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1963 Jaguar MK2 3.4

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  • Mileage74,414
  • TransmissionManual
  • Engine3.4L
  • LocationHalstead


1963 Jaguar MK2 3.4

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Kulraj Singh Salh

A genuine competition sporting saloon with an unmistakably Jaguar luxurious side.

For a period in the ’60s, Jaguar held an enviable position of being known for making luxury cars with a genuine sporting pedigree. Following the original models, the MK2 made an appearance in 1959, now boasting a major restyle, significantly updated specifications and a wider variety of straight-six engines. The 3.4-litre engine was seen as the ideal MK2 which provided the customer with the best value without sacrificing performance. As a result, its reputation has become something of valued asset among MK2 aficionados, offering agility, performance within a silky-smooth ride.

This 1963 RHD South African import has the additional benefit of being sold with some of its original documentation, along with the asset of regular maintenance over its life. Finished in factory spec black over a red leather interior, manual with overdrive gearbox and power steering, this 3.4-litre car comes with the heritage documentation too. As expected, it has been spared the issues that come with a damp climate and comes with a fascinating story regarding space travel. Curious? Read on!

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Kulraj after meeting Irene the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

Sadly, personal circumstances force the need to sell the Jaguar.

Phil, Irene's late husband cherished this car and as a result, he spent hours and plenty of money in getting the mechanical side and interior up to scratch.

The car is a tribute to his passion for the MK2 Jaguar and while it is painful for Irene to sell the car, she has never actually driven it and feels it's time for someone else to benefit from the charms and presence of the car.

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Preserved by moderate climates, this MK2 is remarkably solid.

Wheels and Tyres

Fitted with period steel wheels, they look the part on this Mk2 and sometimes a welcome change from the wire-wheels you often see.

The steel wheels and hub caps are in decent condition, with no signs of major damage, they would benefit from some detailing to make them gleam. The Michelin tyres are all recent items and have plenty of life left in them.


Due to spending its life in a mostly dry and warm environment initially in South Africa and then America, the car is largely corrosion-free. The shut-lines are generally good, for a car that hasn't appeared to have been subject to an exterior restoration in the last 30 years. There are no significant signs of damage to the metalwork. The sills and lower flanks of the car again are remarkably straight and don't show signs of corrosion.


Finished in black, a colour you don't often see in the Mk2, you can picture it as being the stereo-typical bank robbers car! The paintwork, while the coverage is good, has experienced a lot of life and therefore has lots of minor nicks and scratches that will come with a well-loved car with almost 60 years of use.

The front of the car has seen a repaint at some stage we think, with evidence of micro-blistering but it's worth recalling that the metalwork should be good and therefore makes a decent base for a repaint if patina is not your thing. In addition to the micro-blistering, the front of the car has signs of the paint cracking with age. The roof past the windscreen has not suffered and reflects the overall finish of the car.

Glass and Trim

The glass is free from significant chips or cracks, with just the usual signs of age being evident. There are no issues with fogging or laminate damage. The exterior trim, including the lights and fittings, appears to be complete and in overall very good condition, but again with considering that with the age of the car there might be some signs of minor pitting on some of the chrome components. The glass rubber show signs of age-related deterioration.


The car has benefitted from a recent interior refit to a high standard.

Seats and Carpets

The interior has been subject to a retrim in 2017, so the overall presentation is very positive. The seats are unmarked, with no evidence of wear, rips or cracks on the leather upholstery. The carpets appear to be in decent condition, suggesting a similar renewal process.


The interior woodwork has been professionally restored, with the dashboard looking as good as you would hope to expect. The dials and control switches are in decent working order, with limited signs of age. The clock was overhauled in 2017 and the door cards appear to be damp-free and without significant scuffing.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

Similarly, the steering wheel and gear stick are in good condition, showing wear in line with the age and mileage of the car.


Featuring the 3.4L six-cylinder from Jaguar, a perfect blend of weight and power for the Mk2 chassis.

Engine and Gearbox

The cold start was literally a freezing start. The car sparked to life from the overnight sub-zero conditions, it was very low fuel, which is why the car cut out when revved a bit hard. When the car was topped up with fuel later, it subsequently ran with no issues.

The car has just been fitted with a new clutch in January 2021, and the engine has been subject to a lot of recent work and runs well. There is no knocking or blowing coming from the engine, with the car reaching temperature with no issues. Although the engine bay presentation could be detailed, the obvious maintenance corresponds with the thousands of pounds spent on mechanical items.

Suspension and Brakes

The car has seen a lot of mechanical maintenance in recent years, which covers many suspension and braking components, as result, the car has been subject to brakes and master cylinder replacements when Phil and Irene first bought and recommissioned the car.

