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    MGA Roadster
    4sp Manual
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    Dove Grey
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    Almost Concours
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*** UPDATE – We have sold the car for £28,500 all inclusive ***

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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The MGA is a fabulous British sports car that was produced by MG (Morris Garages) from 1955 to 1962.

It was considered a design breakthrough from the earlier MG’s and was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1955.

Interestingly most cars were exported with only 5,869 sold in the UK; this was the lowest percentage of any British car.

Being a 1959 model this car is fitted with the original 1500cc four cylinder engine with a four speed manual gearbox.



As you know, here at Trade Classics we are very particular on reporting the condition of our vehicles, this is to give you, the buyer, total confidence in your bid. Well in this case, when we say concours, we absolutely and positively mean concours. In fact we don’t think you’ll find a better example in the UK today.

This MGA Roadster belongs to a new friend of us here at Trade Classics; his name is Eamonn and he bought this little MGA from us last year.

Eamonn has used and enjoyed the car for over a year and now wants us to help find a new home as he wants to use the proceeds to fund a project.



The paint on this car is beautiful and finished in Dove Grey.  The restoration is exceptional as the entire car has been painted and there is no trace of the original colour that was Old English White.

Wheels & Tyres
16in wire wheels are fitted, including the spare, and wrapped in period correct Dunlop SP20 crossply tyres. There are no signs of uneven wear.

All panels are free from dents and the shut-lines across the entire car look visibly correct and both doors close evenly.

The paint is in excellent visible condition.  The only slight imperfections we found were as follows: a slight hairline crack in the paint on the passenger side lower part of the rear wing and slightly uneven paint on the inside lip on the lower part of the driver’s door. Please see the images and videos to see the excellent condition of the bodywork.

Glass and Trim
Glass and trim are all in good order.  The plastic side windows have slight discoloration as to be expected with their age.  A new hood has also been fitted and is in excellent condition.



The attention to detail achieved in this restoration is exceptional meaning the interior is a beautiful place to be.

Seats and Carpets
All in excellent condition and looking factory fresh.

All gauges are in excellent working condition.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are in excellent condition.  The steering wheel is original and it’s assumed the gear knob has been replaced during the restoration.



Last year we couldn’t take the vehicle out for a dive at the time of our visit as the V5 application was still in progress.  However, we did drive it around the courtyard.  Eamonn now informs us the car drives perfectly as you’d expect from such a thorough and meticulous restoration.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started fine from cold (see video) and idled correctly both on and off choke. The clutch felt good with a strong biting point at about half way of travel.  There were no issues selecting any gear (including reserve) either hot or cold. The engine was rebuilt including a new cam shaft, timing chain, exhaust manifold, oil pump, SU carburetors, and fuel lines. A new radiator, hoses, wiring harness, and engine mounts were fitted along with a stainless steel exhaust system. The four-speed manual transmission and differential were also rebuilt with a new clutch, synchro, and resurfaced flywheel.

Suspension and Brakes
Not testing during our previous visit, however, Eamonn confirms both areas perform faultlessly and said the front and rear suspension was refreshed with new rear leaf springs. Brake components including the wheel bearings, lines, and cylinders were replaced too.

The Drive
Not testing during our previous visit; Eamonn also confirms the car drives and performs perfectly.

Electrics and Other
No issues apart from the fuel gauge gives the incorrect reading – it flickers between 0 and 1/4. Eamonn was going to have it looked at but didn’t get around to it.



The car was originally exported to North America and then to Canada in 2017.

A total of 8,405 miles are shown on the odometer and believed to be reset / correct from the completion of restoration in 2007.

Eamonn has completed nearly 1,000 trouble free miles over the year.

There is a large history file of receipts that were collected as part of the restoration from 2002 to 2007 – please take a look at the media file to see full details. The vehicle also comes complete with the Heritage Trust certificate.



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Cars don’t come around in this condition every day and as a good friend of mine once said ‘buy mint and you’ll never be skint’.  I think that saying certainly applies to this car and paying a slight premium to have what looks and drives like a new MGA in your garage feels like a good investment opportunity.

So there you have it, a ‘proper’ British sports car with sound investment potential; what’s not to love.



