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1999 Mercedes-Benz 230 SLK

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  • Mileage~17,500
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Engine2.3L
  • LocationReading


1999 Mercedes-Benz 230 SLK

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Darren Rungasamy
Professional Consigner

A rust-free low mileage example with stacks of history and the proverbial one lady owner from new.

As the trend for compact open-top cars gained momentum, Mercedes-Benz introduced their first-generation models back in 1996. The brand's reputation for quality and strength combined with pretty timeless styling, a practical folding metal roof and a sporty drive are the right ingredients for the car to become a cert as a modern classic. The SLK image has remained intact, which simply enhances the cars reputation in the market.

This example is close to faultless having only travelled ~17,500 miles over its carefully driven 21-year-old history. Needless to say this car which has been garaged all of its life is rust, accident and dent free. A lovely little roadster we think.

This auction listing was written by Darren from information supplied by Lizzie the owner, having photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

Bought from new in 1999, the car has been gently used and is ready for its next adventure.

Lizzie took delivery of the 230 SLK back in January 1999 from her local Mercedes-Benz garage and has used it sparingly since then. Averaging under 1,000 miles a year, the car, needless to say, has not required any form of repair, other than the servicing and maintenance costs, with not much more than a pair of tyres needing replacement at 13K miles.

The car is clearly a tribute to both Mercedes-Benz and Lizzie. It retains all of the items listed on the original sales invoice, which includes a 24-hour tracker and its original mats.

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The presentation and first glance impression of this well-kept SLK alone will be enough to sell it.

Wheels and Tyres

All the Goodyear F1 tyres and original alloys are said to be in excellent condition, with plenty of life left in them. Take a look through the images of each wheel to see for yourself.


SLK's are known to rust, but this example is an exception. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to state that this example is likely to be one of the best on the market at the moment. The car has never been involved in an accident, with the panel gaps and unblemished body a testiment to this.


Finished in Brilliant Silver, the paintwork is typically deep and retains its lustre. Even the door edges appear to have been spared any chips.

Glass and Trim

As fitting for a car that has spent much of its life in a garage, there is no evidence of wear on the external trim, with all components in excellent condition. The glass is unmarked throughout.


The interior is as close to 'new' as one could possibly hope for in a 20-year-old car.

Seats and Carpets

As fitting to the gentle use of the car, the Anthracite leather seats and carpets are faultless.


Very minor scuffs, but the presentation of the dashboard, switches and controls are as new. Everything functions as you should expect. Also included is a Sony Bluetooth CD player/radio with removable facia and box for storage.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

In perfect condition with no wear and no indication of damage.


This is a genuine opportunity to experience and drive the 1999 SLK Kompressor as a new car.

Engine and Gearbox

The 190 BHP engine is no slouch, offering a good compromise between fuel economy and power. The owner hasn't tested the performance aspect to its full potential which bodes well for the mechanical sympathy she has given the car.

Suspension and Brakes

The car has not needed any renewal to its brakes, which is another indication of its gentle use.

The Drive

For a car that averages around 1,000 miles a year, it may need a few longer journeys to free up some of the cobwebs. The new owner is unlikely to experience an issue with its reliability or the way the car drives.

Electrics and Other

The roof assembly and operation is faultless and works like new. This can be viewed in the video.

History and Paperwork

Every single service stamp and MOT comes with the car. No repair bills - it's not needed any!

Since taking delivery of the car in 1999, Lizzie has maintained its service history at Mercedes. Its last service was in June 2019 and the next stamp is for its 20K service. All the accessories in the boot as seen in the pictures are as new.

The plate will not be sold with the car and will be retained by the owner.

