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    Porsche 911 Carrera
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*** UPDATE: This car has now been sold for £26,500 all inclusive ***

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Air-cooled, ‘G’ body, convertible, Marine Blue, quite the combination for the coming summer, don’t you think.

This example of the 911 Carrera is the 3.2 variant, built from 1984 through to 1989.

The 3.2 engine is simply amazing and rightly deserves the terms ‘bullet proof’ and ‘over engineered’. Here at Trade Classics we have a lot of experience in these cars as both Adam and Kulraj own 1989 coupé versions of the car. During their years of ownership, the only things to have gone wrong is a starter motor on Adam’s car and an alternator on Kulraj’s. Maintenance is straight forward and lots of servicing jobs like oil and spark plug changes can easily be carried out by a home mechanic.



John has owned this 911 3.2 for around 4 years. Having owned an earlier SC when he was working, he chose to buy another G-Body Porsche later in life.

He is a classic car enthusiast and owns several other cars, but Jaguars are really where his heart is, and he is currently restoring an SS100 himself.

This car was restored before he bought it, and he hasn’t completed work on it himself, as he likes doing with his Jaguars. As the amount he uses this car decreases, he is looking to sell the car so that it gets a bit more use.

John loves the power and acceleration of the flat six engine, and described it from his perspective as “far more fun than a Ferrari or Lamborghini“.



The car is finished in the dark colour of Marine Blue (code L35V), with a matching hood. When John bought the car, it had been prepared and taken care of by Cavendish Porsche in Gainsborough.

Wheels & Tyres
Factory Porsche Fuchs on the car. Fitted with Continental tyres across the car, they also all looked good on visual inspection. The wheels look in great condition too, with just a minor blemish on one of the centre caps, take a look at the exterior video for detail.

The bodywork on this car was attended to as part of the work that Cavendish Porsche did, and so no rust or rot in the usual places for a G-Body Porsche was observed. Generally speaking the panel gaps across the car are good. The bonnet could do with some slight adjustment, and the drivers side door requires a firm close for it to seal correctly. Take a look at the walk-around video to see the detail.

Resprayed in 2014, the Marine Blue paintwork is even and deep across the car. The paintwork has some blemishes; a chip on the rear nearside wheel arch, some chips on the door edge off-side, a few marks on the off-side side of the bonnet edge. These are detailed in the review video, take a look for a comprehensive view of the vehicle.

Glass and Trim
Both the glass and trim across the car are in great condition. The hood looks to have been replaced relatively recently, and apart from a few small marks in the rear window, it operates and looks great.



Finished in blue leather with blue carpets to match the blue exterior, this is a lovely colour combination for the cabin.

Seats and Carpets
Finished in blue leather and fully adjustable via the electric controls – heated too. The seats present in great condition. The drivers seat has some slight wear on the upper bolster, and lower down on the outside edge of the seat. One of the upper bolsters on the rear seats also shows this wear, which looks like it could be treated with the correct products, please take a look at the videos for the detail. The carpets and leather trim across the rest of the car look great, looking like they have been replaced in the recent history of the car.

The leather wrapped dashboard looks great with no warps or cracks visible. The instrument cluster also looks really fresh, very legible and the rubber seals that tend to go bad over time all look black and firm.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Fitted with period correct steering wheel and gear stick, the interior looks just as it should. The leather wrapped steering wheel has some slight marks in line with its age. The gear stick and surrounding trim and buttons all look in good condition.



Fitted with the 3.2L flat six, an engine we are all too familiar with here at Trade Classics. Take a look at our video showing the cold start and on the road.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started from cold without issue, some vapour present as you would expect, and idling on the auto-choke until warmed up. On the drive you’ll see John put the car through its paces in the video, please take a look.

Suspension and Brakes
Our short run in the car was on local B Roads, and if you watch the video you will see John take some firm braking action to show the car stops well, and even takes his hands off the wheel to show it driving with stability.

The Drive
A spirited drive with John and the car performed a delight. John mentioned on the video that he’d been out with Porsche driver Tony Dron before, and we can’t help but feel that the spirited nature of the drive has something to do with him.

Electrics and Other
All the major electrics on the car work as they should at our time of testing.



The original stamped service book and receipts for various parts etc that form part of the restoration work are included.

The car is showing just over 153,200 miles as of 24.04.2019.

HPi Check Results
– The seller tells us the car is HPi clear and will be supported by our own HPi check.

Mileage Records – MOT/Service
– 08.08.1988 – 1,152 miles – Service
– 30.06.1989 – 11,243 miles – Service
– 11.06.1990 – 17,087 miles – Service
– 22.03.1991 – 23,444 miles – Service
– 14.04.1992 – 32,150 miles – Service
– 05.04.1993 – 43,371 miles – Service
– 25.04.1994 – 54,001 miles – Service
– 11.04.1995 – 63,061 miles – Service
– 19.03.1996 – 76,699 miles – Service
– 17.07.1997 – 88,748 miles – Service
– 27.07.1998 – 91,917 miles – Service
– 03.11.1999 – 94,986 miles – Service
– 13.11.2000 – 96,793 miles – Service
– 26.11.2001 – 101,342 miles – Service
– 21.01.2003 – 107,701 miles – Service
– 23.01.2004 – 112,616 miles – Service
– 16.11.2012 – 150,994 miles – Service
– 16.12.2013 – 151,562 miles – MOT
– 11.12.2014 – 151,679 miles – Service
– 19.11.2015 – 152,853 miles – MOT
– 18.11.2016 – 152,965 miles – MOT
– 12.12.2017 – 153,157 miles – MOT



Last of the impact bumpers, some would say that the 3.2 with the G50 gearbox is the one to have. A lot of us at Trade Classics would agree.

This lovely convertible has been well looked after over the years, and this shows from all the service stamps in its 30 year life.

Summer is just around the corner, and this example with its electric folding roof is arguably the perfect car to enjoy it in. We live in Britain after all, so putting the hood up when it starts to rain is much more convenient when powered!



This listing was written from information supplied by Matt after meeting John, the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. John will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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tant92£22,000.0016-May-2019 20:03:08 
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tant92£21,000.0016-May-2019 20:00:49 
drewg£20,764.0016-May-2019 20:00:24 
spark_s£19,455.0016-May-2019 19:58:21 
tant92£19,000.0016-May-2019 19:54:12 
AWLeeson£18,255.0016-May-2019 19:53:03 
TPO£17,955.0016-May-2019 19:43:10 
tant92£17,750.0016-May-2019 18:04:00 
AWLeeson£16,750.0016-May-2019 16:48:09 
spark_s£16,500.0016-May-2019 16:46:07 
tant92£16,000.0016-May-2019 12:02:07 
AWLeeson£15,000.0013-May-2019 18:00:00 
tant92£14,000.0013-May-2019 17:32:00 
F355£12,000.0013-May-2019 12:30:10 
AWLeeson£11,500.9909-May-2019 21:13:08 


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