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2003 Porsche 911 C4 Cabriolet (996)

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  • Mileage~110,000
  • TransmissionTiptronic
  • Engine3.6L
  • LocationBroadstairs


2003 Porsche 911 C4 Cabriolet (996)

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Jacob Boodrie
Professional Consigner

Classic 911 silhouette with modern performance, some of the best value performance you can buy.

The 996 all-wheel-drive system when combined with the flat six performance made it one of the best choices on the market for a convertible sports car. The 996 was first introduced in 1997 replacing the air-cooled 993 with a new water-cooled engine, fried egg-shaped headlamps and a sleeker body styling. The 996 is the lightest water-cooled 911 you can get your hands-on, and it was it's 80kg lighter than the 993.

This 996, owned and enjoyed by Peter since 2013, is finished in an attractive Midnight Blue and comes with its colour coded hard top. The car is perfect for those who crave a driver-focused 911 without spending a fortune.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Jacob after liaising with Peter the owner.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

After 8 joyful years with 911, it's time to pass on that fun and let someone else enjoy it.

Peter has covered around ~23,000 in the car, loving every minute. Finished in Midnight Blue with the mighty 3.6L, the car first caught his eye in 2013, since then he's kept the car on the road taking it for regular services when required.

Peter will be more than happy to answer any of your questions in the comments below.

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The unmistakable Porsche 911 silhouette, Midnight Blue with an option to go roofless, perfect for the summer.

Wheels and Tyres

Peter had the large and sporty 18" wheels refurbished to a high standard in 2018, pictured here they're looking great. When we got really close we did notice a few very minor marks and some sign of curbing.

The rubber looks good on these sporty Carrera 4 wheels with plenty of life left in them.


A much more narrow package than the 993 that this 911 took over from. The bodywork looks good all around the car, with no signs of accident damage repair with straight and tight panel gaps.

The shut lines along with the doors also look good and Peter reports the door hang well of their hinges and mentions the open and close with ease. The car comes with its colour matched Midnight Blue hard top.


The car is finished in a beautiful "Midnight Blue" (Porsche code L39C). The paint looks great across all the panels with a finish that is even in colour and coat.

In line with the mileage, you'll notice some small stone chips and the odd scratch on the front end of the car, watch the video review for the detail.

Glass and Trim

All the glass, including the rubbers and seals, appear in good condition with no significant damage including cracks, chips, or discolouration. The bumpers and surrounding rubber seals look all good as well.

The front headlights have a slight sign of fogging that these are known to suffer from, early on-set we would say. Please take a look at the photos and videos for a closer look at the glass and trim.


The finest leather and sports seats, you wouldn't expect anything less in a Porsche.

Seats and Carpets

Finished in classy grey leather, a nice contrast to the Midnight Blue exterior, the interior looks very noughties yet it retains the luxurious touches from Porsche.

The seats look in line with the age and mileage of the car, the leather shows some creases and the bolsters have held their shape considerable well, but the drivers bolster will need attention due to a tear. The rear seats show some minor marks. You'll see in some of the pictures the wind deflector fitted, this of course comes with the car. Please take a look at the interior video tour for more details.


The dashboard looks in great visual condition with no cracks, significant blemishes or damage observed. The car has a phone and satnav built-in.

All of the switches, controls, gauges and dials are said to be functional. Peter reports everything is working as it should.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

Both are original and in good condition, inline with the rest of the condition of the car.

Please take a look at the photos and videos to have a look at the steering wheel, gearstick and interior in closer detail.


First generation water-cooled naturally aspirated 3.6L flat-six, a driver-focused 911 with four-wheel-drive.

Engine and Gearbox

A 3.6L water-cooled naturally aspirated flat-six engine is fitted in the back of this Carrera 4.

Peter reports a great and pleasant drive in the 911, although he's not one to normally drive pedal to the medal, he reports the car swiftly reaches legal motoring speed without any issues, he loves to cruise along the seaside roads Kent has to offer in his 911.

Suspension and Brakes

The brakes visual condition supports its maintenance regime. And the suspension is reported to be smooth yet firm while driving, without any unusual sounds or knocks noted.

You'll see in the invoice history that in 2019 a number of mounts/bushes etc were renewed after a minor water leak.

