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1968 Jaguar MkII 3.4 Manual

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  • Mileage~29,300
  • TransmissionManual
  • Engine3.4L
  • LocationBristol


1968 Jaguar MkII 3.4 Manual

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Jacob Boodrie
Professional Consigner

Few sports cars obtain this much class and character – the Jaguar MK2 3.4 manual is a catch. Incredible on road, track or the silver screen.

The Jaguar MK1 was a huge success, and the MK2 built on that. A larger 3.4L or 3.8L engine option was now offered, with a luxurious cabin and serious performance on the track - no other saloon came close to matching what Jaguar created.

The Jaguar MK2 did take some getting used to, with low-geared steering, and a reputation for understeer, they take a skill to drive fast. This example comes with a 3.4L Jaguar XK6 engine, famously reliable with fantastic performance. During James’ ownership of the car he has done a sterling job at maintaining this particular example.

As we all know, prices have exploded for the 3.8 models lately, and with the 2.4 just being a little underpowered, we believe the 3.4 certainly is a great investment opportunity. Not only will owning a classic sportscar be such a joy drive and a pleasure to work on, we believe it’s the smartest Jaguar to buy right now.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Jacob after meeting James the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

James is the proud owner of this stunning Carmen Red example, the MK2 is coming out of long and meticulous family ownership.

James is the proud owner of this lovely Jaguar MK2 3.4 manual that he inherited from his father three years ago, and since hasn't seen much use. James says, “unfortunately, it’s time to move on and find the car a new owner.”.

During his ownership, James has had this example stored in a dry lock-up, with its dust cover always over. We really like the interior of this example, the black leather looks hardly touched and the walnut dash is great too.

This was James father's pride and joy, he really loved this car and was a very meticulous owner, always keeping it very clean as he loved to attend Jaguar car meets. James has kept it that way, dry storing and keeping the car up to a high standard.

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One of Britain’s most iconic sports cars, finished in this idyllic Carmen Red - no other manufacture could get close to these good looks.

Wheels and Tyres

Fitted with Jaguar’s 15” wire wheels, this car really does look the part. The car has a purposeful stance with its strong '60s racing looks.

The wheels look in great condition, we did notice some very small areas of corrosion that would seem easy to attend too.

Also fitted with period-correct Vredestein rubber all round. The tread on these tyres look good with lots of life left in them.


A very nice all original example indeed - the bodywork looks in good condition with excellent panel gaps.

We noticed a few age related marks and some minor bubbling around the bottom of all the doors, which can be viewed in more detail on the videos and photos.


Excellent paintwork on this Jaguar MK2 3.4 example, deep and even in original Carmen Red colour. You can just tell this car has had the attention it deserves.

We noticed a few minor scratches on the nearside rear wing, please take a look at the videos and images for a more detailed view.

Glass and Trim

Inline with the rest of the car – the glass is in great condition with the rubber trim looking a little worn in places - however very good on the windscreen.

Please view the photos and videos for a more detailed view.


Step back in time to 1968, this interior is time warp - very comfortable indeed, with finest leather hinds that only get better with age.

Seats and Carpets

Look at this interior, these original black leather seats look in excellent condition - simply stunning.

The carpets look in great condition too with no areas of concern - deep pile for that luxurious feel, we really like this inside of this car; it's a real feature.

Please take a look at the images and videos for a more detailed view of inside this car.


A walnut veneer dash with clean and crisp dials / switches everywhere you look.

We really like how clean this example is, the chrome around the toggles look great and the numbers on each dial is very crisp and legible.

Please take a look at the extensive photo and video of the dashboard.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

With the weight-saving / decorative holes punched in those three spokes of this fine steering wheel, you know this car means business.

A sporty steering wheel to match a sporty car; we love it.

Both the steering wheel and gear stick look in great condition on this example as you can see in the media file.


Start up this MK2 up and listen to the smooth and tuneful hum of the 3.4L Jaguar XK6 block, as soon as you open up the throttle, you know this 3.4 wants to play - this engine was built for one thing only, going fast.

Engine and Gearbox

Fitted with Jaguar's finest, the XK engine block in 3.4L straight-six format. A very quick and robust engine, exactly what you'd want in a usable classic.

A genuine and much loved Mk2 in this condition is hard to come by nowadays, this example runs great - please watch our "Cold Start" video above to see the car starting with no issues.