We've actioned our usual checks in the shape of; ID, V5C, HPi clear.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
01.12.2000 Service 4,540
29.11.2002 Service 7,748
31.01.2003 MOT 7,908
30.01.2004 MOT 9,376
08.01.2005 MOT 10,681
27.12.2006 Service 13,525
05.01.2008 MOT 13,885
31.12.2008 Service & MOT 14,393
16.01.2010 MOT 14,764
15.01.2011 Service & MOT 14,850
16.12.2011 MOT 15,309
18.10.2012 Service 15,886
19.01.2013 MOT 16,079
09.01.2014 MOT 16,691
02.07.2014 Service 16,877
13.01.2015 MOT 16,971
04.01.2016 MOT 17,173
05.04.2016 Service 17,180
15.12.2016 MOT 17,341
07.12.2017 MOT 17,437
24.05.2017 Service 17,358
04.12.2018 MOT 17,492
10.06.2019 Service 17,866
04.12.2019 MOT 17,627
Key Details
  • Model230 SLK
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Reg. Date1999
  • CC2995cc
  • Mileage17,675
  • HistoryFSH
  • ColourSilver
  • Interior ColourBlack
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #WDB170447-2F-110881
  • Engine #111973-22-054699
  • Last ServiceJune 2019
  • HPi ClearYes
  • Former Keepers0
  • Tyre BrandGoodyear
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • OwnedFrom New
  • Key FeatureOne Lady Owner

Vehicle Sold

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This vehicle has now been sold - click 'Register Similar' below to get notified when we consign a similar vehicle.

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If it doesn’t complete. Please let me know

£3,603 bid by tomburnell 29.10.2020 @ 19:29:18

Has it reached reserve and or will you indicate that

Kulraj Salh

Hi, we don’t indicate when the reserve has been met, just let the bidding continue until it’s stopped/the time is finished, and then notify the bidders on the hammer fall. Best, Kulraj


Hi Liz, what was the reason for wanting new rear tyres at 10,000 miles?


Just check on tyre reviews and it seems that they are a bit heavy on rear tyres.


It was also probably done then to lose some of the cost through our company that we replaced them sooner rather than later actually!!!



Thanks for the interest – new rear tyres were fitted at 13,173.00 miles which is fairly normal for a powerful rear wheel drive car . The front tyres are still the original one.
(Not sure where you read 10,000.00 miles.)
Hope this helps you


I did mean both front tyres are original ones .

£3,402 bid by AlanG 29.10.2020 @ 09:36:38
£3,201 bid by glenn7120 28.10.2020 @ 17:14:07
£3,000 bid by AlanG 28.10.2020 @ 17:09:57

Hi Lizzie yes that would help. Is there preserve price on this auction?


Yes there is a reserve price and bidding has not reached that yet.
Kind regards

£2,790 bid by glenn7120 28.10.2020 @ 16:37:54
£2,550 bid by Thornbd 28.10.2020 @ 16:22:27
£2,001 bid by Elna 28.10.2020 @ 15:32:04

Thanks for the reply ref mileage discrepancy Lizzie – but this has thrown up another question! You mention a fluid leak in May of this year. Can you give a bit more info about this as it could affect my bidding for the vehicle if it was something concerning. IE was it coolant (water pump, radiator, head gasket issue?) or brake fluid ?


Hi Tom

We noticed a very minor fluid leak on our garage floor , and we asked our usual company that service the car to investigate – they checked and tightened the sump bolts and tested.
Since then there has been no further leaks. The leak was so minor that the oil didn’t need to be topped up. A copy of this invoice would be available on request.


Hi. Im away and get back into the UK 12 November if i bid and am successful can i leave the car until i am able to collect?
It mentions current owner keeps plates what does this mean?
When is mot due?


Hi Steve
MOT due on 14th December. The number plate is a personal number plate which I will retain. We will arrange for a new number plate to be issued on sale of the car. Of course the car will remain garaged, insured but not driven.
Hope this helps

£1,800 bid by glenn7120 28.10.2020 @ 13:44:08
£1,500 bid by Elna 28.10.2020 @ 12:26:52

Good question Tom.

Tom Burnell
Tom Burnell

Hi, quick question:
just referring to the service and MOT dates, of the SLK can you please clarify how:
June 2019 at service the mileage is 17,866
Dec 2019 at MOT the mileage is 17,627

Thanks and regards,


Hi Tom

Thanks so much for spotting this – we have just looked and you are correct – obviously the mileage recorded on June 2019 service was entered incorrectly – which I had not noticed.
I have an invoice from same garage when I had a fluid leak checked dated May 2020 which states mileage as 17,652.

Do hope this helps you and my sincere apologies for not having spotted it myself sooner. Kind regards

£1,010 bid by darrenlang 25.10.2020 @ 21:45:45

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