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1995 Mercedes SL500 (R129)

At a Glance

10 Yr Ownership | Nice Condition | Low Reserve

  • Mileage~88,235
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Engine5.0L V8
  • LocationGreat Leighs, Chelmsford


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Dom Ginn
Professional Consigner

The Mercedes SL500 is a typical 90s powerhouse, with its boxy body lines, geometric wheels and 5.0L V8 - there’s no denying the SL500 its place in the modern classic hall of fame.

The R129 SL was produced between 1989 and 2001, the two-seat roadster was significantly modernised in the way of styling and included best in class safety features such as its automatic roll bar. The SL500, with its reliable M119 5.0L V8 engine, had more power than most - a whopping ~322bhp.

First registered in 1994 this particular example comes to us from the current owner John who has owned the car for~10 years. Presented in Brilliant Silver with matching grey leather interior, this SL500 is in good condition for its age and has been well cared for by John.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Dom after meeting John the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

It sounds great, looks great, and goes great too - my SL500 has been the perfect car over the last five years and I’ll be sad to see it go.

John originally purchased this car in May of 2017, becoming its sixth owner. Following the purchase of the car John proceeded to enjoy the car for what it is, a fantastic, reliable, V8 sports car.

After spending the last few years enjoying the car, John has decided to let go of his SL500 in favour of something new and hopes to find the car a new owner who will cherish this modern classic, as it deserves.

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The SL500 screams ‘90s in every aspect of its exterior, from the boxy and angular bodywork, to the geometric wheel design and split tone colourway - the SL500 epitomises '90s sports car design in a way that few others do.

Wheels and Tyres

The wheels look to be in good condition, they do not appear to have suffered from any curb damage and we could not spot any corrosion present on the wheel faces during our visit.

The tyres too appear to be in good condition too, with minimal signs of age to the sidewalls and still holding a moderate amount of tread.


The bodywork looks visually straight and true, we could not see any uneven panel gaps or body lines, and there are no dents or dings to be seen on any of the panels.

There are a couple of spots of bubbling and/or a very minor dusting of surface corrosion under arches, however these do not appear to be severe or deep set.

We've highlighted in more detail our observations through our high resolution images and videos, so please take time to look through all the media files for a detailed view at what’s on offer, and for you to assess the condition of the car for yourselves.


The Brilliant Silver paintwork is actually a split tone affair, with the Brilliant Silver on the top half and the little known Status Grey on the bottom half. The paintwork itself is a peculiar item giving that period feel, with not many cars seeing a split tone finish like we have here.

The paintwork itself is in fair condition considering its age, it does suffer from some minor imperfections such as the odd stone chip or light scuff, but these are purely cosmetic and do not largely detract from the overall finish of the vehicle. There is one spot of bubbling on the near side rear wheel arch which is pictured in our gallery.

Again, we have taken high resolution images and videos of the car for you to assess the condition of the bodywork for yourselves. The images are taken from a few different angles to show off the car as you would see it if you were standing there for yourselves. So please take the time to fully assess these high resolution images and videos of the car, for you to make up your own minds about the condition of the paint.

Glass and Trim

The glass on the car appears to be in good condition overall, however the soft top does require a bit of TLC as the rear window has matching tears at the outer edges, as can be seen in our gallery.


The grey leather interior compliments the exterior paintwork of the car and contrasts nicely with the burl wood centre console and black dash top and steering wheel.

Seats and Carpets

The grey leather seats are in a fairly good condition for their age, there are some signs of wear on the bolsters - particularly drivers side - but these are little more than signs of age, as opposed to damage to the hide itself.

The carpets are again in a grey colourway, and whilst looking to be in need of a good clean they do not appear to be ripped, damaged, or heavily faded at all.


The black dash top is in good condition, with little signs of age or damage such as scratches and scuffs. The burl wood centre console is in good condition too, not showing any signs of delamination as can be common on these types of interior fitting.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

The black steering wheel and gearstick sit in complementary contrast to the rest of the otherwise grey interior, a nod to the split tone colourway of the exterior paintwork. The steering wheel itself appears to be in good condition with no visible signs of damage, and only moderate signs of use where the leather has begun to wear.

The gearstick, being an automatic vehicle, tends to fare better than the steering wheel as it is used far less than in a manual vehicle. Therefore the gearstick is in good condition, with little signs of wear to the leather or top insert and likewise the surrounding gaiter is in fair condition too.


