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The 930 Turbo is an awesome car. It’s the poster car of the 1980’s. It’s the car we all wanted and loved, its dark side reputation as the ‘widow maker’; the only other car to get that title is the AC Cobra.

Being a 1985 model, this car is fitted with the 4 speed transmission as the later G50 box was only put in the 930’s during the final year of production in 1989.

The 930 is fitted with the larger 3.3 engine and just as ‘bullet proof’ as the 3.2 Carrera version.

The main things to look out for on 911’s of this era are as follows. Rust around the lower section of the ‘B’ posts and the front section of the front wings, as they rust from the inside out – if you see any bubbling in this area then it’s usually too late and will need serious work. Joins in the scuttle where the front wings meet can also be hot spot rust areas and around the windscreen too. This car had a windows out restoration which has been detailed later in the listing.



This striking example of the 911 Turbo (930) is owned by Adam Purrier from Trade Classics. He’s owned the car for around a year now, having bought it at a reputable auction last summer.

Adam is a big fan of the Porsche marque, having first owned a 996 and catching the bug from then on. His personal collection now includes an equally beautiful 1989 Carrera 3.2, and a more modern 997 C2S, along with this 930.

As mentioned, the Turbo is the poster car, and this example finished in the iconic Guards Red colour really caught his eye. Adam loves to drive his cars on long Grand Tour trips and mountain drives, and having owned and used this car he actually felt it wasn’t suited to his driving style. The power from the 3.3L turbo is intoxicating, but not his cup of tea when high up on a mountain road!

Because of this, and the fact that he likes to drive and not just store his cars, this example is available of sale via Trade Classics.



The bodywork and paint is in great condition, with the car having had a windows out restoration in the last 5 years. Important areas like the B pillars/kidney bowls were all attended to, so that the car is now solid and rust free. The Guards Red finish on the paint really shines through and looks stunning.

Wheels & Tyres
The correct fitment original Fuchs, importantly with 9″ deep-dish on rear, have been fitted to the car. Adam purchased this set at a cost of just under £2,000, as the car had an incorrect smaller set of Fuchs when he purchased the vehicle. They are in great condition as observed in the media.

The body work on the car is excellent having been restored recently. The only small things to note are a couple of small chips, one on the skuttle and on the OSF wing as shown in the media. The underside is showing signs of over spray that could benefit from a light coat of matt black paint at some point.

The finish on the paintwork is very nice. Adam has spent time with care polishing the car and this shows with a lovely deep gloss finish with a great reflection, as visible in the technical photos and videos. The car would benefit further from a professional detailing to really bring out the best of the car.

Glass and Trim
Glass and trim on the car are in great condition. The rubber window seals as observed in the videos look good, and other areas such as the door handles and window frames look a solid black with no chips etc. The windscreen has been replaced at some point and is in perfect condition.



The cabin in this 930 is smart and shows some patina as you would expect from a car over 30 years old. Finished in the original black colour with matching black carpets and red piping on the leather seats.

Seats and Carpets
The leather seats show signs of patina and are in very good condition, no major issues. The rear seats are in similar condition too. The carpets look to be original but do not show signs off wear.

The dashboard and dials look really nice on the car and the orange needles on the black dials really pop out. Adam has refreshed the gauges, and this can be seen in both the videos and images of the car, no typical fading of the outer black rings.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The car has been fitted with a more sportier three spoke steering wheel, and the gear stick is the original stock design. Both show some wear in line with the use of the car.



We took the car out on our regular ‘on the road’ run and it performed without a problem, along with starting on the button. Adam put the car into a Porsche specialist in Meriden at the start of May to get the car ready for sale, works included; clutch adjustment, brake caliper refresh, turbo dump valve gasket replacement and general check over.

Engine and Gearbox
The car looks to have had some significant engine work in the past, potentially during the body restoration, but there is no paperwork to go with this. You will notice that the engine bay is very clean, and the flat-six engine looks to have had new head stud and other ancillaries replaced too, particularly as the engine also sounds very tight. Adam also informs us that the gearbox performs without issues, changing gears with ease.

