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2014 Jaguar XFR-S

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  • Mileage~26,664
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Engine5.0L Supercharged V8
  • LocationBrentwood


2014 Jaguar XFR-S

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Jon Dixon

This is a beast of a car that lets you know just by the way it looks and sounds that it means business, it was Jaguar's fastest ever sports saloon back in 2014.

This car is just like the XFR, but on steroids - it's badder and faster and a whole level up. We sold a stablemate of it a few weeks ago in the form of the XKR-S. These cars were produced at the height of Jaguar's "it's good to be bad campaign" - well they certainly had cars matching up to that claim.

This is a seriously quick car, like properly seriously absolutely positively quiccccccccck! There's 542BHP on tap from its monstrous V8 engine. And 60 comes up in the same time as it will take you to read this sentence. Just 4.4 seconds and a limited top speed of 186MPH.

This thing can frighten you just by looking at it.

This is an investor quality car with just over twenty-six thousand miles and excellent main dealer service history. Sadly this car is subject to a wills and probate sale that is being handled by Jon Hampson from the Co-op who has been entrusted to sell the vehicle.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Jon after visiting and photographing the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

Stephen was just the second owner of this very well looked after and low mileage example.

As mentioned in the introduction, sadly this is a wills and probate sale - the owner was Stephen that bought the car back in 2019.

The car is now being stored at a friend of Stephen, Geoff in Brentwood. Jon from the Co-op approached and trusted us to sell this very special car on the estate's behalf.

Stephen was just the second owner of the car and kept it in excellent condition, as you see today.

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The clever marketing boffins at Jaguar couldn't have come up with a better slogan for cars of this era - 'it's good to be bad'.

Wheels and Tyres

Simply stunning gloss black 265/35/20 at the front and 295/35/20 at the rear - they complete the look of this performance car.

The tyres are Pirelli P Zero and dated 17/18 with plenty of tread due to the low miles this car has traveled.

Please take a look at the images and videos and you'll notice a little curbing that the new owner may want to resolve.


The bodywork looks excellent all around - please study the images and videos to see the quality for yourself.

We did notice a few stone chips on the front and a scuff on the front splitter.


The deep black gloss looks exceptional and made it quite difficult for Jon to take photography due to the mirror like finish.

Please remember to view the videos in high resolution mode to see more detail on the paint.

Glass and Trim

With this being the "R-S" variant, you'll notice touches of carbon fibre across the trim, like the rear diffuser and bonnet air intakes.

We saw no issues to note around the car - the glass is in good condition.


The interior is simply superb - just what you'd expect from a top of the line £80k+ car.

Seats and Carpets

The colour combination is perfect, triple black and very much in vogue right now in high performance cars. Both the seats are in excellent condition with the expected amount or wear on the driver's seat.

The seats have the distinctive 'R-S' embossed - just to remind you that you'll sitting in a top of the line model.


Everything is as you'd expect - properly looked after. Again, like the exterior, you've got carbon fibre trim through the cabin, and the distinctive "R-S" badging on the key elements too.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

No issues to note - both the steering wheel and gear selector look in line with the age of the car.


This was Jaguar's fastest sports saloon, there's no doubt it will always be rocket fast, the pace for a 4 door luxury saloon will surprise for sure.

Engine and Gearbox

The heart of this car, and what a heart it is, we all love a V8 but when you strap a supercharger on it and tune to over 500BHP then it's no longer just an engine - it's a fire breathing monster of a machine that just wants to be let loose.

Take a look at the start-up video to see the car in action, no vapour or smoke from the exhaust to note. You'll see the main dealer service history in the invoice gallery.

Suspension and Brakes

All reported to be in good condition and of course due to the car's low mileage and careful maintenance, they should pose no problems.

The Drive

This is a drivers' car - no doubt about it. It was built to be driven and enjoyed, however, over the last seven years it's only done 26k miles - this makes it one of the lowest mileage cars out there, and more likely to give you the 'as new' experience that was expected back in 2014.

Electrics and Other

No issues note - all confirmed working as expected.

History and Paperwork

Just over 26k miles, this is the super saloon you've been looking for and in triple black it will always be popular choice.

A very specialist and impeccable car that's been serviced at the same Jaguar main dealer throughout its life. The last service was just around a thousand miles ago at the end of 2019 - to keep the service history going it's recommended the new owner takes over the batten and actions a fresh service. This will protect the investor quality status of the car.

The car has obviously been very well cared for from both of its owners, even fitting the manufacturer recommended Pirelli P Zero tyres.

We've actioned our usual HPi check and seen a copy of the death certificate as supplied by Jon Hampson at the Co-op.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
05.11.2020 MOT 26,607
21.10.2019 Service - Main Dealer 25,265
21.10.2019 MOT 25,265
22.10.2018 Service - Main Dealer 21,118
22.10.2018 MOT 21,118
04.10.2017 Service - Main Dealer 17,238
04.10.2017 MOT 17,240
02.11.2016 Service - Main Dealer 12,734
02.11.2015 Service - Main Dealer 7,608
31.10.2014 Service - Main Dealer 10
Key Details
  • ModelXFR-S
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Reg. Date30.10.2014
  • CC5.0L
  • Mileage~26,664
  • HistoryExcellent
  • ColourBlack
  • Interior ColourBlack
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • MOTYes Exp. 04.11.21
  • MOT ExemptNo
  • Road Tax ExemptNo
  • HPi ClearYes
  • Former Keepers1
  • Tyre TreadExcellent
  • Tyre BrandPirelli
  • Tyre Age2017/18
  • CO2 (g/km)270
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate - Probate
  • OwnedSince 2019
  • Key FeatureInvestor Quality

Vehicle Sold

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This vehicle has now been sold - click 'Register Similar' below to get notified when we consign a similar vehicle.

