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1st of March 2019 at 11:49 AM
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    3.8L & Overdrive
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*** UPDATE: This car has now been sold for £27,030 all inclusive ***

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This MK2 Jaguar from 1965 comes with all the right features; manual gearbox with overdrive, 3.8L straight six, power steering fitted and working. It’s been in the current ownership for 17 years and is now coming up for sale.



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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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Meet Ian, the owner and seller of this beautiful Jaguar MKII. He’s owned the car for around 17 years, buying it after it had been restored.

He’s used the car for “high-days and holidays” as he describes, and also for a few friends weddings and his own children’s weddings too.

What first attracted Ian to the MKII, was that he had always wanted one as a boy, and vowed to buy one when he could. This example he purchased has been well cared for post its restoration, having been stored in a climate controlled garage.

In Ians ownership, he has maintained the car well, performing some typical upgrades to keep the car usuable; electronic ignition, gearbox and overdrive rebuilt, new power steering fitted. He has also carried out remedial work on the body in his ownership, and some suspension work on the front end.

Ian is now looking to sell the car, as he feels it should go to a new home where it can be used and kept on the road.



Finished in a dark blue, this MK2 looks stunning and has been well cared for this past 30 years.

Wheels & Tyres
Wire wheels with knock-off centres and 15″ tyres all around. Pirelli tyres wrap the wheels all around, and along with the wire wheels they look good. Take a look at the photos and video review.

As mentioned, Ian bought this car after it had been restored, and in his ownership he has also had any rust from the front wheel-arches cut out, and new wheel arches welded and soldered back in. The bodywork now presents in great condition. Shut-lines/panel gaps all look good, not suffering from sagging as you will see on many MKII’s. We didn’t observe any rust on the car. Watch the extensive video review to see the detail.

The dark blue paint looks great on this car. It is even in colour and finish across the entire car. It presents in good condition, on the nearside there are a few small points where the paint has cracked over time; the nearside front wheel-arch, the nearside rear passenger door. View the video review to see the whole car’s paintwork.

Glass and Trim
Both the glass and trim on the car present in great condition. We didn’t observe the type of pitting you often see on the brightwork, and the glass looks great too. Take a look through the detailed images.



Along with the exterior, the interior of the car has been restored over time too, and now presents in great condition.

Seats and Carpets
Leather seats finished in grey, and grey carpets throughout. The condition of the seats is very good, and the same can be said for the carpets too, take a look at the video review for yourself.

The dashboard, finished in wood with its black dials looks great. All the switch gear etc looks to have been refreshed with the restoration, a really nice finish.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both look as you’d expect on a car like this, the wear is in line with the age of the car. Take a look at the images and video for the detailed view.



Ian took us on a short drive around the local area to test out the performance of the MKII.

Engine and Gearbox
The 3.8L straight six pulled us along the country lanes with ease, and Ian took the car through all the gears and the overdrive. Watch the video to see and hear how the car performed.

Suspension and Brakes
This car has disc brakes all around, and Ian informs us that the brake feel is positive. The suspension has had some work done on it in Ians ownership, and the ride was smooth along the bumpy British country lanes.

The Drive
A quick drive around the local area, enough clear roads to put the car through its paces, a pleasurable experience.

Electrics and Other
Ian informs us that everything on the car works as it should do.



The car comes with all the relevant invoices etc from Ians ownership, and also the restoration bills from the previous owner. Ian believes that the dials were changed at some point, rather than this being a low mileage example. In his ownership, he has covered some 6,000 miles in the car.

The car is showing just over 11,620 miles as of 05.09.2019.

HPi Check Results
– HPI check completed and clear, available on request.



The MK2 Jaguar is one of the cars, along with the E-Type, that really propelled Jaguar to success in the 1960’s. It really did live up the the “pace” mantra that Sir Williams Lyon coined, so much so that it has a reputation for being a favourite getaway car amongst criminals and conversely used by the Police too.

This example, in Ians ownership for 17 years, is a really well cared for and usable classic. It has all the right features in terms of being manual with overdrive, power steering and the 3.8L engine (some practical upgrades too like electronic ignition).

Buy this car, show it, enjoy it, and it will serve you for many many years to come.



This listing was written from information supplied by Jon after meeting Ian the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Ian will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
GeoffreyF£25,500.0026-Sep-2019 19:54:19Yes
Dunmedoe£24,750.0026-Sep-2019 19:21:25 
GeoffreyF£24,500.0026-Sep-2019 18:35:50 
jono9564£23,500.0026-Sep-2019 17:53:31 
GeoffreyF£22,000.0026-Sep-2019 17:00:57 
philipc£21,000.0026-Sep-2019 11:43:27 
Dunmedoe£19,750.0026-Sep-2019 10:32:38 
GeoffreyF£19,500.0025-Sep-2019 20:31:03 
ross£19,000.0025-Sep-2019 16:41:04 
Dunmedoe£18,750.0025-Sep-2019 15:33:39 
GeoffreyF£18,500.0025-Sep-2019 09:31:44 
jono9564£18,000.0024-Sep-2019 17:45:38 
Dunmedoe£17,750.0023-Sep-2019 16:11:42 
philipc£17,000.0021-Sep-2019 18:02:41 
Dunmedoe£15,750.0021-Sep-2019 16:17:35 
GeoffreyF£15,000.0021-Sep-2019 15:19:31 
philipc£14,000.0021-Sep-2019 13:14:28 
GeoffreyF£12,000.0021-Sep-2019 08:29:00 
SOS9£11,000.0020-Sep-2019 17:52:41 
jmrw£10,100.0020-Sep-2019 17:38:53 


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£25,500 bid by GeoffreyF 26.09.2019 @ 19:54:19
£24,750 bid by Dunmedoe 26.09.2019 @ 19:21:25

Great to see all the comments on this car. It’s a really lovely example and looking forward to seeing what it’s going to go for!

