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*** UPDATE: This car has now been sold for £44,000 all inclusive ***

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James has owned this 328 for over six years – it’s been well maintained and is in a great colour combination. The car was subject to Cat D back in 2011 (uneconomical to repair) and James tell us this was due to paint damage – it was professionally inspected in 2019 with a clean bill of health. James has priced the car accordingly even though this car is in excellent condition with now issues.

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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It’s clear to see by the videos that James really loves this car and he’s owned it for around six years now. He’s used it mainly at weekends and it has always been garaged during his ownership.

James took Jon out to film our usual ‘On the Road’ video (see below) and it performed faultlessly.

James has been fastidious in maintenance during his ownership and you’ll see invoices for every year detailing the work that’s been done to the car. It really is in great mechanical shape thanks to the money James has spent on the car.



There’s no doubt about it, this car looks great in the red / magnolia colour combination. Please take time to watch all the videos and review all the images to see how good this car is.

Wheels & Tyres
The car is fitted with original alloys and wrapped in a set of 225/50/16 tyres on the rear and 205/55/16 on the front (Goodyear – 2010) – please take a look at the images and videos to see the full condition.

The bodywork is in really good condition – we didn’t notice any visible signs of rust / rot during our inspection. The shut lines look even and consistent across the car.

The red paint looks good and is even across the panels – we didn’t notice any colour differences. There are a few small marks to note that you’ll see in the videos / images – these are on the leading edges of the doors and just need to be touched in.

Glass and Trim
Both are in good condition across the car – please assess the images and videos to see the detailed condition.



The interior is original and in lovely condition. Please take a moment to view the interior video to see the full condition.

Seats and Carpets
Both the seats and carpets are in original condition – the wear on the seats and bolsters are in line with the age of the car.

The gauges and interior are in good original condition.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are in good condition with no issues noticed.



As mentioned, James took Jon out for a short drive on some local roads and the car performed without issue.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started first go from cold – (please see the cold start video). The engine soon settled into a smooth tick over. You’ll see lots of invoices for recent servicing and importantly the cambelts were changed earlier this year.

Suspension and Brakes
There were no knocks or rattles on the drive out. Please watch the video to see the car accelerating, steering and stopping. It preformed just as you’d expect it to. Again, James has spent money on the brakes and suspension as you’ll see invoices for rebuilt shock absorbers with new springs and also new brake discs and refurbished calipers. Aside, James has also had the calipers correctly changed to the original factory gold colour, as they were black when he bought the car.

The Drive
The car really drives great and there were no issues detected on the drive.

Electrics and Other
James informs us the basics all work as they should.



This is an original UK RHD car. Unfortunately the original service book has been misplaced over the years, however, James has restarted the servicing and you’ll see the book in the images below. The car has now done a total of 53,830 miles and was serviced earlier this year with a change of cambelts.

Please see the images below to review all the paperwork that comes with the car, including the service history and previous invoices.

Service Summary:
19.03.2013 – 52,077 Service + Cambelts
21.03.2014 – 52,416 Service
18.03.2015 – 52,585 Sercice + Cambelts
29.04.2016 – 52,818 Service
18.05.2017 – 53,022 Service
23.05.2018 – 53,229 Service
20.03.2019 – 53,312 Service + Cambelts

HPi Check Results
– See report attached – Cat D.



The 328 is a simply gorgeous car and this one presents excellent value for money. The pricing of this car makes it a proper driver’s car – by that I mean you can use and enjoy the car without having to tie up a large sum of money. So don’t be put off by the category status – this is simply saying the money to repair the car was too much for the insurance company to pay out. It has since been professionally repaired and looks and drives like it should.

So faced with a choice of a ‘garage queen’ for £90k or a ‘driving machine’ at well under half that money. I know which one I’d go for and probably buy a small apartment overlooking one of the Italian lakes with the money left over, then enjoy and drive this car down there every summer.



This listing was written from information supplied by Jon after meeting James the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. James will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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Has the suspect gearbox internal fault been rectified as per the 2018 invoice and road test findings when the gear selector failed??

Thank you


Hi, I have had zero problems with gear selection since the May 2018 invoice you refer to and the car has had another full service since then earlier this year at the same specialist. Regards.


Hi James.

Could you expand a little on the reasons for the cat D status please. It mentions paint damage, was this fire related or an accident that involved panel/structural damage too? Are there any photos of the original damage as well as evidence of the repairs carried out subsequently.

Many thanks


Hello Richard, I understood at the time it was in a garage fire and melted black plastic dripped all over the paintwork. I had it resprayed and have sent some pictures in. Regards.


Hi James

So did you buy the car damaged and then have the car repaired? Do you have photos of the original damage and any invoices for the repainting work, I can’t seem to see any in the photos.

Many thanks



Hi, I sent some pictures of the repainting to be loaded to the site. The specialist (Autofficina) I bought it from included the repainting in the price before I took ownership. Regards.


Ok great, thank you very much.

Kulraj Salh

Hi Richard, the images of the repair work (glass out respray) have been uploaded now. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.