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1967 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto

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  • Mileage74,016
  • TransmissionManual
  • Engine1,750
  • LocationYork


1967 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto

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Glyn Parry
Professional Consigner

What a project this will be! A lot of hard work has been done by David to the mechanical side, now it is up to the new owner how they want to add their own touch to this beautiful example and rebuild the car.

We cannot wait to find this example a keen engineer and enthusiast that loves these cars, such a rewarding venture. Nikola knows it has many more memories that can be made once finished on top of all the wonderful times it has had. We would like to thank her for using our service and we will keep in touch with both parties in the future.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Glyn after meeting Nikola the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

Nikola’s father, David, was buying a car at a dealership back in 1999 as an everyday driver.

As he was about to leave, he saw the Spider sitting proudly, albeit with some scratches on the paint and rugged mechanics from the previous owner. His wife wasn’t impressed, but like any engineer and Alfa fanatic would, he could smell the opportunity this car possessed and ended up bringing two cars home. By rebuilding the engine, a new touch of paint and adding a beautiful interior, this car was back to former glory after being imported from South Africa a couple of years prior.

On top of its documented history, this car has had so many wonderful stories under the families ownership: two trips with Nikola to the 24 Hour Le Mans, used as her wedding car, taken to AROC shows and enjoyed on other trips you would expect to do in a classic. In the video Nikola jokes she is not an engineer and would love to see this car finished off that her Dad David was unable to do – re-fitting the interior and restoring the paintwork – the mechanical and underside of the car is looking pristine and functional.

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As David was due to repaint, he stripped the Duetto down. Nikola informs us that this is a complete car, please review the photos as confirmation, it also comes with the hardtop that tends to be quite the rarity with these models of Alfa Romeo.

Wheels and Tyres

The steel wheels look to be the original ones that come on this particular model. They are in good condition and will need to be remedied slightly to improve the grade if desired. The Firestone F-560 tyres, with a 65/15/86 profile, appear to be in excellent condition having been manufactured in mid-2015.


To avoid any significant damage to the bodywork, and in preparation for a re-spray, David smoothed down some areas in which he thought would perish. As you work your way around the car you see the overall good condition of the body. Surface rust is apparent on some areas as you would expect from a car that’s been standing for some time. Please review the video to examine all the bodywork.


Some of the edges of panels have nicks where the paint has been caught. A respray on this car will be a great little project for the new owner, view the photos and videos we have produced for the full detail.

Glass and Trim

The chrome work will need to be examined by the new owner, there is a mix of old and new parts. There is a chip in the glass on the near side quarter window. Take a look at the images.


David was determined to keep the car looking as original and appealing as possible. He added Magnolia leather seats with Navy Blue piping that will look absolutely stunning once completed along with the complementary paint. A rear cover for the interior is displayed in the photos.

Seats and Carpets

As mentioned the seats look good but could do with a little work to them, enhancing their overall quality. Glyn checks under the carpets in the photos and videos to examine the extent of ageing.


The gauges and interior are in very good condition, as can be seen in the media file. The gauges appear to be left alone by David, retaining the originality of this example.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

Both are in excellent condition with no issues and look to be original apart from the cream leather gaiter that was added under the last ownership.


The car is currently not on the road, marketed as a project, all parties involved cannot wait to see this back on the tarmac. It is a testament to David however, whose passion and desire to get the restoration done in a way that most engineers would be jealous of, has allowed the engine bay and underside mechanics to remain in excellent condition. Nikola mentioned only the best was good enough for him, judging by the parts assembled and the engine rebuild, it is a very good example. All invoices received whilst restoration work took place are documented in the media file, we would expect nothing less from an engineer.

Engine and Gearbox

This car has been idle since 2013 when the repaint was due to happen. It has been stored in a garage, therefore retaining the work in progress condition. The engine bay has been thoroughly cleaned during its restoration, David rebuilt the 1,750cc engine.


The suspension was replaced, as can be seen in the media file. The new exhaust system is also in excellent condition. All other parts such as the differential look to be in good condition upon our visit.


The electrical system will need to be reviewed by the new owner as well as the gauges, as a result of the car being idle for some time.

History and Paperwork

With an official confirmation letter to David from Alfa Romeo, they explain the chassis number corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 manufactured on the 31st July 1967 and sold to Johannesburg, South Africa a month later.

The car was imported from there in 1997 and subsequently bought by David in 1999.

The car had one owner in South Africa to our knowledge, one also being the dealer prior to David picking the car up from his garage in 1999. During the rebuild, there were very few parts he had to buy and salvaged most of what he purchased. There are some supporting documents in relation to the restoration with David purchasing from ‘Alfaholics’ and other well-established parts traders.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
09.07.2012 MOT 73,754
09.07.2011 MOT 73,754
10.07.2010 MOT 73,397
13.07.2009 MOT 71,701
07.07.2008 MOT 70,830
Key Details
  • Model1600 Spider Duetto
  • TransmissionManual
  • Reg. Date22.10.1997 (UK)
  • CC1,750
  • Mileage74,016
  • HistoryGood
  • ColourBlue
  • Interior ColourCream
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #AR710396
  • Engine #AR0053618988
  • MOT ExemptYes
  • HPi ClearYes - Clear
  • Former Keepers3 in UK
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned20 years
  • Key FeatureDuetto

Vehicle Sold

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This vehicle has now been sold - click 'Register Similar' below to get notified when we consign a similar vehicle.

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If you do not sell the car at auction to the reserve price please give me a call ..Brian

£16,404 bid by madmedf1 05.02.2020 @ 20:08:00
£16,203 bid by Adamsh23 05.02.2020 @ 20:07:14
£16,000 bid by madmedf1 05.02.2020 @ 20:05:45
£15,444 bid by Adamsh23 05.02.2020 @ 20:05:22
£15,221 bid by madmedf1 05.02.2020 @ 20:03:59
£14,902 bid by Adamsh23 05.02.2020 @ 20:03:32
£14,701 bid by madmedf1 05.02.2020 @ 20:01:12
£14,500 bid by Adamsh23 05.02.2020 @ 19:59:16
£13,904 bid by madmedf1 05.02.2020 @ 19:59:08
£13,702 bid by Adamsh23 05.02.2020 @ 19:55:04
£13,500 bid by italy 05.02.2020 @ 19:54:17
£12,702 bid by Adamsh23 05.02.2020 @ 19:53:31
£12,500 bid by italy 05.02.2020 @ 19:47:35
£11,751 bid by madmedf1 05.02.2020 @ 19:45:03
£11,500 bid by italy 05.02.2020 @ 18:27:27
£11,250 bid by Adamsh23 05.02.2020 @ 17:37:53
£11,000 bid by Speedboat18 05.02.2020 @ 17:21:10
£10,500 bid by italy 05.02.2020 @ 16:18:08
£10,000 bid by Adamsh23 03.02.2020 @ 13:35:06

Has this car got a minimum price on it

Kulraj Salh

Hi John,

Yes indeed, the car will have a reserve price at auction. During the auction, you’ll be able to see if the reserve has been met, but the actual value is not disclosed.

If you’re interested in discussing the car before the auction starts, please feel free to give us a call on 01926 426 635.



John irving
John irving

Do you have an idea of what the bidding will start at ?

Kulraj Salh

Hi John, this car is now on auction. With the interest we have had on the car, we have started the auction at £10,000. Good luck if you decide to get involved in the bidding, Kulraj

Tom Brett

Nikola has sent through great photos of the Alfa Romeo when it was complete (See bottom of the gallery).


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