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1962 Jaguar MKII 3.4 MOD

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  • Mileage~42,104 on clock
  • TransmissionManual with Overdrive
  • Engine3.4-litre
  • LocationSouthport


1962 Jaguar MKII 3.4 MOD

Now available for sale


Paul Wright
Professional Consigner

Getaway drivers and gangsters in the '50s and '60s were in their element when it came to using the Mkll Jag as their daily commute.

Probably one of the most iconic saloon cars made. Classic looks, a comfortable saloon with plenty of room and performance to match, is why this was a firm favorite for some, shall we say, not so legally abiding citizens.

Launched in 1959, the MK2 Jaguar was fitted with either a 2.4 litre producing 120bhp, or the much more powerful 3.4 litre which produces 210bhp. With excellent handling, this made it a very capable car, and it's no surprise why the car was so popular. Even today, with those 210 horses, it's no slouch.

Phil, the owner, purchased this Jaguar after initially loving the colour, and knowing just how good a car it was. He has thought about parting with it a few times, but now, this is the right time, as he is reducing his collection of stunning classics.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Paul after meeting Phil the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

I know the previous keeper, so when I saw the Jaguar for sale in a local showroom, well I just had to get it knowing how good the car was.

Phil purchased this wonderful 1962 Jaguar MKll 3.4, after driving past and seeing it for sale in a local car dealer showroom. It was put there by the owner, (who he actually knew), so that it could be seen. Well it did the trick, and as soon as Phil saw it, he already knew what a stunning car it was, so a deal was struck and the rest, as they say, is history.

This was in 2018, and whilst Phil immensely enjoys driving the Jaguar, it is time to try and reduce his 17 car collection. He enjoys driving it so much that he sold it last year and ended up amicably sending the buyer his deposit back. After getting the Jag out of storage, driving it for 30 minutes made him think “why am I doing this”, and the car stayed. Rest assured though, this won’t be happening again, as the space is needed and the decision has been well and truly made that the MKII is going.

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With a full extensive restoration in 1996 - nothing has been left untouched in this wonderful Jaguar MKII.

Wheels and Tyres

The wire wheels are believed to be the originals, which are well presented.

Being super picky, there are just some small areas of surface rust on a handful of the spokes.

The tyres are matching Michelin which are period looking, and look to be in excellent condition having not covered many miles.


The bodywork on this 1962 Jaguar MKII looks in excellent condition. The car is straight as a die with no annoying dinks or dents to be seen. The doors look to align just as Jaguar intended, and open and close with ease. The same can be said for the bonnet and boot which also look to align as they should. The rear arches have been fitted with some Coombes metal spats.

You will see looking at the underside of the Jag, just how much work has gone into it, and also how little use the car has had since the restoration - it really is extremely clean.

Please see the gallery for more detailed images.


The original colour of this MKII was Sherwood Green. We cannot confirm this is the exact colour, it does look darker, but either way it is in stunning condition throughout, with no noticeable chips to the front end.

There were a couple of chips to the lower section of the rear arches but these really are minimal.

Please see the images and videos to assess the condition for yourselves.

Glass and Trim

The windows look to be in good condition, with no obvious scratches to be seen on either the front, rear or side windows. The rear screen rubber has a small amount of perishing to it.

The chrome trim all around the Jaguar is in excellent condition with very little signs of tarnishing and pitting.


Class and luxury is the first thing that springs to mind when opening the door of the MKII Jaguar - the fit and finish of the interior is quite something else.

Seats and Carpets

The seats in the Jaguar have been finished in Suede Green leather, as it came from the factory. As you open the door the waft of leather hits you, which smells fantastic. The front and rear seats are in excellent condition and have been finished to an extremely high standard, everything from the leather material on the seats and door cards, to the wood capped door cards.

The carpets have been replaced and, again, all look to fit perfectly, and are edged in leather to match the seats. The headlining is also excellent and finished to the same high standard.

Into the boot and the Jaguar has a matching carpet to the rest of the interior. The spare wheel is present with a new tyre and sitting inside there is the original tool kit. Unfortunately no 'shooters' in here we're sorry!


A lovely Walnut Burr dashboard greets you as you look from the driver’s seat. It is in stunning condition, with no marks to be seen, just a deep glossy lacquered finish. The fascia is the same, which runs across to the glove box.

The Smiths instruments are in excellent condition and all working as they should.

The odometer is showing a reading of ~42,104 miles.

Please see the interior gallery for more detailed shots.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

Sitting in the driver's seat you are faced with the lovely original spoke steering wheel, which shows no signs of any excessive wear.

The gear knob is also in good order with the 1-4 and R clearly seen.


The 3.4 was fully rebuilt in 2009 - and also converted to accept unleaded.

Engine and Gearbox

Running as smooth as you like, the 3.4 litre sounds fantastic on tickover and whilst out on the road. It starts up at the first turn with no hesitation. Fully rebuilt in 2009, the 3.4 was also converted to happily run on unleaded fuel, along with electronic ignition to aid starting.

At the same time, it made sense to fit a clutch. The gear change is precise, there is a noise from the layshaft which is quite standard on an early gearbox. As you can see from our mechanical review video, the gear change is nice and smooth, the Jag pulls well through all of the gears with no untoward noises coming from the engine or transmission.

