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1993 Porsche 968

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  • Mileage~72,560
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Engine3.0L
  • LocationStockport


1993 Porsche 968

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Paul Wright
Professional Consigner

Following on from the successful 944, the 968 would be the last front engine Porsche produced until 2003, after which the Cayenne was launched.

In reality, the Porsche 968 was an improved 944 with a few subtle tweaks. The 968 was launched in 1991 and had a short production run of just four years. The revamped 968 featured an updated front end similar to the 928, with the pop-up round headlights giving it a cleaner, more modern look over the 944. The rear end also had a make-over with a cleaner-looking wrap-around bumper which sits flush with the quarter panels, and the all-red rear lights gave the 968 a distinctive look from the back. The engine was the next improvement; yes, it was the engine carried over from the 944, but now with a displacement of 3.0 litres; other improvements made the car an excellent daily drivable car with outstanding performance and superb handling, whilst being practical at the same time.

Cliff, the owner, is no stranger to Porsches, and although not covering a huge amount of miles over his 17-year ownership, he will confirm it has been a fantastic car to own. The only reason for the sale is down to a new vehicle being ordered, which will take the garage space of the Porsche 968.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Paul after meeting Cliff the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

Because I knew the previous keeper, I knew it had been well looked after - making it an excellent purchase decision.

Cliff purchased this lovely 1993 Porsche 968 17 years ago. After owning a few Porsches in his time, this was an opportunity not to be missed, as he knew the previous keeper who had owned it for a considerable number of years. Cliff reports, “It had always been well maintained and was low mileage; what is there not to love about it”.

Since owning it, Cliff has covered just under ~10,000 miles in 17 years!

Please feel free to ask Cliff any questions in the comments below.

Vehicle Owner

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Keeping a similar shape to the 944, the 968 was given a facelift to the front, similar to the 928, and the rear end was made smoother.

Wheels and Tyres

The wheels are the originals and have some age related marks, as you would expect for the age and mileage. However, these are superficial and could easily be rectified by your local alloy wheel specialist. The tyres are a mix of Dunlop and Pirelli and have a good amount of tread remaining.
Please see the image gallery to take a closer look at the wheels.


The 968’s bodywork is in great shape for the age. The doors align nice and straight with an even panel gap and open and close with a solid feel often found on German marques. The bonnet also aligns straight with an even gap to the wing rails. Being very picky, there are a couple of very light dings to the top of the wing on the passenger side, possibly caused by someone leaning into the engine bay, but it has to be said you do have to catch them in the right light.

There is also a tiny upward ding on the bonnet, again very small, and a small ding on the passenger quarter. All of these could possibly be removed by a paintless dent removal specialist who would need to inspect them to confirm this.

The sunroof will open but does struggle to go down, and the seller reports that this is due to a lack of use, and it needs to be regreased, which is a common issue. The headlights pop up and lower as they should.

Please take the time to look through the hi-resolution images we have taken for a more detailed look at the exterior, for you to make up your own minds on the condition.


Around two years ago, the Porsche was given a full detail and machine polish to remove any swirl marks. As you can see from the mileage covered, it has not had a lot of use, leaving the paintwork in very good condition with just some light chips to the bonnet, as you would expect, and some light swirl marks here and there made more noticeable because of the dark colour.

The images taken are from various angles and reflections to show you the car as you would see it if you were standing there for yourselves and for you to make your own minds up on the condition.

Glass and Trim

The windows all around the car are in excellent condition with no apparent scratches, and the seals all appear to be in good order with no signs of shrinkage thanks to the car mainly being dry stored for most of its life.

As mentioned, the headlights pop up as they should; the lenses are free from chips, and there are no cracks in the fog lights and indicator lenses. The red rear lights are in the same condition with no damage.


With grey leather and seats that hug you tightly - the 968 is a pleasure to ride in.

Seats and Carpets

The seats in the Porsche are finished in light grey leather, and these are in excellent condition with just the very smallest amount of wear to the driver’s side bolster. The electric side of the front seats is working as it should. The rear seats are also in excellent condition and don’t look to have been used a great deal over the years. Matching grey leather door cards are in excellent order with no scuffs or damage.

There is a set of factory Porsche mats fitted with some wear to the driver’s side as to be expected, and the carpet underneath is in excellent condition. Inside, the boot is clean and tidy, and lifting up the carpet reveals the spare wheel, jack, wheel brace, and tyre compressor. There is even the unopened Porsche first aid kit (of course this will be out of date by now). Cliff mentions that the centre arm rest has broken loose, being an old style cassette holder.

Please see the interior gallery for more detailed images.