The Drive

For those craving an all-wheel, driver-focused 911 on a budget this is the car for you, it's a beautifully naturally-aspirated flat-six. Even though these modern 911s have a water jacket around the engine, you still get that flat-six howl when get the car up through the rev range, very distinctive.

Electrics and Other

The car comes fully equipped with its own phone and nav from the naughties. Also present is a 6 disc CD changer. The electrics appear inline with the rest of the condition of the car. Peter reports everything is working to his knowledge.

History and Paperwork

An all round solid 911 with the all-important 4 wheel drive enabling a more effective power delivery.

The car comes with a good healthy stack of service stamps/history MOTs and receipts for the new owner to file. Peter is also supplying a dust cover he uses for the car in the sale, along with the wind deflector and Midnight Blue hard top.

The car comes with various options listed as followed: XCA - Alu-look dashboard trim strip, XCB - Alu-look instrument surround, XCD - Alu-look center air vent bracket, X98 - Handbrake lever with aluminium inlay, 249 - Tiptronic transmission, 5-speed, 288 - Headlamp washer, 375 - 2-way electrical sports seat, left, 376 - 2-way electrical sports seat, right, 432 - Tiptronic buttons for steering wheel, 440 - Windscreen antenna.

Please note, the private plate will not be supplied with the sale, the car will be returned to the age appropriate registration.

We've actioned checks on; Seller ID, V5, HPi.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
10.09.2020 MOT 109,837
21.09.2019 Service 108,641
18.09.2019 MOT 108,641
19.09.2018 Service 107,381
19.11.2018 MOT 107,380
25.09.2017 MOT 104,643
25.09.2017 Service 104,641
29.11.2016 MOT 98,028
29.09.2016 Service 98,028
12.10.2015 MOT 94,518
09.10.2015 Service 94,467
14.10.2014 Service 89,401
14.10.2014 MOT 89,398
02.08.2013 Service (MD) 85,811
03.10.2013 MOT 87,007
02.11.2012 MOT 82,423
01.02.2012 Service 76,794
29.03.2011 MOT 70,691
13.04.2010 MOT 64,475
12.04.2010 Service 64,472
09.04.2009 MOT 57,922
24.06.2009 Service (MD) 59,600
20.12.2007 MOT 48,203
01.06.2007 MOT 47,783
17.01.2007 Service (MD) 44,160
08.06.2006 MOT 36,250
09.12.2005 Service (MD) 30,678
18.08.2004 Service (MD) 14,542
Key Details
  • Model911 C4 Cabriolet (996)
  • TransmissionTiptronic
  • Reg. Date09.06.2003
  • CC3,596
  • Mileage~110,000
  • ColourMidnight Blue
  • Interior ColourGrey
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #WP0ZZZ99Z35641925
  • MOTYes. Exp - 28.11.2021
  • MOT ExemptNo
  • Road Tax ExemptNo
  • HPi ClearYes
  • Former Keepers7
  • Tyre TreadGood
  • Tyre BrandBridgestone
  • VisitedNo. Self Consignment
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned8 years
  • Key FeatureAWD Rocket

Auction Closed

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£11,750 bid by flatsix 08.04.2021 @ 19:02:46
£11,250 bid by tractorman 08.04.2021 @ 19:02:11
£11,000 bid by flatsix 08.04.2021 @ 18:33:52
£10,500 bid by Ilsonram 08.04.2021 @ 16:24:37
£9,800 bid by StevesSangha1 08.04.2021 @ 14:19:32
£9,500 bid by Ilsonram 08.04.2021 @ 13:19:48
£9,100 bid by StevesSangha1 08.04.2021 @ 12:46:32
£8,850 bid by kippax 08.04.2021 @ 12:13:37
£6,800 bid by StevesSangha1 08.04.2021 @ 10:20:35
£6,500 bid by Ilsonram 07.04.2021 @ 22:37:36
£6,000 bid by StevesSangha1 07.04.2021 @ 17:37:29
£5,500 bid by Ferrari328 07.04.2021 @ 11:20:45
£4,600 bid by tractorman 07.04.2021 @ 10:43:57
£4,300 bid by StevesSangha1 06.04.2021 @ 20:29:23

Hi there, do you know if the IMS bearing has been replaced .


£4,000 bid by AndyH 05.04.2021 @ 11:51:22

Has the IMS bearing been replaced?


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