James mentions the car starts with no issues and drives exactly as it should. His farther was meticulous with his ownership and always ordered replacement parts from Jaguar specialists.

Please take a look at the paperwork folder for the car's history and receipts.

Suspension and Brakes

James assures us the car handles exactly as you'd expect for a Jaguar Mk2 in this condition, excellently. He says it stops just as it should do too.

Please view the mechanical images to have a closer look at the clean underside, suspension, and brakes of this car.

The Drive

"It's a pleasure to drive, I remember travelling with my dad to Jaguar car shows, they were great days" reports James. James goes on to say, "The suspension is very smooth, and the engine is very powerful, back in the day they were either footballers or getaway cars and you can see why."

We followed James to a scenic photo location with no issues, James assures us the car drives beautifully and fault-free.

Electrics and Other

The car is fitted with its original radio inside which is nice to see.

James reports that all other electrics are working as expected.

History and Paperwork

An extensive folder of genuine receipts, MOTs, tax stamps – a lovely amount of history comes with this little gem.

This stunning example comes with its original paperwork, receipts, and lots of history which really does tell a story. As you can tell from the content, the previous owners have been meticulous during ownership and it really does show.

When looking through the paperwork, there's a jump between 1988 to 2010, we believe the car would have been dry stored and had very little, to no use during this time - having only covered 600 miles over two decades.

We really like this Mk2 example, with a deep and glossy Carmen Red finish and beautiful black leather interior that is very tidy. It's always best to pay a bit more for a fine / rot free, as you'll save yourself a lot of money and headache in the long run.

Please take a look at the receipts as well to see all Jaguar specialist parts sourced and fitted.

We have actioned our usual checks;
- Photo ID
- V5C
- HPi clear

Service History
Date Type Mileage
07.05.2016 MOT 28,923
21.04.2015 MOT 28,188
02.04.2014 MOT 27,917
01.06.2013 MOT 27,627
23.07.2012 MOT 27,602
19.05.2011 MOT 27,579
22.04.2010 MOT 27,444
04.12.1988 MOT 26,841
Key Details
  • ModelMK2 3.4
  • TransmissionManual
  • Reg. Date16.09.1968
  • CC3442
  • Mileage~29,300 (clock)
  • HistoryExcellent
  • ColourCarmen Red
  • Interior ColourBlack
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #1J52006DN
  • Engine #7J525948
  • MOTExempt
  • MOT ExemptYes
  • Road Tax ExemptYes
  • HPi ClearYes
  • Former Keepers10
  • Tyre TreadGood
  • Tyre BrandVredestein
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned3yrs
  • Key FeatureCondition

Vehicle Sold

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£17,000 bid by bertie5112 25.11.2020 @ 18:57:41
£16,750 bid by peterb 25.11.2020 @ 18:53:20
£16,500 bid by bertie5112 25.11.2020 @ 18:51:25
£16,000 bid by peterb 25.11.2020 @ 18:48:54
£15,575 bid by bertie5112 25.11.2020 @ 18:12:48
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£13,500 bid by jagdee 25.11.2020 @ 13:03:53
£13,000 bid by peterb 25.11.2020 @ 09:33:14
£11,500 bid by jagdee 24.11.2020 @ 20:53:48
£11,250 bid by bertie5112 24.11.2020 @ 20:08:41
£11,000 bid by jagdee 24.11.2020 @ 18:56:31


Does your jag have a four speed gearbox with overdrive?

Has it had power steering added at any time?

Does it have electronic ignition or original points?

Does it have an add on electric fan or original?



James price
James price

Hi Kevin yes it dies have a four speed gearbox with over drive,no power steering added it’s as original,it has original button start,original fan thank you james


How come some of the featured paperwork relates to a 1959 grey Jaguar please?

£10,000 bid by geoffmscott 19.11.2020 @ 19:29:13
£6,500 bid by KevinW 19.11.2020 @ 17:54:49
£5,000 bid by geoffmscott 19.11.2020 @ 16:42:32

Hi is it possible to view the car please?

Kulraj Salh

Sure thing, please give us a call on 01926 426 635 to help arrange. Best, Kulraj – Trade Classics

£3,500 bid by DougHoare 18.11.2020 @ 17:48:19
£3,001 bid by stevedevon 18.11.2020 @ 15:58:07

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