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    Esprit Turbo
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    Very Good
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    Black / Grey
    Interior Trim
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    Pass - Due - 10.2020
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    Yes - Clear
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    Pirelli Cinturato
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    LHD or RHD
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    30 Years
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    Condition - One Owner
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*** Private Sale Now Available ***

Available for £19,995 all inc.

Get in touch. If you are interested in this vehicle then please call us on 01926 426 635, or fill out the contact us form and we’ll get back to you.


The Lotus Esprit was the flagship of the British brand at its point of production – the fastest Lotus of its time with a sleek exterior and a simplistic interior, oh… and pop-up headlights – Peter jumped at the chance of driving one. He has owned it since brand new and has given so much care over the years and will be sad to see it go. A beautiful low mileage example – please read more about Peter’s journey.

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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Peter is a fantastic guy. In the ‘On the Road’ video he tells us that he is the only owner of this vehicle and bought it back in 1989. He has used it fondly over the initial years as his primary car but needed to get a larger, more practical vehicle that suited his lifestyle. It then ended up in his parents garage for some years – rent free!

Our consigner Jacob felt really comfortable in the passengers seat as Peter took him round his local area in Dorset. We would like to say thank you to Peter for being such a pleasure and we can’t wait to find the car he has loved for the last 30 years a new home.

We are sure Peter will be sad to see this car go, but he desperately wants someone to get in miles this car truly deserves.



All credit must go to Peter here. The overall condition of the car looks to be in excellent condition. He had the Esprit resprayed to a beautiful shade of black – this compliments the aggressive bodywork superbly. The aggro does not stop there as you are treated with slightly wider wheels at the rear – adding to the rear-wheel drive experience.

Wheels & Tyres
The car is fitted with excellent condition original Lotus alloys. These are paired with Pirelli Cinturato P1 195/60/15 tyres on the front and 235/60/15 on the rears. Please see the images to see the full condition.

The bodywork is in excellent condition and is a testament to how Peter has cared for it over the years. It also has established ‘turbo’ decal around the body. The bumpers were made larger from its production predecessor giving a ‘meaner’ look

As mentioned earlier, Peter has had the car resprayed to a beautiful shade of black in 2017 that matched the original black it proudly was. It is showing no signs of degradation – we are really happy with it.

Glass and Trim
Please review the photos of the windscreen. There is a slight crack – however this passed it’s MOT as a minor defect. The trim of the car is in excellent condition.



We at Trade Classics absolutely love the interior of this vehicle – it screams everything good about the 80’s and is beautifully simplistic. There are limited electrical features that allow you to focus solely on driving. Changes to the previous model gave the Esprit Turbo more headroom. We were really impressed with the condition Peter has kept it in over the years. As you can see in the ‘Interior video’ you see Jacob pop up those beautiful headlights from the dashboard – something you will never get with cars of today. Please see all the photos and videos to see how amazing it looks.

Seats and Carpets
Both the seats and carpets are in great condition – the leather has been maintained well under Peter’s ownership and shows no sigs of degradation upon our initial inspection.

The gauges and interior are in very good condition, as can be seen in the media file. The large profile of the dashboard will make you feel in control of this sporty machine. It is worth noting that the rev counter is a replacement (the original had a matching white needle). Peter has the original unit that we understand could be sent for rebuilding if someone wanted to get back to the original look.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are in excellent condition with no issues. Both original. There is a beautiful ‘Turbo’ decal in between the gear stick and stereo.



As mentioned, Peter took Jacob out for a short drive on some A-roads around Shaftesbury – he was really happy with the drive. As the turbo kicked in you start to really hear what this car is about. Please watch our ‘On the Road’ video to experience being in the passenger seat.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started first go from cold – (see the cold start video). The engine soon settled into a smooth tick over. Peter didn’t give it enough revs and cut out, but as you can see on the second attempt – there were no issues. The Esprit Turbo was fitted with a 2.2L engine. As Peter smoothly changes through the gears, you can hear no issues that jump out in this respect.

Suspension and Brakes
Please watch the video to see the car accelerating, steering and stopping. The brakes worked really well when stopping – presenting themselves with no extra noises. The hard suspension produces a slight rattle along the country roads of Shaftesbury.