This auction listing was written by Adam from information gained from Eamonn (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Eamonn will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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britishhound£20,000.0018-Sep-2019 19:59:20 
britishhound£18,000.0018-Sep-2019 18:39:02 
stemi£16,000.0018-Sep-2019 16:32:28 
britishhound£15,000.0018-Sep-2019 11:53:20 
stemi£11,000.0018-Sep-2019 07:42:55 


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£20,000 bid by britishhound 18.09.2019 @ 19:59:20
£18,000 bid by britishhound 18.09.2019 @ 18:39:02
£16,000 bid by stemi 18.09.2019 @ 16:32:28
£15,000 bid by britishhound 18.09.2019 @ 11:53:20
£11,000 bid by stemi 18.09.2019 @ 07:42:55

Hi Eamonn, This is a lovely looking MGA. I have a couple of questions
1. the chassis and engine number suggest a production date of Sept/Oct 1958 can you confirm the registration date?
2. there seems to be some signs of rust damage, but now painted over, around the lower boot lid edge or am I mistaken?
3. was the car an original LHD?
Many thanks, John

Eamonn McParland
Eamonn McParland

Hello John, Thank you for enquiring. You are right. This is a lovely looking MGA. Though I may be accused of bias! The build date was 19-20 August 1958 and was exported on 20 August 1958 to the USA. I have a certified copy of the factory record issued in 2017 by BMIHT. It was registered on 1 January 1959. I have no knowledge of any rust John. The car underwent a full restoration including respray. Originally old English white, the then owner changed it to dove grey. The car is an original LHD. If you wish to view the… Read more »


Bonjour Gary , je n’ai pas vu de photo de la capote :
est elle en bonne état , la couleur, merci . Cordialement Stéphane

Eamonn McParland
Eamonn McParland

Bonjour, je m’appelle eamonn. Je suis le propriétaire actuel. Gary était le propriétaire précédent.
Je pense que vous êtes en train de demander le capot?
Dans l’affirmative, c est en parfait état et la couleur est noire.
Les fenêtres latérales montrent l’âge, même si je ne les utilise pas et qu elles sont stockées dans un sac. J’espère que c est ce que vous avez demandé et que ma réponse est utile. Les amitiés Eamonn


merci Eamonn . Cordialement

Peter Huepler
Peter Huepler

Hello Gary, for how long did you own the MG?


Hello Peter

I owned the vehicle about a year. I bought it off the seller who restored the car. I also bought from this seller his 1966 VW split screen bus, which I still own.

I used the MG over the summer, going to shows and summer MG Club drives.

The car is mechanically and cosmetically perfect. New owner will be pleased.

Peter Huepler
Peter Huepler

Thanks Gary. At least at my screen the grey seam to be very “light”. Is this really dove-grey?


Hello Peter. I’d say it is certainly Dove Grey. It’s darker in real life


I concur. Don’t allow the lighting to concern you. The colour has been confirmed as dove grey (verbally) by my local MG specialist, Brown & Gammon.


Hey Peter – you can always pop in an offer to us 😉

Peter Huepler
Peter Huepler

Hi Eamonn, hi Adam, would you please tell me something about the doors, please. I never saw those fasteners (excuse my bad english) for the tonneau at the car doors. This is very unusual, isn’t it?!
KR, Peter


It’s my understanding that those studs are for fastening a tonneau cover.


Hi Peter,

I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t even spotted there are additional studs on the doors. I don’t have a tonneau so it never crossed my mind. Appreciate this doesn’t answer your question explicitly though my assumption is they exist to provide additional fastening depending upon the type of cover used.

Peter Huepler
Peter Huepler

Thank you Eamonn

mike sibthorpe
mike sibthorpe

Thanks Eamonn – a couple of pictures of the hood would be great – also have you had any problems with insurance as its LHD? Assuming all the documents are UK standard DVLA ?

mike sibthorpe
mike sibthorpe

Hi Eamonn – re the MGA, couple of quick questions, there aren’t any pictures with the hood or canvas coverings – does the car have these? Also does the car have an original number plate – configuration and on black/silver letters and numbers?
Thanks Mike

Eamonn McParland
Eamonn McParland

Hello Mike and thank you for enquiring about my MGA.

Sorry there aren’t any photos of the hood. I can email directly if it helps. I always gave the roof down tbh, though it like the rest of the car was added when restored in ‘09.

I don’t have a tonneau though was on my shopping list.

The registration marking is an authentic ‘59 supplied by DVLA. The plates are original style with silver on black.

Hope this helps Mike and I’m of course happy to answer any further questions you have.




Hello Eamonn. As you know, I was the former owner, who imported the MG from Canada to the UK.

I’d like to say the car is in outstanding condition. Anyone bidding or buying should do so with a lot of confidence. Best of luck with the sale of a very special car.

Eamonn McParland
Eamonn McParland

Thanks Gary both for your kind words and your responses to the questions posed by Peter.