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1986 Audi UR Quattro

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  • Mileage~48,538 on clock
  • TransmissionManual
  • Engine2.1L
  • LocationUsk


1986 Audi UR Quattro

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Glyn Parry
Professional Consigner

The Quattro 4WD system set the standard for generations to come.

At the Geneva International Motor Show in 1980, Audi released the Quattro, with its distinctive box arches and revolutionary state-of-the-art four-wheel drive system. However, the Quattro's origins date back to 1977 in the snowy expanses of Sweden, where a team of Audi engineers were testing their military all-terrain vehicles, outperforming more powerful models. This led to the development of an Audi 80 with the drivetrain from the military all-terrain vehicles, giving birth to the Quattro concept for road-going vehicles. This innovative design endowed the Audi Quattro with exceptional handling characteristics straight from the Audi factory. Combined with a 2.1-litre turbocharged engine, it offered a highly exclusive package. Originally intended for low-volume production, it garnered a much stronger demand upon its release. With immense success in the world of motorsport, particularly in rallying, the Quattro rightfully earned its place as one of the most iconic cars of the 1980s.

This UR Quattro come to market with ~48,538 miles on the clock, along with extensive restorative work carried out on the car since 2017. Approximately £9,000 has been invested over the past six years, and comes to market from ~2 year ownership.

This listing was written from information supplied by Glyn after meeting Ryan the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

The Quattro offers a lot of nostalgic value for me as it was one of my dream cars growing up.

The current owner, Ryan, purchased the Audi when it came to market as he had fond memories of the car when he was younger; "I remember the Quattro was a car that my Dad had owned many years ago, it was always something that I wanted to drive and own myself one day". Having bought the car after recommissioning works were carried out on it, the Audi was something that Ryan was able to enjoy straight away, "With the amount of time and work that had been invested into the car already, it was a real joy to have a classic that was so useable".

Recent circumstances have changed for the current owner, which is why the car comes to market. The sale is a reluctant one as Ryan lets us know; "I'll really miss the car as I love the driving characteristics and look of it, however, I need to make some additional room at home and unfortunately this one will have to find a new owner". He will be happy to answer any questions on the car in the comment section below.

Vehicle Owner

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An icon of automotive history, the Quattro combines raw power with an unmistakable rally-inspired flared wheel arches that just scream performance.

Wheels and Tyres

The original Ronal Audi 15" wheels add a classic touch, and we didn't observe any significant signs of damage; these wheels presented well having been refurbished in the last ~5.5 years.

The wheels are fitted with Toyo Proxes tires, which also appear to be in great condition and were replaced by the current owner in 2017. The specifications were consistent at 255/50 for all four tires.

For a more detailed view of the Quattro's exterior and a closer inspection of the wheels and tires, please refer to the photos and videos.


The Audi maintains well-aligned panel gaps. Both doors and the bonnet open and close smoothly when we visited the car. We did note that the boot lid appeared to have minor misalignment, although we had to look fairly closely to spot this. The Quattro is largely garage-stored, and as such, has been kept in great condition.

During our visit, we didn't come across any significant dents on the car, and the bodywork looked good overall. We noted that the inside of the door sills may have been repaired at some point in the Audi's history, as these sections showed to be in great condition.

We've highlighted in more detail our observations through our hi-resolution images and videos, so please take time to look through all the media files for a detailed view of what’s on offer and for you to assess the condition of the car for yourselves.


Finished in good condition, the Audi colour of "Lago Metallic Blue" and its finish were consistent across the entire car. We observed a few signs of paint runs on certain sections of the panels. Additionally, a few blemishes were present in the bonnet area.

We did spot some markings on the paint of the sunroof, as detailed in the exterior review video. There were also signs of paint cracking along the front panel edges, and we noted a slight scratch on the rear nearside quarter panel.

Again, we have taken high resolution images and videos of the car for you to assess the condition of the bodywork and paint for yourselves. The images are taken from a few different angles to show off the car as you would see it if you were standing there for yourselves. So please, take the time to fully assess these high resolution images and videos of the car, for you to make up your own minds about the condition of the paint.

Glass and Trim

All the glass sections on the Audi appeared to be in great condition, including the windscreen, side windows, and mirrors. We didn't observe any cracks, chips, or significant scratching during our visit. A nice touch was the 'Quattro' decal adorning the rear window.

As a 1986 model year, the UR Quattro comes with tinted rear taillights, which are in good condition with no splits, similar to the coupe reflector. However, we did notice a little moisture inside the front nearside headlight.


A technologically advanced car back in 1986; a digital dash and the switchable front and rear differential with controls mounted in the centre console.

Seats and Carpets

The seats in the Audi are finished in grey material with a check patterned centre. The front seat section appeared to be in great condition, with hardly a mark on the driver or passenger seats. We didn't note any signs of excessive wear with both front and rear sections showing very well.

The cabin carpets are in great condition although could benefit from a light clean up. The Audi has additional sports mats covering the front and rear floor area. Inside the boot is clean and tidy, and the spare wheel is present, which appears to be brand new.

Please see the interior gallery for more detailed images.


The black dashboard shows in great condition and didn't show the normal wear issues we usually see on these cars. The odometer displayed ~48,538 on the clock at the time of our visit.

The dials, switches, and controls are well maintained; all the surfaces appear clear, with no fogging or scratching. The LCD dash display functioned well and everything worked as it should. We did not observe any issues with warning lights when starting the car from cold or during our road assessment. Our interior gallery section takes you through some closer images of the Quattro's dashboard.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

A clean black Audi steering wheel shows in a great finish in the interior. We didn't note any signs of excessive wear or concerns here.

