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Air-cooled, ‘G’ body, Targa, Grand Prix White, quite the combination don’t you think.

This example of the 911 Carrera is the 3.2 Targa variant, built from 1984 through to 1989, with around 18,500 Targas made in the total production run. The Targa was originally introduced when Porsche feared that convertible cars would be outlawed in the US, and so the steel roll bar providing safety whilst still being able to appreciate an open top experience.

The 3.2 engine is simply amazing and rightly deserves the terms ‘bullet proof’ and ‘over engineered’. Here at Trade Classics we have a lot of experience in these cars as both Adam and I own 1989 coupé versions of the car. During our years of ownership the only things to have gone wrong is a starter motor on Adam’s car and an alternator on mine. Maintenance is straight forward and lots of servicing jobs like oil and spark plug changes can easily be carried out by a home mechanic.



Graham has owned this car for over 10 years now and in that time has both enjoyed the car and brought it to the high standard that it’s in today.

Over his years of ownership, Graham has completed around 7,000 miles in the car, with it being enjoyed during the summer months in Aberdeen. Having enjoyed it, he is now looking to part with the car for a new owner to love and cherish.

Graham has had the major bodywork issues that are typical problems with this car attended to over the years. The detail on this along with the service information is in the listing below and pictures and videos in the media section.


Finished in Grand Prix White, with a smart black Targa roll bar and matching black Fuchs alloys, the car looks stunning. And not forgetting the ‘whale tail’ that gives the car that 80’s iconic style.

Wheels & Tyres
Wearing the correct Fuchs, all look to be in good condition from the pictures that Graham has provided. All tyres are recorded as being in good condition too.

The bodywork on this example is in very nice condition. Having being restored over the years by Graham, there is little wrong with this car, and it has had new front wings in his ownership. There is some small corrosion on the body by the Targa roll bar on both sides and a tiny spot under the near side headlight.

The paintwork looks in good condition from the images and video provided by Graham.

Glass and Trim
All of the glass and trim across the car looks good, with the rubber seals looking quite fresh too.



The car comes with matching black leather trim and carpets throughout to continue the black on white theme. The car features the sportier front seats, with bigger side bolsters to support you through the corners; a great place to navigate from.

Seats and Carpets
Black leather with black piping, both the drivers and passengers seats look in great condition from the images Graham has provivded. There is not much wear visible in the normal spots, however on the drivers seat the leather has come away at the bottom where the electronic adjustment controls are. The carpets look in good condition too with new floor mats visible. The back of the car was reupholstered in 2011 and as seen in the pictures still looks new.

The dash which is also wrapped in leather looks to be in good condition too and Graham has not reported any defects with it.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Over Grahams ownership, a period correct Porsche steering wheel has been fitted and the gear stick gaiter replaced in 2012.



Grahams car is the 3.2L variant, and being an ’85 model, features the 915 5 speed gearbox. Graham confirms the car is a matching numbers example and is running and on the road.

Engine and Gearbox
Graham has maintained the car every year, ensuring a basic service has been completed to keep the car running right. He has never had any issues with the car over the years, and as mentioned earlier, when correctly maintained the 3.2 engine is as solid as they come.

Suspension and Brakes
Some suspension and brake work was completed in 2015, as detailed in the media section. Graham tells us that the car is handling fine with no issues.

Electrics and Other
Graham has reported that everything is working as it should with the car.



Graham has supplied images which detail the service history, and also some notes around the work that has been completed on the car over the years.

The car is showing 127,693 miles on the odometer.

HPi Check Results
– Our own HPi check is in progress.

Service mileage readings
– 31.12.1985 – 970 miles
– 31.01.1986 – 1,938 miles
– 02.07.1986 – 10,843 miles
– 14.11.1988 – 36,618 miles
– 01.08.1989 – 47,258 miles
– 18.10.1990 – 63,3369 miles
– 02.03.2010 – 120,072 miles
– 11.10.2010 – 124,680 miles
– 09.08.2011 – 124,840 miles
– 12.02.2012 – 124,919 miles
– 19.04.2013 – 125,529 miles
– 09.05.2014 – 126,536 miles
– 30.01.2015 – 126,607 miles
– 25.08.2016 – 127,267 miles
– 22.09.2017 – 127,511 miles



We really do like the 3.2, with the warmer drier weather now upon us, it’s a great time to pick up a Targa.

Solid bodywork and great custodianship from Graham make this a very nice buy to enjoy in the summer months, and when maintained fittingly, a great investment car for the future.

This level of air-cooled Porsches have steadied in price in the high £30,000’s and above. Sometimes we can get caught up in the financials of the classic car market, let’s not forget that the new owner will get to experience that unmistakable flat 6 howl and the involved 911 mechanical driving experience, a real thrill and pleasure.



This auction listing was written by Kulraj Singh Salh from information gained from Graham (owner and seller of the vehicle).

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Graham will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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