Sharing the same dashboard as the 944, the 968 is finished in grey to match the seats with no signs of any damage. The instruments are working as they should, including the 1,2,3,4 indicator to show which gear you are in, and the odometer has a reading of ~72,560 miles at our time of visit.

Please see the interior gallery for more hi-resolution images.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

The original steering wheel is in good condition with no excessive wear, and being a 1993 model, it came fitted with a driver’s airbag. Likewise, the gearknob is in good order with no real signs of wear.

Please see the interior gallery for more detailed images.


An uprated four-cylinder 3.0 litre engine from the 944 gave the new Porsche 968 an impressive 240bhp and 225lb-ft of torque.

Engine and Gearbox

The 968 starts up perfectly, with no hesitation, as can be seen in our cold start video, with no untoward noises coming from the engine bay. Looking around the engine, there doesn't appear to be any areas for concern, and everything looks to be in good visual order.

The car drives well and pulls strongly through the 4-speed automatic gearbox with no untoward noises coming from this trans-axle classic. Performance is enhanced with the addition of an uprated chip; this is a simple plug-in chip in the ECU which can be reverted back to the standard one if you wish, as it is included.

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension looked in good order with no signs of any leaks when we looked under the car. It handles as you would expect on the road, with no noises coming from either corner.

The excellent brakes on the 968 bring the car to a halt as they should in a straight line and with no juddering through the pedal.

The Drive

Being a trans-axle car, the 968 is an excellent handling car with its near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution. This gives you great confidence in the car around the twisty bits as it enables you to place it perfectly, and it will react just as you expect it to.

Electrics and Other

The switchgear in the car is in good order with no signs of wear to the buttons or dials, and everything is reported to be working as it should, except for the air conditioning. This may just need a regas; it was done several years ago but may need doing again after long periods without being used. This would need to be inspected by your local air conditioning specialist to give you a complete diagnosis.

History and Paperwork

Three previous keepers on the V5 - in reality, it’s only two, as one was the last keeper's company before being transferred into his name.

Cliff reports the engine to have been well maintained over the years, but some paperwork has been misplaced in recent times. The latest invoice, which is present, was for an oil and filter service that was carried out on 21.02.2022 at 72,224 miles.

There are three keys, along with the immobiliser chip, the driver's handbook, and the wallet complete with the service book that has several stamps.

Cliff has put an MOT on the car, valid until 13.03.2023, which it passed with no advisories.

We’ve done all our usual seller checks, including photo ID, and V5 and also actioned an HPi check on the vehicle.

We've summarised our view on the car based on information gained from the seller in the listing above, however, and as you can see, we go to great lengths to photograph and video the car in hi-resolution detail - this has been done for you to make your own assessment from the comfort of your sofa. So please sit back, have a cuppa and take your time to review everything on this listing in order to make your own assessment on the vehicle's condition. Viewings are also welcomed with all our listings, so please get in touch with us to arrange a suitable time - we just need to speak to you first and receive a valid photo ID before confirming.

If there's anything you're unsure about, no matter how small, then please first ask the owner in the comments area below before placing your bid/s, as bids can't be retracted and form a binding contract if you win the car - just like a traditional auction house.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
14.03.2022 MOT 72,310
21.02.2022 Oil Service 72,224
10.04.2019 MOT 71,317
12.04.2018 MOT 70,241
11.04.2017 MOT 68,566
08.03.2012 Service 66,813
29.02.2012 MOT 66,813
03.03.2011 MOT 66,689
01.03.2010 MOT 66,400
06.03.2009 MOT 66.397
04.03.2008 MOT 65,961
18.11.2005 MOT 63,686
01.09.1998 Service 63,666
10.11.1997 Service 56,032
20.11.1996 Service 44,317
09.05.1996 Service 35,0833
25.05.1995 Service 23,303
18.02.1994 Service 12,426
22.06.1993 Service 1,930
Key Details
  • Model968
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Reg. Date14.05.1993
  • CC2990
  • Mileage~72,560 on clock
  • HistoryPart
  • ColourBlue
  • Interior ColourGrey
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #WP0ZZZ96ZPS800765
  • Engine #45P51063
  • MOTExp. 13.03.2023
  • Road Tax ExemptNo
  • HPi ClearYes
  • Former Keepers3
  • # of Keys3
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned17 Years
  • Key FeatureHonest Example
  • Auction ID453622

Vehicle Sold

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1 year ago


1 year ago

Why so few miles, particularly in your early years of ownership. Is it not great to drive? Uncomfortable? Unreliable?
Ps, looks great !


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