The Drive

MK2 Jaguars have long been established as desirable pieces of kit, from the early days of competition to the days of being one of the quickest getaway cars. Its image is far more sedate these days and an air of respectability and finesse often surround the MK2.

The sumptuous and comfortable driving experience is matched by some very able engines. Powered by the same units seen in the XK and E-Type cars, the MK2 still holds its own as a desirable proposition. The slick gear change, combined with the purposeful rumble of the 210 bhp engine is a joy to experience. This example is fitted with all important power steering too, making it easy to manoeuvre at slow speeds.

Electrics and Other

As expected for a car that has seen extensive work on the interior and mechanics, the electrics have also been renewed - as a result, there should not be any nasty surprises to remedy. Recently the electrics related to the ignition were subject to renewal that included a new ignition barrel.

History and Paperwork

Despite the low mileage, this could be one of the most well-travelled MK2's in the world!

Provenance is everything about an old car and its journey from its birth in Coventry to its current home in Essex makes fascinating reading. Originally distributed to South Africa by Robb Motors Ltd Cape Town, the car's first owner was a Commander in the South African Navy who used it and then presumably put the car in storage in 1976. In 1984 it was then shipped to Hampton, Virginia, in the USA and owned by a NASA Chief Engineer. The car was fitted with a number of instruments such as altimeters and still has a curious device fitted to the front that was never on the Jaguar options list, an airspeed sensor probe again an addition influenced by the owner's interest in science. It is believed he kept the car until his death in 2013. It was then brought back home to the UK after being kept in storage for two years and ended up into the capable hands of Phil, Irene's late husband.

It comes with the original service stamps for the South African dealer, as well as evidence of its US ownership, including service bills. Since it has been in the UK, Irene has told us that there are emails since 2015 which tally up with around £10,000 worth of spending including replacing brakes and master cylinder, alternator, distributor, a new exhaust system, under-bonnet wiring work and steering column bushes, on top of the interior refit. The car is MOT and road tax exempt, but should not need too much work to pass one for a piece of mind.

We've actioned checks on; Seller ID, V5, HPi clear.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
28-07-2017 MOT 69,619
29-07-2016 MOT 68,254
19-08-2015 MOT 67,741
01-03-1991 Service 66,969
20-05-1988 Service 66,366
23-02-1966 Service 18,860
18-02-1965 Service 11,645
18-12-1963 Service 4,200
05-11-1963 Service 3,590
04-09-1963 Service 2,350
07-08-1963 Service 1,500
09-07-1963 Service 560
Key Details
  • ModelMK2 3.4 (MOD)
  • TransmissionManual with over
  • Reg. Date1963
  • CC3,442
  • Mileage74,414
  • HistorySome
  • ColourBlack
  • Interior ColourRed
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #0162695
  • Engine #KH8851-8
  • MOT28-07-2017
  • MOT ExemptYes
  • Road Tax ExemptYes
  • Former Keepers1 in UK
  • Tyre BrandMichelin
  • Tyre Age2017
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned~5 years
  • Key FeatureManual with overdrive and power steering

Vehicle Sold

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This vehicle has now been sold - click 'Register Similar' below to get notified when we consign a similar vehicle.

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£19,000 bid by jagdee 03.02.2021 @ 19:32:40
£18,500 bid by 07802884176 03.02.2021 @ 19:31:52
£18,000 bid by jagdee 03.02.2021 @ 19:31:35
£17,500 bid by 07802884176 03.02.2021 @ 19:30:04
£17,000 bid by jagdee 03.02.2021 @ 19:10:38
£16,500 bid by Richh 03.02.2021 @ 18:59:12
£16,000 bid by jagdee 03.02.2021 @ 11:47:53
£15,000 bid by Richh 02.02.2021 @ 23:30:34
£13,500 bid by jagdee 01.02.2021 @ 17:53:26
£13,000 bid by 07802884176 01.02.2021 @ 11:47:43
£12,000 bid by GarySmith 01.02.2021 @ 11:30:55

How does the car drive please? Anything of note in that regard?


Hello James
I have only ever been a happy passenger. It seems to behave beautifully. Phil enjoyed driving in UK and France. It never let us down and had great acceleration. Power steering was a positive addition. It was much admired wherever we went. I did not drive it because Phil enjoyed it and it was important to me that he was happy.

£11,000 bid by jagdee 28.01.2021 @ 21:41:46
£10,000 bid by diamondgeezer1 28.01.2021 @ 12:25:39
£5,000 bid by KevinW 27.01.2021 @ 21:26:06
£3,000 bid by silvagost 27.01.2021 @ 17:39:20

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