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Thank you for your message , yes getting interesting now

£24,500 bid by GeoffreyF 26.09.2019 @ 18:35:50
£23,500 bid by jono9564 26.09.2019 @ 17:53:31
£22,000 bid by GeoffreyF 26.09.2019 @ 17:00:57
£21,000 bid by philipc 26.09.2019 @ 11:43:27
£19,750 bid by Dunmedoe 26.09.2019 @ 10:32:38
£19,500 bid by GeoffreyF 25.09.2019 @ 20:31:03
£19,000 bid by ross 25.09.2019 @ 16:41:04

Hi Ian, can you verify any of the following?
Is it negative earth?
Has it an alternator?
Any upgrades to the braking system?
Any upgrades to the water cooling system?
Is the PAS electric or hydraulic & when approx was it fitted?
With regards to which petrol you use. Is it the high octane unleaded & then mix in the additive?

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Hi ROSS, yes negative earth with dynamo.No upgrades to brakes. PAS factory fitted hydraulic and recently refurbished PAS box. I use 95 octane petrol with Redex. Was told the valves are so good that no need to do anything else. Sometimes I use the higher octane but don’t notice any difference. There is an electric fan to keep it cool and electronic ignition.
Hope that answers your questions,
Regards Ian

£18,750 bid by Dunmedoe 25.09.2019 @ 15:33:39
£18,500 bid by GeoffreyF 25.09.2019 @ 09:31:44

Good Morning Ian,
Just a quick query on the car.
Have the rear wheel arches been modified?
As I believe the original Mk2 wheel arches had spats.
Thanks Steve.

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Hi Steve, the rear wheel arches have not been modified and it has summer spats on it all the time. The winter spats I sold off as would not go over the wire wheels.
Thanks Ian

£18,000 bid by jono9564 24.09.2019 @ 17:45:38
£17,750 bid by Dunmedoe 23.09.2019 @ 16:11:42
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell

Hi Ian very much enjoyed viewing the Mk2 this morning & having our chat .Regards Tom

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Pleasure Tom, look forward to your bid, Regards Ian

Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell

Can u confirm this is an original 3.8 not an upgraded engine Thanks Regards Tom

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Hi Tom, yes original 3.8 as on the Jaguar heritage

Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell

Hi Ian looks dry in Dereham till about 1pm so will try & get there earlier will ring on way Regards Tom

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Ok that’s fine by me

£17,000 bid by philipc 21.09.2019 @ 18:02:41

hi would like very much to view this Jaguar tomorrow if you could advise Regards Tom

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Yes thats fine, do you have the post code?

Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell

If you can send post code & house no that would be great contact no. If allowed. Will hopefully arrive about 1pm if that’s ok Regards Tom

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Hi Tom
1 pm is fine although maybe wet here, post code is XXXXX and is no1. Rather remote so best to call mobile on XXXXXX for final instructions. Regards Ian

Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell

That’s great I’ll see you tomorrow & ring when not far away Regards Tom

£15,750 bid by Dunmedoe 21.09.2019 @ 16:17:35
£15,000 bid by GeoffreyF 21.09.2019 @ 15:19:31
£14,000 bid by philipc 21.09.2019 @ 13:14:28
£12,000 bid by GeoffreyF 21.09.2019 @ 08:29:00
£11,000 bid by SOS9 20.09.2019 @ 17:52:41
£10,100 bid by jmrw 20.09.2019 @ 17:38:53
John Wilson
John Wilson

The car looks in good condition but has the front fascia (speedometer and rev counter) been replaced as it doesn’t look like walnut? Similarly with the inserts in the rear drop-down tables? Thanks, John

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

Hi John, The front dashboard is walnut , the speedo and rev counter has not been changed since I have owned the vehicle.The drop down tables are not walnut as far as I am aware but not sure. Hope that answers your questions.
Regards Ian Fryer

Roger Metcalfe
Roger Metcalfe

I have owned two Mk 2s previously and from the videos and photos your car looks to be a superb example.
Does the car have a current MOT? If not, would you be prepared to provide a new MOT? Does the car run on unleaded petrol? I notice that the car still has the original brake calipers which have quite small area of contact. can you advise what the stopping performance is like (I realise this is quite subjective).

Ian Fryer
Ian Fryer

No MOT at moment as does not require one but I could have one done for you if required and then the car could go on the rollers to give stopping distance. Car runs well on unleaded, it has not been converted as was advised against this. I put high octane petrol in it along with Redex