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1991 Jaguar XJS

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  • Mileage~71,500
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Engine5.3L
  • LocationDundee


1991 Jaguar XJS

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Colin Bashford
Professional Consigner

In 1975 the XJS replaced the E-Type, it shared the chassis with the period XJ, but was very much a sports GT.

This XJS was built in 1991 meaning it is a HE variant that was introduced in 1981, featuring the "High Efficiency" 5.3L V12 giving smooth power delivery. Power output was ~295BHP, so there was definitely enough to get you out of trouble, mated to the ZF automatic gearbox giving a smooth shift too.

This car comes to the market after ~25 years of ownership, it's covered ~10,000 miles in that time, enjoyed in the Highlands on high days and holidays as the saying goes. Finished in "Ice Blue Metallic" over a grey leather interior, this car features the earlier rear design that gives it a real retro chic look.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Colin after meeting Ron the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

In my ~25 years ownership, i've enjoyed taking it on some great roads in the Highlands and Islands.

Ron bought the car in 1997, he says it was never the fastest car but it is fun and easy to drive, it is a really smooth car. People always want to talk to him when he brings the car out, it is a real head turner on the road, you don't see many of these earlier ones about.

He is selling the car as he doesn't use it as often as he would like, he added that the mechanic who looked after it has recently retired too and Ron doesn't like taking it to someone else. Hoping the car goes to a good home where it will be used more regularly, Ron will be happy to answer any questions on the car in the comments section below.

Vehicle Owner

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A beautifully elegant silhouette, the spoiler and quad tail pipes point towards the sporty heritage.

Wheels and Tyres

Fitted with the standard factory "Sport" wheels, they looked to be in great condition, we didn't notice any signs of curb marks or corrosion on any of the wheels.

There was a mixture of tyres on the car, two matching sets; Pirelli on the front and General Grabber HD on the rear. Ron mentioned how well the Grabbers transmitted the power to the road as it was easy to spin the rears on other tyres. All tyres seemed to have a good amount of life left in them.

Please view the photo and video below to assess the condition of the wheels and tyres.


The bodywork seemed to be in great condition on this car, we didn't notice any dents or any signs of visible corrosion on the external body work. We did notice a slight bit of rust on the inside of the passenger door shut but we don't think it is a major issue. All panels lined up well too, with

We've highlighted in more detail our observations through our hi-resolution images and videos, so please take time to look through all the media files for a detailed view at what’s on offer, and for you to assess the condition of the car for yourselves.


The car is finished in the beautiful "Ice Blue Metallic" paint. The paint looked to be in great condition, we did notice some stone chips and light scratches on the front bumper, and a couple of marks at the bottom of the driver's door but it seemed to be some polish.

The colour and finish of the paint looks to be consistent and even across all panels. Again, we have taken hi-resolution images and videos of the car for you to assess the condition of the bodywork for yourselves.

Glass and Trim

Glass looked to be in great condition too, we didn't notice any chips or cracks in the windscreen or any of the other glass for that matter. We did notice a slight discolouring of the seal around the rear windscreen, we think it may have been due to polish though and a bit of ageing, so again this doesn't look to be a big issue.

The car is finished with a red and grey pin stripe decal across the sides, accentuating the design of this sporting GT. Please view the hi resolution photos and video below to make a decision on the glass and trim for yourself.


The XJS interior points to Jaguar luxury with its plush leather seats and wooden inlays in the dashboard.

Seats and Carpets

The leather seats looked in good condition for the age of the car, with slight creases which is what you'd expect given the mileage of the car, we didn't notice any rips or tears in the leather.

The carpets also looked to be in good condition, we did notice a couple of small stains throughout the car as you would expect with a car of this age. Please take a look at the photos and video below to see the seats and carpets in greater detail.


The dashboard in the car looked to be in good condition, it looked to be in period too, with the original stereo including tape deck. It is a classy looking dashboard with the wooden inlays, Ron assured us that the gauges were all working.

Take a look at the photos and video below to have a better look at the dashboard.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

The steering wheel and automatic gear selector looked in great condition with only very slight wear noticed on both. The steering wheel gives you a reminder you are in some with special, with the "Sport" branding on the centre of it.

Please take a look at the photos and video below view the steering wheel and gear stick in detail.