Suspension and Brakes

Stopping the Jaguar nicely, are the 4 disc brakes which are working just as they should, bringing the heavy MKII to a halt quickly, straight and with no juddering through the pedal.

The suspension feels just right as you drive along the road. The ride is not too soft or too hard, just enough firmness to make you feel safe in the corners.

The Drive

Cruising along in the MKII Jaguar is certainly an enjoyable experience, and one which causes people to take a second look when they see this British icon hurtling down the road.

We can definitely see why Phil has been struggling to part with this gem of a Jaguar.

Electrics and Other

Everything in the car is reported to be working just as it should. The switchgear all looks to be in good order, with the lettering to the fascia panel all still legible.

History and Paperwork

An excellent history comes with the Jaguar, showing a number of receipts from the restoration work.

Always nice to see, the original owner’s handbook is present. There is a nice selection of invoices present for the new owner to sift through, some of which date back to 1996 during the restoration. Then a little more history in the way of 13 BP Lubrication Service Certificates, along with 11 Jaguar service maintenance vouchers, which is over 1 full book of stamps dating back as far as the first service in 1963.

The V5 is present and shows 3 previous keepers.

We’ve done all our usual seller checks including photo ID, V5 and the vehicle is HPI clear.

As you can see, we go to great lengths to photograph and video the car in hi-resolution detail, so please sit back, have a cuppa and review everything to make a condition assessment for yourself. If there's anything you're unsure about, no matter how small, then please ask the owner in the comments area below before placing your bids.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
16.04.2018 MOT 32,048
24.03.2017 MOT 32,985
27.02.2016 MOT 32,989
06.03.2015 MOT 32,984
08.03.2014 MOT 32,962
15.02.1013 MOT 32,958
01.03.2012 MOT 32,954
15.02.2011 MOT 32,311
12.11.2009 MOT 32,082
10.01.2009 MOT 32,104
11.06.2007 MOT 32,099
02.12.2005 MOT 32,014
20.09.1974 Service not listed
09.02.1969 Service 72,876
03.10.1968 Service 65,754
14.06.1968 Service 62,418
22.03.1968 Service 59,420
30.11.1966 Service 44,245
13.04.1966 Service 38,010
08.09.1965 Service 34,349
09.04.1965 Service 31,363
27.08.1964 Service 24,029
07.05.1964 Service 20,332
12.11.1963 Service 14,758
09.07.1963 Service 9,764
11.04.1963 Service 5,899
15.12.1962 Service 585
Key Details
  • ModelMKII
  • TransmissionManual
  • Manufactured Date22.10.1962 - Heritage Paper
  • UK Registered Date1996 - V5
  • CC3400 cc
  • Mileage~42,104
  • HistoryYes
  • ColourGreen
  • Interior ColourSuede Green
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #161350DN
  • Engine #KH2268
  • RestoredYes
  • Engine RebuildYes
  • MOTExp 15.04.2019
  • MOT ExemptYes
  • Road Tax ExemptYes
  • HPi ClearYes - Clear
  • Former Keepers3
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Key FeatureEverything!

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£26,000 bid by robertpd 26.10.2021 @ 19:02:04
£24,750 bid by Drayton 26.10.2021 @ 19:01:39
£24,000 bid by robertpd 26.10.2021 @ 18:55:53
£22,750 bid by Drayton 26.10.2021 @ 18:55:23
£21,500 bid by LambrettaBoy 26.10.2021 @ 18:50:03
£21,250 bid by PeterT 26.10.2021 @ 18:45:57
£21,000 bid by robertpd 26.10.2021 @ 18:38:55
£20,500 bid by PeterT 26.10.2021 @ 18:38:01
£20,250 bid by LambrettaBoy 26.10.2021 @ 18:15:00
Michael Drayton
Michael Drayton

Hello Phil. There seems to be considerable discrepancy between recorded mileage and the MOT chronology with the mileage showing small reductions between some years. I see Eric Tindall asked this question a few days ago but I cannot trace an answer.

Kind regards

£20,000 bid by robertpd 26.10.2021 @ 14:01:31
Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson

Is it possible to private message you?
Kind regards

Phil Collins
Phil Collins

Of course 0**********

Phil Collins
Phil Collins

Never had power steering, view any time

James Birkby
James Birkby

Is it possible to view, probably Saturday? James

Phil Collins
Phil Collins

Yes, I am away but my son will be available,

James Birkby
James Birkby

Hi Phil – yes, we’d like to come over midday ish tomorrow. You got a Post Code/Phone/Directions?



James Birkby
James Birkby

Hi Phil – yes, we’d like to come over midday tomorrow. You got a Post Code/Phone/Directions?

James Birkby
James Birkby

Is it possible to view, probably Saturday? James TVR-MADS 07960-870027

Len Haggis
Len Haggis

I assume the car is not fitted with power steering is that correct

Phil Collins
Phil Collins

You assume correct,

Eric Tindall
Eric Tindall

As per my previous message What is the actual mileage please ?

£18,000 bid by larryps 19.10.2021 @ 20:02:23
Eric Tindall
Eric Tindall

The mileage figures are odd/out of sequence can you confirm why please?

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