Powered by the very reliable M119 5.0L V8 engine, the SL500 produces an eye watering ~322bhp of naturally aspirated power and is capable of accelerating form 0-60 in just ~6.5s.

Engine and Gearbox

The M119 5.0L V8 is a notoriously reliable unit, providing ample power in a well engineered block. Pushing out around ~322bhp, the engine is capable of keeping up with modern traffic with ease. During our ‘On The Road’ video you can see the engine start from cold, as well as out on the road during which you can see some steady acceleration, as well as hear the owner, John, give his opinion on the drive of the car.

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension seems to be in good condition, during our drive out on the road we reported no unusual noises, crashes, or bangs, and the ride itself felt very comfortable. Likewise the brakes showed no difficulty in stopping the vehicle and appeared to do so without issue.

The vehicle also benefits from having had the front anti roll bars and bushes replaced in 2021.

The Drive

Being a true 90s V8 car the SL500 provides a predictably provocative drive under power but can also sit back and cruise along with comfort and ease when needs be.

Truly versatile in its offerings, the SL500 mixes luxury with performance in its 5.0L V8 four seater convertible configuration.

Please watch our On the Road video to see the car being driven around the local area.

Electrics and Other

During our visit we tried all electrical functions and found nothing to be at fault, with the automated roof operating as expected along with the electronically adjustable seats and all the usual functions such as stereo, air con, lights, horn etc and found no issues.

History and Paperwork

This car comes with a selection of invoices available for your perusal, ranging back over the years for various odds and ends, however mechanically John tells us this car has been very easy going.

Coming fresh from five years of ownership with current owner, John, this SL500 is generally well presented but just needs a few small things, such as the soft top rear window and the odd stone chip here and there.

Mechanically John tells us this has been a delightful car to own with no real issues to speak of during his ownership, save general maintenance and wear and tear items.

If you action a DVLA MOT look up, you'll see 17 passes since 2005 - M189 WHJ.

We’ve done all our usual seller checks including photo ID, V5 and also actioned a HPi check on the vehicle.

We've summarised our own view on the car based on information gained from the seller in the listing above, however, and as you can see, we go to great lengths to photograph and video the car in high resolution detail - this has been done for you to make your own assessment from the comfort of your sofa. So please sit back, have a cuppa and take your time to review everything on this listing in order to make your own assessment on the vehicle's condition. Viewings are also welcomed with all our listings, so please get in touch with us to arrange a suitable time - we just need to speak to you first and receive a valid photo ID before confirming.

If there's anything you're unsure about, no matter how small, then please first ask the owner in the comments area below before placing your bid/s, as bids can't be retracted and form a binding contract if you win the car - just like a traditional auction house.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
09.07.2008 Service 55,474
17.02.2009 Service 57,510
02.03.2010 Service 70,523
10.06.2010 Service 53,633
24.10.2011 Service 58,647
30.01.2018 Service 86,942
03.10.2019 Service 87,462
20/10/2020 Service 87,721
Key Details
  • ModelSL500 (R129)
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Reg. Date24.02.1995 - M189 WHJ
  • CC4973
  • Mileage~88,235
  • HistoryGood - MOT is Online since 2005
  • ColourBrilliant Silver/Stratus Grey
  • Interior ColourGrey/Black
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #WDB1290672F115228
  • Engine #1997222015209
  • MOTYes Exp. 27.10.2022
  • MOT ExemptNo
  • Road Tax ExemptNo
  • HPi ClearYes - Clear
  • Former Keepers5
  • Tyre TreadGood
  • Tyre BrandAVON
  • Tyre Age2010
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned10 Years
  • Key FeatureLow Reserve
  • Auction ID521078

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£3,509 bid by aggis 23.09.2022 @ 18:30:26
£2,300 bid by sandy 23.09.2022 @ 10:55:00
£2,000 bid by tesser 22.09.2022 @ 14:14:39
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Hi – Anything in the history stating the roof mechanics have been changed or serviced ?



Hi M1John
Is there a misprint in the mileage figures down the years? The mileage seems to go down and then up again.


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Buyers have a lot of choice in the market right now, however, this car stands out in a sea of used and abused examples.

We’re sure you have a good idea of the value of this vehicle by studying our thorough listing, however, you may be interested to see a selection of recent sales of the same and / or similar models.

We think this car is similar to these recent sales, but we’ll leave it up to you to judge its history / condition and where it stacks up against them.

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Vehicle Location

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