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1960 Austin-Healey Sprite (Mk1)

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  • Mileage~40,000
  • TransmissionManual
  • Engine0.9L
  • LocationMarket Rasen


1960 Austin-Healey Sprite (Mk1)

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Kulraj Singh Salh

The Frogeye sprite, that happy smiling face, cars today just don't have that charm like these of old.

Featuring an almost monocoque body construction, to help give the car a more rigid structure being an open top roadster, it was the first car to be produced this way in volume. It was quite a feat by BMC, keeping production costs down by reusing various components from brands under the overarching brand, priced at £669 from new.

This particular example is coming out of 20 years of ownership, and in that time they have covered ~8,000 trouble free miles in that time, the car a reliable little classic for them.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Barbara the owner, having photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

I've owned "Poppy" for 20 years, she's been a real pleasure to drive on sunny days and always puts a smile on my face.

Barbara and her husband have enjoyed Poppy for many years, however in the past year she really hasn't had much use. Because of this, they feel the time has come for someone else to enjoy her, as they feel that she really need to be used.

Barbara informs us that over the past 20 years the car has not needed anything much doing to her mechanically, passing each MOT without problems. They love the sound from the engine, and say "she was bought to be driven and has brought a smile to so many faces as they see and hear her passing by".

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Unibody construction to add stiffness to this OTS, but the front end is the star, putting a smile on everyones face.

Wheels and Tyres

Sitting on steel wheels with the Austin-Healey chrome hubcaps, that classic look that we love. The hubcaps are in good condition, but the wheels are suffering from corrosion as pictured. The car is fitted with period correct tyres all round, these look in good condition. Take a look through the photographs provided by the seller.


The bodywork on this example looks in good condition given its age and history. Barbara bought the car pretty much in the condition you see it today, and has just ensure correct dry storage over time etc.

There are some bubbles on leading edges/panel gaps as you can see on the drivers side, but never anything flagged up on previous MOTs. The panel gaps and shut-lines look ok too, this is an unrestored Sprite from the 60s after all, take a look through the media.


Finished in a lovely deep Cherry Red, it's a colour that we think really suits the car. The paint colour looks to be even across the whole of the car.

With the cars age and use over time, there are a number of imperfections in the paintwork on leading edges/panel seams etc, you'll see these in the pictures, and they are in line with the age.

Glass and Trim

All the glass and trim on the car looks in great condition in line with the age and use.

The car comes with the soft top, side windows, and tonneau cover, all pictured looking in good condition toon.


Finished in a matching deep red colour, the cabin is all about the focus on driving experience in this OTS.

Seats and Carpets

Finished in red throughout the cabin, simple leatherette seats that hold you comfortably. The stitching on the seats have seen better days, and the seats could do with a good clean to get the colour looking even, but generally they present in line with the age of the car.


A simple dashboard, just a few dials and switchgear to control and monitor this simple roadster. The dashboard is wrapped in matching red leatherette and looks in good condition. Barbara has informed us that all the dials etc work as they should do.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

Fitted with a replacement sports steering wheel, and an original looking gear stick.

Both steering wheel and gear stick look in good condition, we can imagine the thicker steering wheel would give you a lot of control when out and about driving the little Frog-Eye "Poppy".


A tuned version of Austin's A Series engine, 43BHP through to the rear wheels is more than enough for the little roadster.

Engine and Gearbox

A 4 cylinder 948cc engine, BMC aimed to use as many parts from their various brands when creating this great value OTS.

Barbara has taken a short cold start video where you'll see "Poppy" spring to life, and settle in to idle with no issue. Barbara informs us also that the 4 speed gearbox works as it should do too. Watch the video to see the detail.

Suspension and Brakes

The seller Barbara has informed us that the car is a joy to drive, and does not have any knocks or rattles from the suspension, and the brakes performing to a satisfactory standard too.

You'll see some surface rust on some suspension components etc, but the car has had no advisories when going through MOTs in the recent past.

The Drive

A low down seating position, in a small compact package, the drive on these Frog-Eye Mk1 Sprites can feel pretty fast. Barbara says it always puts a smile on her face.

Electrics and Other

Barbara informs us that everything on the car from an electrical perspective works as it should do to her knowledge. You'll see in the video that she does a quick test of the indicators, and the dials are working correctly.

History and Paperwork

Coming out of 20 years of ownership, "Poppy" has been cared for by Barbara and is now looking for a new home.

Barbara and her husband have enjoyed their ownership of "Poppy" the Frog-Eye Sprite. They have kept the car MOTd for most of their ownership, with any servicing needs being attended to on an annual basis. In more recent years, they haven't used the car as much, only ~8,000 miles in their 20 years of ownership.