Under the bonnet lives a 5.3L V12, it is refined but packs a punch when you floor the loud pedal!

Engine and Gearbox

The engine roared into life at first attempt, making a lovely sound. When out on the road with Ron the engine seemed to be running well, we didn't notice any unusual noise coming from the engine, it felt responsive too.

The gearbox felt smooth too, we didn't notice any hesitation on clunkiness whilst on the road. Please take a look at the Cold Start and On The Road video to see/hear the engine and gearbox in action.

Suspension and Brakes

Whilst on the road with Ron the suspension felt good, it was compliant, taking bumps in its stride without jarring. We didn't notice any knocking from any corner of the suspension.

The brakes did seem to be in good condition, during the drive there was a couple of points when Ron tested the brakes, the car came to an abrupt halt in a straight line too. We didn't catch these brake tests on camera however. Take a look at the "On The Road" video below to see how the suspension and brakes performed.

The Drive

As mentioned above the car performed well whilst on the road. From the smooth power delivery of the V12 through the automatic gearbox to the stopping power of the brakes and comfortable ride. We would say it is a great driving car, please take a look at the on the road video to make your own mind up though.

Electrics and Other

All the gauges seemed to be working, the windows were functioning as expected too. Ron told us all the electric were in working order to his knowledge. The only thing to note is that the air-con does need a re-gas.

History and Paperwork

A stunning XJS coming to market from ~25 years ownership, and covering just ~10,000 miles in that time, all the good looks before the facelift came in.

In Ron's ownership the car has been serviced at the garage he bought it from, and the car comes with its original service book charting the maintenance in its early life. The car was also SORN'd for a few years too. From the paperwork the car looks to have had only light use each year of its life.

We’ve done all our usual seller checks including photo ID, V5 and also actioned a HPi check on the vehicle.

We've summarised our own view on the car based on information gained from the seller in the listing above, however, and as you can see, we go to great lengths to photograph and video the car in hi-resolution detail - this has been done for you to make your own assessment from the comfort of your sofa. So please sit back, have a cuppa and take your time to review everything on this listing in order to make your own assessment on the vehicle's condition. Viewings are also welcomed with all our listings, so please get in touch with us to arrange a suitable time - we just need to speak to you first and receive a valid photo ID before confirming.

If there's anything you're unsure about, no matter how small, then please first ask the owner in the comments area below before placing your bid/s, as bids can't be retracted and form a binding contract if you win the car - just like a traditional auction house.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
25.05.2022 MOT 71,383
02.06.2021 MOT 71,327
04.02.2020 MOT 71,258
04.06.2019 MOT 70,967
10.05.2018 MOT 70,722
10.05.2017 MOT 70,434
11.05.2016 MOT 69,968
14.03.2012 MOT 68,942
07.02.2011 MOT 68,409
01.02.2011 Service 68,407
01.10.2009 MOT 67,935
16.02.2007 MOT 67,813
27.08.2001 MOT 67,047
17.07.2003 MOT 67,553
08.08.2000 MOT 66,316
18.0501999 Service 64,901
18.05.1999 MOT 64,893
22.04.1998 Service 63,668
14.04.1998 MOT 63,645
31.10.1997 Service 62,987
21.04.1997 Service 61,670
21.04.1997 Sales Receipt 61,613
07,09.1994 Service 50,941
12.01.1994 Service 45,142
06.05.1993 Service 36,884
22.10.1992 Service 29,940
01.05.1992 Service 22,738
27.11.1991 Service 15,038
04.07.1991 Service 7,482
25.02.1991 First Service 1,435
Key Details
  • ModelXJS
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Reg. Date31.01.1991
  • CC5,343
  • Mileage~71,500
  • HistoryYes
  • ColourBlue
  • Interior ColourGrey
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #SAJJNAEW3BB171122
  • Engine #8S075880SB
  • MOTYes Valid Until 03.06.2023
  • MOT ExemptNo
  • Former Keepers5
  • Tyre BrandPirelli/General
  • # of Keys2
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned~25 years
  • Key FeatureCondition and long ownership
  • Auction ID477040

Vehicle Sold

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Does the engine have any oil leaks
Does the xjs need a full new exhaust system
Any leaks from anywhere


Hi Ron, when was the car last serviced? Did you fit the chrome wheel arch covers? Any paintwork at any time? Many thanks Drew


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