The replacement black gear knob had no issues to speak of. The original gear knob is also included in the final sale should this be required. We noted a small area of wear to the back section of the handbrake gaiter, but nothing overly concerning.

We've captured high-resolution photos for you to review and appreciate the condition of the interior in our gallery section.


The turbo-charged inline-five engine delivers ~197BHP of exhilarating power to all four wheels, a unique sound.

Engine and Gearbox

The engine took a little longer than expected to turn over on our cold start, however, we found no issues once out on the road. We carried out a warm start on the Audi following the on the road video which showed no concerns.

The five-speed gearbox is in good order with no issues through the gear changes. The car pulls really well through the range and was smooth out on the road.

We took the car on some local roads with the current owner to gain a better understanding of what this vehicle offers. During the drive, we went through the motions, working through the performance of the Audi and receiving an overview from Ryan's perspective on the car's performance.

Suspension and Brakes

The Audi Quattro features sporty suspension, which has a slightly stiff feel, we didn't detect any significant knocks, bangs, or squeaks from the suspension, and the handling is precise and well-engineered, boosted by the revolutionary Quattro AWD system.

The brakes in the Audi felt great, with no noticeable pulling or vibrations during the journey, allowing the car to come to a smooth stop, meeting our expectations.

We cover the underside of the Quattro in our 'Mechanical gallery' section, we noted that the Audi has been undersealed as part of its historic work. Head over to our video section where we've summarised our visit in more detail for you to view for yourself. We take you around the mechanical elements of the car and give you an overview of what's on offer here.

The Drive

The Audi Quattro was a truly revolutionary design, paving the way for all performance focused Audi’s going forward and cementing the Quattro branding in history.

There’s something pretty special about being out in one of the most classic Audis to come out of the 1980s; the five-cylinder engine is a joy to listen to and gets even better when you throw some '80s boost into the mix. It's definitely a car which doesn’t disappoint and the new keeper will thoroughly enjoy.

Electrics and Other

On our visit, we observed that the LCD driver display on the dashboard area was functioning correctly and had no issues with its operation. The electric windows were also in working order without any concerns. The original Blaupunkt Kenwood Cassette/Stereo was tested and found to be in working order. Switches located in the centre section were also operational during our visit. The heat/cool fan function was working; however, the fan makes a squeaking noise, which is fairly typical for these cars.

Ryan let us know that he's had no issues with the electrical elements on the car, and that everything should be working correctly to his knowledge.

History and Paperwork

With low mileage and original press car, with restoration work carried out by the former keeper from 2017, it's a cracking example of the Quattro.

There is a great amount of paperwork accompanying this 1986 Quattro. Numerous invoices for parts purchased suggest that the previous keepers were enthusiastic and hands-on. This presents a fantastic opportunity to own an iconic Audi that is in very usable condition, requiring little mechanical or cosmetic work. It's ready to be used and enjoyed by its new owner.

This particular car had an interesting start to its life. It was initially registered on 12th November 1986 to VAG Audi as a press car, it's possible that it was one of the first RHD cars to be brought into the country. Audi used the car for the first ~13 months of its life. It then passed into the hands of a leasing company and was sold in November 1990. In the following three years, it changed ownership several times, until 1993 when it was SORN and put into storage for ~24 years, remaining SORN during that entire period.

After changing hands in 2017, a significant amount of recommissioning work was carried out by its previous owners. The Audi retains its original and well-preserved interior, along with genuine wheels, brakes and callipers that were refurbished with new brake lines, an new cam belt, water pump, fuel pump, and spark plugs.

We’ve done all our usual seller checks including photo ID, V5 and actioned a HPi check on the vehicle.

Should any questions be required, Ryan would be happy to answer these in the 'ask the owner' section.

We've summarised our own view on the car based on information gained from the seller in the listing above, however, and as you can see, we go to great lengths to photograph and video the car in hi-resolution detail - this has been done for you to make your own assessment from the comfort of your sofa. So please sit back, have a cuppa and take your time to review everything on this listing in order to make your own assessment on the vehicle's condition. Viewings are also welcomed with all our listings, so please get in touch with us to arrange a suitable time - we just need to speak to you first and receive a valid photo ID before confirming.

If there's anything you're unsure about, no matter how small, then please first ask the owner in the comments area below before placing your bid/s, as bids can't be retracted and form a binding contract if you win the car - just like a traditional auction house.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
05.10.2022 MOT 48,437
24.05.2022 Tail Lights
28.07.2021 MOT 48,067
04.02.2021 Underseal
28.08.2020 MOT 47,553
2017-2020 Recommission Work
14.03.1994 Timing Belt
08.03.1994 Air Filter
01.05.1992 Service 47,688
18.04.1992 MOT 47,362
30.08.1991 Brake Master Cylinder 45,079
07.08.1991 Exhaust 44,669
Key Details
  • ModelUR Quattro Coupe
  • TransmissionManual
  • Reg. Date12.11.1986
  • CC2,144
  • Mileage~48,538 on the clock
  • HistoryGreat
  • ColourLago Metallic Blue
  • Interior ColourBlack / Grey
  • Interior TrimFabric
  • Chassis #WAUZZZ85ZHA900315
  • Engine #WR007487
  • MOT ExemptYes
  • HPi ClearYes
  • Former Keepers9
  • Tyre TreadGood
  • Tyre BrandToyo
  • Tyre Age2017
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned~2 years, 2 months
  • Key FeatureOriginal Press Car & Great Condition
  • Auction ID1729