The Drive
The car really drives great. As the turbo kicks in Jacob said he was impressed being in the passenger and was excited to see and hear more of the car’s potential.

Electrics and Other
The electrics on the car work just as expected and Peter assures us that this is still the case after our inspection. We cannot get over the pop-up headlights – working well and a thing of the past you will never get back with modern cars. There is a really good history of the car that Peter has recorded over the years and details all electrical faults that have been fixed by local mechanics.



Peter has owned this car all of its life with a great recorded history of all MOT’s and adjustments. All major faults noted on the car have been fixed right away meaning Peter has really cared for this vehicle. During 2015, after Peter had not drove it regularly for some years, underwent a major service that fixed and replaced many parts of the vehicle.

Please see the images below to review all the paperwork that comes with the car.

Service and MOT history

09.10.2019 – 38,064 (MOT & New Cam Belts)
22.05.2018 – 38,053 (MOT)
08.05.2017 – 38,023 (MOT)
02.10.2015 – 37,895 (Service)
22.09.2015 – 37,893 (MOT)
02.09.2009 – 37,788 (MOT & Service)
18.08.2008 – 37,639 (MOT & Service)
14.06.2006 – 37,186 (MOT & Service)
11.06.2005 – 36,847 (MOT)
06.02.2004 – 36,371 (MOT & Service)
14.02.2003 – 35,639 (MOT & Service)
21.06.2002 – 34,758 (MOT)
22.06.2001 – 34,094 (MOT & Service)
26.05.2000 – 34,103 (MOT & service)
25.05.2001 – 34,103 (MOT)
23.11.1999 – 33,370 (MOT)
23.11.1998 – 33,370 (MOT)
27.06.1994 – 31,238 (MOT & Service)
24.08.1993 – 25,599 (MOT & Service)
22.05.1991 – 15,701 (Service)
12.07.1990 – 10,699 (Service)
23.01.1990 – 6,985 (Service)
12.07.1989 – 816 (Service)

Current indicated mileage is 38,079 miles on 10/11/2019.

HPi Check Results
– HPi clear – a new HPi check will be actioned and supplied by us.



If you are a driver who just simply wants to drive with no distractions then this is the one for you. After speaking with Peter we are so happy that we have found such a lovely example of a low-mileage and well serviced machine. At an affordable price we could see the new owner finally getting his/her dream childhood sports car.

We hope the new owner cares for it as much as Peter has and we cannot wait to catch up with them in the future to see how satisfied they were with their purchase.

Peter has priced this car very competitively as he knows the market.



This auction listing was written from information supplied by Jacob after meeting Peter the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Peter will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
longman£13,000.0004-Dec-2019 15:50:16 
goldfinger£12,500.0003-Dec-2019 13:54:44 
lesleys£12,000.0003-Dec-2019 11:41:36 
goldfinger£10,000.0028-Nov-2019 09:56:04 


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Sims Craig
Sims Craig

Good evening,

Is the Esprit still for sale?

I am interested as with a few others thus if you can get back to me asap would be appreciated.

Many Thanks.
Craig (Mob 07940099865)


I am interested in this Esprit. I would like to view the car and chat to the owner as soon as possible.
My name is Steve. I live in Newbury. I will pay by bank order or cash which ever is preferable.
My details are
Tel, 07881820471
Email, stevestt10@gmail.com.
Kind regards
Stephen Street.

Duncan Pattinson
Duncan Pattinson

What is the reserve for the car to be sold?

Kulraj Salh
Kulraj Salh

Hi Duncan, the car didn’t sell at auction, and is now available for £19,995. Please feel free to give us a call on 01926 426 635 to discuss further.

Duncan Pattinson
Duncan Pattinson

Many thanks
Tried calling no answer
please private message

Stew Cobden
Stew Cobden

Hi Is the car still for sale

Peter Dyer
Peter Dyer

Hello, what is the lowest cash offer that is acceptable for the car.
Kind regards


Hello Peter, sorry to see Reserve was not met, I am interested in the car, may I ask what you were after? thanks, Alex


Morning Alex – I’ve just dropped you an email… look forward to hearing back from you soon. cheers adam


great write up trade classics. very thorough. might get you guys to sell a car for me.