We've carried out our usual checks on the car and seller; ID check, V5 check, HPi clear.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
10.10.2016 MOT 39,337
24.08.2015 MOT 39,286
21.06.2010 MOT 39,224
14.07.2009 MOT 38,928
20.05.2008 MOT 38,871
09.05.2007 MOT 38,752
10.05.2004 MOT 38,729
23.12.2002 MOT 34,409
03.10.2000 MOT 32,591
Key Details
  • ModelSprite Mk1 Frog-Eye
  • TransmissionManual
  • Reg. Date1960
  • CC948cc
  • Mileage40,000
  • ColourCherry Red
  • Interior ColourRed
  • Interior TrimLeatherette
  • Chassis #AN537877
  • Engine #GCUH37988
  • Former Keepers7
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned20 years

Vehicle Sold

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This vehicle has now been sold - click 'Register Similar' below to get notified when we consign a similar vehicle.

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£7,701 bid by benfarrow1988 14.10.2020 @ 20:00:58
£7,500 bid by jimnichoson 14.10.2020 @ 19:57:32
£7,250 bid by benfarrow1988 14.10.2020 @ 19:43:08
£7,000 bid by Peck 14.10.2020 @ 19:39:49
£6,750 bid by benfarrow1988 14.10.2020 @ 19:29:06
£6,350 bid by Peck 14.10.2020 @ 19:26:57
£6,000 bid by AndrewHasler 14.10.2020 @ 19:25:56
£5,750 bid by benfarrow1988 14.10.2020 @ 18:08:08
£5,201 bid by philip 14.10.2020 @ 17:23:52

Hi Barbara, I just wanted to thank you for your honest assessment of the car. Like yourselves, if I am fortunate enough to win Poppy I look forward to 20+ years ownership. I would like to carry out a full restoration, including a full respray in the same colour, refurbished interior, refurbished wheels etc. Apart from the Clutch, is there anything else mechanical you are aware that needs attention? I think it sounds safest to collect it on a trailer, to save the clutch and any further damage it might sustain on a drive back to the North Norfolk coast… Read more »

Barbara Hancock
Barbara Hancock

Hi Ben.
Thank you for your interest in Poppy.
As I have said she has hardly been out of the garage this year, so I agree with you, it might be a bit much to drive her to North Norfolk. The clutch has been replaced during our ownership and has done very few miles since. I can drive her as she is, but then I am used to her, for a new owner, arranging transport might be a good idea.

£5,000 bid by benfarrow1988 14.10.2020 @ 10:06:24

Hi, if time and money was not a problem. What would be your first job(s) you would carry out On Poppy?

Barbara Hancock
Barbara Hancock

If money and time were not an object, I think that after readjusting the clutch my attention would be on the chrome, paintwork and seat upholstery. Poppy has always been a car that has been for driving rather than looking at, and so these things have been a bit overlooked so long as I could drive her. Her gears can take getting used to, but I think adjusting the clutch will sort them out.

£4,000 bid by benfarrow1988 13.10.2020 @ 13:35:15
£3,250 bid by jimnichoson 13.10.2020 @ 13:18:14
£3,000 bid by benfarrow1988 13.10.2020 @ 10:19:57

Is the rust that is visible on the wings needing welding or simply rub down, fill and paint.
Regards Tim

Barbara Hancock
Barbara Hancock

The seams on the wings feel pretty solid, and although there is rust there are no areas where the seams have parted company, so I would hope that rubbing down, filling and repainting would suffice.


Hi, I am interested in the car and I would like to know if I win the bid, if you could keep the car until I arrange transport. I would pay obviously just after winning the bid.
I understand that the car has front brake drums. Is that correct?
Would it be possible for you to pass the MOT, although I understand it is MOT exempt
Thank you

Barbara Hancock
Barbara Hancock

Hi Gabriel, Keeping the car until you can collect would not be a problem, depending on how long. putting Poppy through an MOT could be arranged if you are successful, this can be discussed at the time. The front brakes are drum brakes.

£2,500 bid by Wnchell 12.10.2020 @ 01:49:37
£2,000 bid by malchaps 11.10.2020 @ 18:46:47
Simon Meadwell
Simon Meadwell

Hi there, lovely Sprite! What is the state of the chassis? Has there been any welding that you know of? What jobs if any need doing next? Many thanks! Simon

Barbara Hancock
Barbara Hancock

Hi Simon. There has been no welding undertaken on the chassis in the 20 years we have owned Poppy. As far as I am aware the chassis is good, there have never been any problems identified. To be fair Poppy has not been on the road this year, but the engine sounds good, the exhaust emissions are clean and there has been no problem getting her in and out of the garage. The clutch may need some adjustment as the bite point is high, and her gear change takes a bit of getting used to. Most of the work is… Read more »


Hi, Is the car currently roadworthy? If I win the auction, I intend to drive it home. Anything mechanical I should know about? Clutch engages ok? Gears change ok? Brakes work? (as well as can be expected on an Austin Sprite). Sorry to bombard you but its good to get a feel for the car before I bid.

Barbara Hancock
Barbara Hancock

All instrumentation and indicators etc were working when we filmed the cold start video. The clutch is ok but the bite point is high and it could do with adjustment, but is drivable. Gear changes take a bit of getting used to but all gears can be engaged, brakes and tyres are ok as far as I know. To be fair Poppy has not been out on the road this year but was running fine last year and only needed the fuel pump replacing and battery charging to get her running.


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