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£28,750 bid by paulof1 30.05.2021 @ 19:30:27
£28,500 bid by lollypop 30.05.2021 @ 19:30:00
£28,000 bid by paulof1 30.05.2021 @ 19:29:35
£27,250 bid by steve3168 30.05.2021 @ 19:28:23
£27,000 bid by r32gtst 30.05.2021 @ 19:23:55
£26,750 bid by lollypop 30.05.2021 @ 19:19:37
£26,500 bid by r32gtst 30.05.2021 @ 19:06:11
£26,000 bid by lollypop 30.05.2021 @ 18:56:33
£25,500 bid by JimM75 30.05.2021 @ 18:55:42
£24,201 bid by volbar 30.05.2021 @ 18:50:02
£24,000 bid by r32gtst 30.05.2021 @ 18:19:55
£23,701 bid by steve3168 30.05.2021 @ 17:56:07
£23,500 bid by r32gtst 30.05.2021 @ 14:44:48
£23,000 bid by JimM75 30.05.2021 @ 12:17:21
£21,500 bid by r32gtst 30.05.2021 @ 10:38:08
£21,201 bid by Steveawm 30.05.2021 @ 10:32:34
£21,000 bid by r32gtst 30.05.2021 @ 08:58:11
£20,000 bid by Pixno1 30.05.2021 @ 00:17:42
£18,000 bid by lollypop 29.05.2021 @ 15:54:44
£17,000 bid by r32gtst 29.05.2021 @ 08:15:47
£16,000 bid by Pixno1 28.05.2021 @ 23:10:05
£15,300 bid by volbar 28.05.2021 @ 21:36:59
£15,000 bid by andyliddle 28.05.2021 @ 20:43:43
Adam - Trade Classics

Morning fellas – I’ve had a look at this. There are new pictures of the diff and to me it’s not ‘a lot of’ fluid / oil. It just looks dirty like you get with 11 year old cars – maybe it had a small leak in the past but to me the dirt looks old – there’s not fresh oil that I can see. All the images of the paperwork has been uploaded. Also chaps you know you can do a DVLA look up and see the MOT history – the AK64 JFU on – there are no… Read more »


The car is only 6.5 years old, plus its hardly been driven for the last year by the look of the mileage, so any leaks could potentially look old. I sent the images to a Jag specialist, their feedback was it could be a leak & it’s not uncommon, plus you can see dark marks on both exhausts that probably correspond to the dark areas. It looked much darker in the video. It could be where the diff meets the prop shaft as that would spray more when running, or the driveshafts exit the diff, but we can’t tell from… Read more »

Adam - Trade Classics

Hey Paul – oh man my maths wasn’t good this morning! Doh 🙂 The car is stored with Geoff and he gets a notification each time we comment here – so Geoff please update the group if you can. Like I say, all the paperwork has been uploaded. I guess you could call Jaguar with the registration and they may give you more details – sorry but we can’t help any more on that. NOTE TO ALL: this car will sell on auction so please do all the checks you can before bidding. If you’re serious about an XFR-S then… Read more »


Thanks Kulraj, that looks like a diff issue, as you can see spray pattern on the exhaust too. Is it possible to identify where its coming from with more images?

The last visual health check detail from the Jaguar service (21.10.2019) could shed light on this, can you upload images of it please.

I also notice the recent MOT is not shown (05.11.2020), can you upload this & show any advisories too.

Is it possible to discuss this situation with you and the seller?


Hi, any chance of a few images of the diff from other angles please? Specifically the driveshafts and seals. Thanks

Adam - Trade Classics

Nice pics uploaded at the end of the mechanics section – see my note above 🙂



£14,500 bid by lollypop 27.05.2021 @ 16:24:46
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

Hi there , could you please start the car and give it some revs , with the cameras at the back near to exhaust , many thank .

Adam - Trade Classics

Hi Paul – we’ve got just the video that’s been uplaoded… cheers Adam

Sukhdev Singh
Sukhdev Singh

pictures of the bonnet please – from centre, left, right shut lines incl close up of both headlights and surrounding panel fit.

Kulraj Salh

Hi Sukhdev, we’ve added some new pictures that Geoff has very kindly taken. It looks like the bonnet wasn’t shut properly in some pictures that our photographer Jon took; Best, Kulraj – Trade Classics


Hi Jon I have a few questions; these are: 1. At 4:01 on the Mechanics video it seems that there’s a lot of fluid/oil showing, is that the diff leaking on the car, could you provide a close up image or two please 2. The bonnet shut lines on the drivers side front look badly aligned in the video & some of the images (gallery8-38 to 8-41), but in the earlier images (8-22) it looks OK, could you supply a couple of current close ups of the bonnet closed against the headlights on the drivers side 3. The Stop/Start button… Read more »

Kulraj Salh

Hi Paulof1, we’ve added pictures that Geoff has kindly taken as requested; Best, Kulraj – Trade Classics

£14,000 bid by Deang6454 25.05.2021 @ 12:53:06
£12,500 bid by BGS 25.05.2021 @ 09:28:27
£11,500 24.05.2021 @ 22:13:32
£8,000 bid by BGS 24.05.2021 @ 12:09:49
£3,500 bid by Nelly71 24.05.2021 @ 11:28:09

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