Suspension and Brakes
The car has no knocks or rattles coming from the suspension. As mentioned above and in the ‘Meet The Owner’ video, the brake calipers were refreshed recently as they were a little sticky as is typical with the G model Porsches, if they haven’t been used for a while.

The Drive
The drive was without fault, the 3.3L pulling strong and the turbo kicking in between the 4,000 and 5,000 RPM range (see video). Oil pressures and temperatures all as expected on the drive too, i.e. 1 bar on tick-over / hot and then 3 bar at 3,000 RPM’s, which is normal for turbos versions.

Electrics and Other
There are no issues with the main electrics, however Adam has mentioned that the wing mirrors and seat actuators need to be attended to and will get them addressed prior to sale completion.



The previous owner said the car was destined for Japan, however, the order wasn’t completed and it was sent to the UK. Adam has tried to confirm if this is correct and requested the CoA from Porsche (see media file) that shows a build date of 25.02.1985. It had its first service on 27.06.1985 in London and the V5 states registration as 09.07.1985, so whilst he can’t confirm if this claim is valid, it does seem to be.

The car comes with the original service book with stamps throughout its life, with a similar number of MOT’s, and more recent invoices of works completed on the car.

The car is showing just over 110,832 as of 15.05.2018.

HPi Check Results
– This car is HPi clear and will be supported by our own HPi check.

Mileage Records – MOT/Service
– 21.09.2017 – 110,779 miles – MOT
– 20.08.2017 – 110,777 miles – Service
– 29.04.2015 – 110,741 miles – MOT
– 08.05.2014 – 110,628 miles – Service
– 08.05.2014 – 110,626 miles – MOT
– 07.08.2012 – 110,207 miles – MOT
– 07.08.2012 – 110,206 miles – Service
– 21.03.2011 – 109,999 miles – MOT
– 28.08.2009 – 109,833 miles – MOT
– 03.06.2005 – 108,658 miles – MOT
– 03.06.2005 – 108,654 miles – Service
– 18.05.2004 – 108,328 miles – MOT
– 08.05.2003 – 107,805 miles – MOT
– 28.12.2001 – 106,891 miles – MOT
– 09.11.2001 – 106,750 miles – Service
– 27.05.2001 – 104,276 miles – Service
– 12.01.2001 – 103,073 miles – MOT
– 23.10.1998 – 98,536 miles – MOT
– 27.01.1998 – 93,111 miles – Service
– 17.08.1996 – 72,679 miles – Service
– 14.11.1995 – 66,006 miles – Service
– 27.10.1993 – 61,513 miles – Service
– 28.05.1992 – 56,635 miles – Service
– 03.04.1990 – 41,103 miles – Service
– 02.04.1990 – 41,103 miles – Service
– 20.05.1989 – 35,400 miles – Service
– 14.02.1988 – 23,980 miles – Service
– 05.04.1987 – 13,250 miles – Service
– 27.06.1985 – 2,042 miles – Service



The 911 Turbo is one of the iconic cars in motorsport history, its looks are instantly recognisable, and the power delivery a thing of legend.

As with much of the classic car market, the 930 has seen a stabilisation in pricing over the past year, we have actually observed a slight slowdown in the popularity making this a buyers market right now.

Stabilisation and slowdown aside, there is no doubting that the original air-cooled turbo will always have a place in the premium end of the classic car market, which actually makes it a perfect time for the astute buyer; a sound investment.

This example has had its bodywork attended to and is importantly a right hand drive car with good history, so one which the new owner will be able to buy with a great degree of confidence that over time their asset will rise in value. All in a package from the 80’s that gives you the ‘pin-your-head-to-the-seat’ feeling time and time again.



This auction listing was written by Kulraj Singh Salh from information gained from Adam (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Adam will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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