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Closed Aston Martin Auctions

SOLD for £25,970

With its small form the V8 Vantage is agile, pairing well with it's stunning looks.

SOLD for £23,850

A fantastic DB9 fresh from over 13 years of ownership.

SOLD for £23,850

Beautifully crafted, extremely fast, and engaging, with a refined interior, the DB9 Volante has it all.

SOLD for £22,790

A V12 Convertible, perfect for a Continental tour; the DB9 Volante.

SOLD for £25,650

Stunning V8 Vantage with great service history

SOLD for £77,000

A low mileage example of the high performance Vantage, V12 symphony included

SOLD for £26,500

Who doesn't love a Vantage - this is one well cared for example.

SOLD for £38,478

Arguably one of the greatest GT cars ever made.

SOLD for £56,000

One of the best modern Aston Martins, the DBS is a force to be reckoned with

SOLD for £71,020

A stunning V12 Vantage - simply an awesome car.

SOLD for £32,860

An exhilarating drive, the 4.7L V8 produced the power and soundtrack to excite

SOLD for £23,267

A beautifully presented and well maintained example of the DB9, a value proposition in need of some investigation

SOLD for £23,320

A smart example of Astons V8 sports car, well used but still smart in presentation

SOLD for £16,500

The Aston Martin DB9 - iconic styling with an iconic V12 engine.

SOLD for £30,000

A beautifully maintained and cared for example of the V8 sporting convertible from Aston

SOLD for £25,440

A stunning DB9 example that's ready for its new owner.

SOLD for £16,431

The DB7 offers raw rear wheel drive power through the 5.9L naturally aspirated V12.

SOLD for £26,000

One of the finest convertibles on the market today - the fierce and powerful DB9 Volante.

SOLD for £37,630

An exceptional DB9 - hard to find in this condition with so much history - a smart buy.

SOLD for £61,000

Astonishing V12 performance from this flagship Aston Martin GT

SOLD for £32,065

One of the best selling Aston Martins of all time - the Vantage just keeps getting better and better - introducing the Roadster.

SOLD for £30,500

Beautifully shaped, extremely fast, and engaging to drive - arguably the ultimate luxurious Grand Tourer.

SOLD for £24,000

A step change for Aston Martin, the DB9 was a beautifully balanced V12 GT

SOLD for £32,330

A proper V12 Aston, the DB9 in convertible "Volante" form is an ever popular GT car

SOLD for £25,440

Composed and quick - the 2007 Aston Martin DB9

SOLD for £37,153

A stunning driving experience packaged into a well-balanced design.

SOLD for £10,335

A must have British Icon the Aston Martin DB7 - a sophisticated grand tourer.

SOLD for £22,000

A proper Aston Martin GT, their powerful V12 upfront driving 450BHP through the rears

SOLD for £27,500

A 6.0L V12 convertible, who wouldn't want one of these for summer...

SOLD for £24,380

One of the best GT cars of its generation, with two previous owners

SOLD for £36,500

Set in Casino Royale Grey with desirable optional extras, this is a class luxury saloon…

SOLD for £30,000

A turning point in the design of AM cars that have influenced the future of the brand…

SOLD for £89,000

A striking manual 6 speed Aston Martin DBS in "Casino Royale" Grey...