code Meanings

Follow Us So what do the numbers / codes mean on the arm of Persol sunglasses? Well I”m sure you”ll agree me me, I hope, that Italian Persol sunglasses are a fitting accompaniment to go with your lovely classic car.  But you want to make sure they fit your head properly when you”re out and […]

Should I Hire a Classic or Modern Car?

Follow Us Okay so you’ve decided on a UK driving holiday and need a car for the journey. For those of you with a car (28m of you) then this article may not be of real interest.  However, for the remaining 40m or so people then this could give you guys food-for-thought. So what are […]

Tips for Insuring a Classic Car

Follow Us As a classic car owner you will have spent a lot of time searching for and caring for your prized possession, but do you really take as much time in searching for the right classic car insurance?  Insuring a classic car may be cheaper than insuring a new car, but like anything else there […]

Winter Car Care for Your Classic Car

Follow Us Okay so I know we”re still in summer, however, now is a good time to start thinking about how you plan to care for your classic car this winter.  So right now who is offering good value winter checks for your classic car? I was driving along the other day listening to the […]

Classic Cars For Sale UK

Follow Us If you”re looking for classic cars for sale UK then you”re lucky as the UK is an amazing place to buy and own a classic car.   We are a nation of car lovers and have played a massive part in automotive innovation over the last 100 years.  In fact in and around […]

Old Classic Cars

Follow Us In this article I thought I”d talk about the difference between the terms old classic cars compared to modern classics. However, some of you might be thinking, hang on a second Emma, have you gone mad – isn”t the term modern classics a bit of an oxymoron and surely all classics are considered “old“? Well not […]

The Austin Maestro

Follow Us I find it hard to believe that the Austin Maestro has just celebrated its 30th birthday in March 2013! Thinking back to the 80″s, many of my friends” parents would drop them off in a Maestro!  Or that”s how it seemed to me, now that I look back. In March 1983, the Austin […]

Formula E

Follow Us Plans are now firmly in place for the launch of the FIA Formula E series.  The championship will feature cars powered exclusively by electrical energy, and is set to take place in 2014. The series will be organised by Formula E Holdings (FEH) and is likely to involve 10 races in the inaugural […]

Fiat 500

Follow Us Is the Fiat 500 the ultimate city car? Maybe ! Is the Fiat 500 the most recognisable supermini? Perhaps ! Stylish? Yes! Fashionable? Definitely!   Okay, so why do we love the Fiat 500 so much? Since being re-launched in 2007, the new Fiat 500 has sold over a million models across the […]

BTCC 2013

Follow Us The 2013 British Touring Car Championship We are now nearly half way through 2013, in fact if you stop and blink a few times you”ll probably find out it”s Christmas already! The dates and details for the 2013 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) from July onwards are now available and we thought you […]

Classic Car Shows

Follow Us Classic Car Shows in July, August and September 2013 Okay so the summer finally seems to be here – the weather was amazing over the weekend and we have another good week forecast ahead.  So it”s at times like these, as classic car fans, our thoughts turn to attending some of the best […]

Porsche Project 50

Follow Us Celebrating 50 years of the Porsche 911, Porsche GB have assembled a team setting out to discovering the roots of historic motorsports and taking part in races across some most prestigious tracks across Europe. Gordon Robertson, Chief Driving Consultant for Porsche and Barry Horne, winner of the inaugural Carrera Cup in 2009 were […]

Alfa Romeo Classic Car Story

Follow Us 100 years of car making history so how much of a classic car maker is Alfa Romeo. It”s probably fair to say that Alfa have had their ups and downs during their long history, although it has been an interesting one. Alfa Romeo celebrated 100 years of history with all the Italian flair of some […]

Young Female Drivers

Follow Us Young female drivers are facing an estimated increase of around 24% in annual car insurance premiums, thanks to an EU ruling on gender – including both normal and classic car insurance.  Also, as part of the directive, young male drivers are set to see a fall of approximately 9%. So what is it […]

Happy 100th Birthday Aston Martin

Follow Us Aston Martin knows a thing or two about making iconic valuable classic cars and it”s not surprising with 100 years of history behind them. 2013 marks a landmark year for Aston Martin, as they celebrated their 100th birthday on 15th January 2013 – big Happy Birthday Aston Martin. In order to mark the creation […]

Future Classic Cars Prediction

Follow Us Okay so the future classic cars or how to make a million title grabbed your attention as we all want to make a million pounds, dollars, yen or whatever your currency of preference is – well except for lower value currencies like the Vietnamese Dong as that’s just 30 quid! Seriously though and getting back […]